2015 Spring Demo Day Programme

FROM 12 TO 17.30 PM








12.00 Welcome, Philip Dean, Professor, Head of Department of Media



12.05 Ramshackle Dystonia – A Live A/V set


Context: The development of the performance started during the course “Bodily Interaction” and got continued during the later months

Description: Ramshackle Dystonia is a Live Audiovisual set created in 2015 by Fernando Visockis. In this work, following the artist’s previous researches, a synthetic pallet of minimalistic music and visual gestures are generated and recomposed in real time in order to envolve the audience in a synaesthestic and sensorial experience. By using tracking sensors and exploring bold possibilities of “natural user interface”, the performer generates all its content in real time, offering a new approach to the concept of “multimedia instruments”. Thus, the work exists as a framework for questioning, rethinking the task of the performer in the field of VJing and the so called visual music, replacing the performer to a position in which he is more than a “button presser”.


Web link: https://vimeo.com/121724892

Presenting today: Fernando Visockis



12.10 Future Game Animation – SIGGRAPH 2015 preview


Context: We present our latest results in algorithmic real-time control of physically based simulated humanoids. A related paper has been accepted to this year’s SIGGRAPH.

Description: Last year, we brought to you explosions and a physically based luchador. This year it’s time for some zombies and circus acts.

Project group: Perttu Hämäläinen, Joose Rajamäki


Presenting today: Perttu Hämäläinen

More info: https://mediatech.aalto.fi/~phamalainen/FutureGameAnimation/index.htm



12.15 Pelori – Digital Tool for Documentation and Collaboration


Context: Taro Morimoto’s and Koert Jobse’s master’s thesis project.

Description: Making a mobile application for the maker community as a case study for a joint master’s thesis.

Pelori is a digital documentation and collaboration tool for maker community. 1. Opening up on-going projects – not just the final prefect result. 2. Documenting your process at any stage of you project. 3. Focusing on iteration and keeping you going. 4. Getting inspired by others. 5. Storing references where you need them. 6. Failing, succeeding and learning together. 7. Collaborating on projects.

Web link: https://twitter.com/PeloriApp

Presenting today: Koert Jobse and Taro Morimoto


12.20 Video Poetry Marathon

Context: One day event as part of the Hack4Fi/ Hack your Heritage! Arki Research Group.

Description: A group of international writers living in Finland worked together with enthusiastic video makers. 8 video poems are the result of this collaboration. They have re-use AV archive footage.

These video poems are an outcome of collaboration between poets and enthusiastic video makers during one day event: Video Poetry Marathon. This event was organized as part of the Hack Your Heritage!in February 2015. It brought together 19 participants from different disciplines and 12 different nationalities. They used AV materials from Finland, but also from other international online archives that release their content with licenses that allow derivative work. The resulting videos can be seen in the event’s YouTube channel. The videos were presented on the 26th of March at the hackaton’s final gala event organized in the National Archives of Finland, where they got a honorable mention.


Web link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjKKJa9SM2BON9YLrRhdJMA/feed

Project group: Organizers: Mariana Salgado, Taku Kaskela and Roxana Crisólogo. Participants: Daniel Malpik, Tanya Tynjälä, Jakub Bobrowski, Arttu Liimatta, Eva Durall, Rosamaría Bolom, Guy Dowsett, Soile Mottisenkangas, Ye Yin, Borislav Borisov, Sara Rönnqvist, Eero Heikkinen, Jing Wang and Zoila Forss and Regis Barreda.

Presenting today: Mariana Salgado


12.25 Edukata – Participatory Design Model for Educators

Context: Learning Environments research group’s work

Description: Edukata turns teachers into designers of their own teaching. By leveraging decades of participatory design expertise and know-how, Edukata brings proven techniques to teachers to effect school change and educational reform. Edukata is a key outcome of iTEC, Europe’s largest educational technology project. It’s efficacy has been proven in over 2500 classroom pilots across Europe. Edukata bridges the gap between visionary ideas and classroom practice.

Web link: http://edukata.fi

Project group: Tarmo Toikkanen, Anna Keune, Teemu Leinonen

Presenting today: Tarmo Toikkanen


12.30 Hearts Forest – A Short Animated Film


Context: This is a personal study project which was completed during 2014-2015.

Description: A stop motion animation which combines a whimsical aesthetic with deep personal exploration. The narrative is a literal telling of a figurative story taken from the filmmaker’s past. The theme, though drawn from an individual’s experience, is hopefully one which can be universally felt and appreciated.

Project group: Linda Vuorenvirta (Production, story, animation, etc) and Gabriela Juganaru (sound and music)

Presenting today: Linda Vuorenvirta


12.35 Sketch-a-move / Move- a- sketch: a toy with which you can design movements

Context: This is part of my thesis project which is about making a series of toys with which users can play to learn. I’d like to show my previous installations, Mechanical Cartoon studies alongside.

Description: I made arts and now I’m making toys with which others can make art. The toy has been a big inspiration to art, it can go vice versa. The prototyping experience of making kinetic installations motivated me to make this toy with which users can design movements easily: movements that mimic humans, animals and everyday objects, movements that can draw various geometrical shapes to make a new media art, to learn STEM subjects such as physics and mathematics, or just to have fun!

Web link: http://cargocollective.com/parkeunyoung


Presenting today: Eunyoung Park


B R E A K + D E M O F L O O R


13.15 The Other Side – PQ 2015

Context: Installation created for the Prague Quadrennial, 2015.

Description: THE OTHER SIDE is an installation created for the PQ 2015 – Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space. PQ is the world’s biggest and most known event of performative art design, organised every four years.

A group of Aalto students created a large wall (5m x 2m) made of latex they developed, with amazing stretching capabilities. Media Lab’s Guy Dowsett and Niklas Pöllönen created a unique sonic experience for people interacting with the wall, and those on the other side.

Web link: http://www.pq.cz/en/

Project group: Anders Karls, Dan Palarie, Eero Erkamo, Guy Dowsett, Heli Salomaa, Ina Saarinen, Joanna Wojciechowicz, Lauren Sever, Mimosa Norja, Niklas Pöllönen, Oscar Eriksson Furunes, Paola Guzman Figueroa, Susanna Suurla, Teo Paaer. Curators Sampo Pyhälä, Sofia Pantouvaki, Kimmo Karjunen.

Presenting today: Guy Dowsett and Niklas Pöllönen


13.20 Astronaut Down

Context: A game for the Game Project course.

Description: Astronaut Down is a short adventure game that tells the story of a solitary space worker who takes an unexpected voyage into deep space. The fusion of audio-driven puzzles, atmospheric soundtrack and pastel storytelling makes Astronaut Down a play field at the fringes of games, music and comics.

Web link: http://uzer.itch.io/astronaut-down

Project group: Can Uzer, Vesa Paakkanen, Taro Morimoto, Tove Brantberg, Antti Ruonola, Luca Imbriani, Ira Luhtanen, Murat Sarlılacı, Johanna Lehto.

Presenting today: Can Uzer


13.25 Antikythera: Tactile poetry app for tablets

Context: This presentation will briefly touch upon the approach and process of designing the Antikythera iPad application, which also is my final MA thesis work.

Description:Based on awarded poet Saila Susiluoto’s overall idea and concept, Antikythera presents her latest collection, co-dramatised for new media by director Mika ‘Lumi’ Tuomola, visual art and interface design by Shakti Dash, sound art & design by Antti Nykyri, and system architecture by Rasmus Vuori. The work is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (avek, Milla Moilanen & Elena Näsänen) and Kone Foundation, and is being technically finalised for the Finnish Apple App Store during Spring-Summer 2015 by the Taiste production company. The public launch – together with Susiluoto’s Ariadne book (published by Otava) that is a transmedial part of the storyworlds of Antikythera – will take place in Media Centre Lume, Helsinki, Finland, on Friday 21 August 2015. Antikythera will also be presented as an immersive installation piece, designed by architect & media artist Jaakko Pesonen, 18–30 Aug 2015 in the Helsinki Observatory gallery as a part of the Helsinki Festival (14-30 Aug) events Poetry Moon (Runokuu) and Media Facades.

Antikythera is a tactile, game-like poetry application for iPad and other tablet devices. It is based on the Antikythera mechanism, the ancient analog computer from c. 100 bc Greece, found in the Aegean Sea in 1900. The application is experimental and voluminous; it contains over 200 poems written for the mechanism. The artwork links together poetry, new technology, visual and sound art, and researches and explores new forms and possibilities of digital poetry: broken chronology, randomness and determined paths of reading, locked poems which open procedurally, games, visual and animated poems, temporality, disappearing and appearing poems, poems where verses change their places from one poem to another, words and lines which change their meanings and react to the reader’s physical actions, her/his touch and movement of the tablet.


Web link: http://crucible.mlog.taik.fi/productions/antikythera/

Project group: Saila Susiluoto, Mika ‘Lumi’ Tuomola, Rasmus Vuori, Shakti Dash, Antti Nykyri and Taiste Oy

Presenting today: Shakti Dash


13.30 Generative and Interactive Narratives


Context: The outcome of the course Generative Interactive Narratives 2015

Description: In the GIN (Generative and Interactive Narratives) seminar, we investigated how to conceptualize and design interactive narratives for new digital media (e.g. interactive film, performance, games and media art). The 12 design exercises were arrived to via lecture presentations, case study analyzes and discussions.

Web link: https://gin2015.wordpress.com/

Project group: Eduard Shagal, Sanna Reponen, Guy Dowsett, Anna-Maija Laine, Gautam Vishwanath, Johanna Lehto, Tom Engström, Tove Brantberg, Anna Korotkova, Riikka Lahdensuo, Mona Taponen, Luca Imbriani

Presenting today: students, Mika ‘Lumi’ Tuomola, Rasmus Vuori, Pia Tikka


13.35 Ciao, Milano! Arrivederci, Media Lab!


Context: Crucible Studio & storytelling teaching & artistic research

Description: After the launch of his last Crucible Studio research production “Antikythera” <http://crucible.mlog.taik.fi/productions/antikythera/> on Friday 21 August, studio director Mika ‘Lumi’ Tuomola starts packing and moves to Scuola del Design i Politecnico di Milano <http://www.design.polimi.it/> by the end of September as a tenured associate professor. Dr. Pia Tikka will take over the studio director’s position until its fulfilled by an open call, while both have already future plans for joint research projects on storytelling in new media. This is a brief update on the transfer, not a good-bye but see-you-soon. :)

Web link: http://crucible.mlog.taik.fi


Presenting today: Mika ‘Lumi’ Tuomola and Pia Tikka


13.40 Culture Cam (A visual search app for europeana)


Context: Arki research research group involvement in the EU funded project Europeana Creative.

Description: In the presentation we will do a live demo of Culture Cam, an online and mobile app to search and explore free/open content from Europeana. The app uses colors, patterns and forms to search “visually” cultural heritage content from europeana. All image results are freely available to re-use and build upon.


Culture Cam offers designers, artists and all creative people the possibility of exploring and accessing Europeana content in a fun, playful and intuitive way by using a webcam. Take a photo of any object, texture ­– or even yourself – with your webcam and Culture Cam will provide you with a set of images that are similar in color, shape or pattern. The app is one of the results of the EU funded project Europeana Creative; where Arki research group has been collaborating in the design and development of it with Spild af Tid (a Danish design agency) and the Austrian Institute of Technology (amongst other europeana creative partners)

Web link: http://culturecam.eu/

Project group: Sanna Marttila, Neea Laakso and Andrea Botero (together with EU partners)

Presenting today: Andrea Botero


13.45 Network of Intelligent Sonic Agents (NOISA)


Context: SOPI Research

Description: The research Networks of Intelligent Sonic Agents – NOISA studies a new way to inquire the engaging relationship we have with digital artefacts and new media practices. It seeks to answer the primary question: What are the future conditions of culturally mediated interactions between user, digital artefacts and their practice environments, offering and sustaining engaging interactions? The main argument here is that NOISA provides an intelligent system, that acts to maintain and deepen the users engagement by learning from the user behaviour while interacting with digital environments.

Web link: http://sopi.aalto.fi/research/noisa/

Project group: Koray Tahiroğlu, Thomas Svedström, Juan Carlos Vasquez, Valtteri Wikström

Presenting today: Thomas Svedström, Juan Carlos Vasquez


13.50 The Epic Battle of the Dada Masters

Context: Game Project

Description: Light hearted surreal party game

Project group: Riku Erkkilä, Andrei Rodriquez, Jussi Perämäki, Christian Cardin, Gabriela Juganaru, Samr Hassaine, Noora Juju

Presenting today: Riku Erkkilä


B R E A K + D E M O F L O O R



14.30 Shadow Bug

Context: Game project

Description: A unique action-adventure game for mobile.

Never before has it been so easy to explore a vivid game world full of action and adventure. Take on the role of Shadow Bug and stop the evil factory that’s corrupting your forest home. Encounter unforgettable creatures and discover that a real adventure is possible, even on mobile!


Web link: www.shadowbug.com

Project group: Veli Laamanen, Kim Valori, Juha Ylimäki

Presenting today: Kim Valori





14.35 Two solo game projects by Henrik Hackenberg


Context: Just some free experimentation

Description: Two small games i have been working on in my free time over the school


Presenting today: Henrik Hackenberg


14.40 Social AR – enhancing context dependent communication and informal learning


Context: Social AR is a tool prototype developed within the Learning Layers project at LeGroup

Description: We will present a live demo of Social AR, where one of the presenters will be on stage while another will be on a different location (outside the building). The two presenters will communicate via Social AR.


Social AR is a mobile application that augments reality by enhancing video calls with overlaid interactive drawings, for the purpose of asking and providing guidance in context-reliant work situations.

Web link: http://odl.learning-layers.eu/social-ar-augmented-reality-app-for-sharing-information-in-work-contexts/

Project group: Jana Pejoska, Jukka Purma, Marjo Virnes, Merja Bauters, Leo Nikkila, Lassi Veikkonen

Presenting today: Jana Pejoska, Jukka Purma


14.45 Old Gods


Context: An indie game project mainly made by a bunch of Media Labbers.

Description: Old Gods is story-driven action-adventure game set in a dark, horror inspired take on 19th century Europe. You play as Victoria Grimsworth, born with the special power to see beyond and into the world of the dead. The demo is structured as a tutorial that introduces the key mechanics of the game.

Web link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCkVjbOnDRw

Project group: Alexander Nikulin, Andrei Duvan Rodriguez, Can Uzer, Jade Nash, and Matteo Martellini.

Presenting today: Alexander Nikulin, Andrei Duvan Rodriguez, Can Uzer


14.50 No time | too much time


MA -thesis project in process by Juulia Juutilainen


Description: An interactive installation about loneliness

Presenting today: Juulia Juutilainen


14.55 Inside Job presents Zero Hour


Context: InsideJob.Agency is an International Cultural Association whose ultimate goal is to bring participatory (counter)culture to Helsinki, transform the city into a playground and bring public spaces back to life.

Description: “Zero Hour” is an annual post apocalyptic, one-day themed event. A game, an outdoors open market, an art exhibition and a rock’n’roll party. It is a platform for participatory and counter culture.


“Zero Hour” will take place on Seurasaari in Helsinki, Saturday the 12th of September 2015. It combines a Zombie Run with an outdoors market, a sample of Helsinki’s counter culture. It all ends with a party and live music performances. It also features a media art exhibition in between.

Web link: www.zerohour.fi

Project group: Jose Jacome and Meela Leino

Presenting today: Jose Jacome



15.00 Mobile Soundwalking-sharing


Context: Master thesis

Description: A mobile soundwalk-sharing and social networking service that enables it is users to record soundwalk experiences and share them on a social networking platforms.

Web link: www.pouyan.ir

Presenting today: Pouyan Mohseninia





Online support services for woman that experience violence or threat of violence

Context: Concepts developed in the New Media for the Third Sector course together with Naisten Linja ry


During this year’s course we developed 4 concepts that we will introduce shortly 1) Polku (Path) supports women in keeping a diary of their daily emotions and feelings. 2) Sunnitelma B (Plan B) encourages and support the process of making a “Plan B” for leaving a conflicting situation (e.g. leaving a relationship)3) Me Mosaiikki (Me in Mosaic) supports the creation of peer support through the visualization of women stories. 4) Vapaaksi vaanijasta (Free from your stalker) offers info-packages and concrete advice in multiple mediums, to help young women deal with cyber stalking and digital privacy issues


The study project explores the role of social media tools and services in increasing the effectiveness and reach of the activities and communication of third sector organizations. During the spring 2015 our partner was Naisten Linja ry (Women´s Line) a Finnish NGO that provides support and advice for women and girls who experience violence or threat of violence. Together we developed 4 concepts that help Naisten Linja in their service renewal strategy 1) Polku (Path) supports women in keeping a diary of their daily emotions and feelings. 2) Sunnitelma B (Plan B) encourages and makes concreate the process of making a “Plan B” for leaving a conflicting situation (e.g. leaving a relationship) 3) Me Mosaiikki (Me in Mosaic) creates peer support through the visualization of women stories. 4) Vapaaksi vaanijasta (Free from your stalker) offers info-packages and concrete advice in multiple mediums, to help young women deal with cyber stalking and digital privacy issues.


Web link: http://thirdsector.mlog.taik.fi/

Project group: Pauliina Ikävalko, Riikka Lahdensuo, Sonja Meriläinen, Juulia Juutilainen (teachers: Mariana Salgado and Andrea Botero)


The LED Dress

Context: Just some free experimentation, inspired by the Physical Interaction Design course.

Description: A sci-fi style dress which allows the wearer (or observer) to affect LEDs sewn into the attached gloves by pressing a sensor in the centre of the chest. From there, it’s up to your imagination. Can the wearer now shoot energy bolts out of their “powered up” gauntlets? You decide!

Presenting today: Linda Vuorenvirta


Dynamic Visualization 2 Projects

Context: Dynamic Visualization 2 course

Description: Four interactive visualizations from the DV2 course, including themes such as Twitter feeds, feral animals, a food game and alternative economy

Course group: Auri Mäkelä, Sonja Meriläinen, Eduard Shagal, Lisha Dai, Gaspar Mostafa, Anja-Lisa Hirscher, Markku Reunanen, Jeroen Carelse



Kinemata – motion memory enhanced

Context: Kinemata is a prototype design by Johannes Neumeier and Jana Pejoska made in the spring semester, 2015 as part of the coursework of Prototyping Experience led by Michihito Mizutani

Description: A live participatory demo of the functions of Kinemata.

Kinemata is a wearable device that captures the user’s body movements for the purpose of learning that movement. The user can feel the motion simultaneously while performing it through the auditory, visual and tactile feedback that enable an enhanced perception of the movement itself, thus raising awareness of it.

Web link: http://www.kinemata.info

Project group: Johannes Neumeier and Jana Pejoska


Department of Media CryptoParty

Context: Free experimentation.

Description: On April 28th this year, we organised, in an experimental manner, the first Department of Media CryptoParty (a decentralised, global initiative to introduce the most basic cryptography programs and the fundamental concepts of their operation to the general public). We would like to use our experience as a starting point to discuss issues related to privacy and bring them to the agenda of our everyday lives.Web link: https://hackpad.com/Aalto-CryptoParty-zWDWtFa4AQy

Project group: Régis Frias and Molly Schwartz


Learning Environments design prototypes

Context: Learning Environments research group

Description: The Learning Environments research group studies and designs learning in all its forms. The group’s work revolves around a participatory design-based research method, where the group creates technical and social prototypes that are tested in real contexts. Here you can see and play with some of the prototypes we’re looking at and developing.

Web link: http://legroup.aalto.fi

Project group: Teemu Leinonen, Tarmo Toikkanen, Jukka Purma, Merja Bauters, Jana Pejoska, Eva Durall, Marjo Virnes, Leo Nikkilä, Lassi Veikkonen



Frozen Dreams

Context: A game for the Game Project course.

Description: Frozen Dreams is a physics-based first person 3d action/puzzle game. Game paints a psychedelic picture of protagonist’s subjective experience of the coma, where he struggles with demons of his earlier life. Game mechanics rely on physics engine which intends to create a unique gameplay experience.

Project group: Elias Jääskinen, Gautam Vishwanath, Joonas Pernilä, Juuso Partikainen and Jijo Jackson


Treasure Tribes

Context: Free experimentation

Description: A runner game for iOS and Android.

Project group: Henrik Hackenberg, Rajeev Siewnath, Saku Kämäräinen and Scott McGregor



Context: TimeSense is a prototype developed during Prototyping Experience course led by Michihito Mizutani during Spring 2015.

Description: Demo of TimeSense prototype, which enables users to alter the speed of time according to their brain wave activity.

TimeSense is a design prototype that enables people to experience time according to how they feel. The prototype visualizes brain waves electromagnetic activity dealing with attention and relaxation through a wall clock. The clock changes the speed of time according how relaxed or attentive is the person. High levels of relaxation stop the time, whereas high levels of attention make it advance faster. This way, we expect to create awareness about personal perceptions of time based on biofeedback.

Web link: http://timesense.tumblr.com/

Project group: Niklas Pöllönen, Yohei Inokuchi and Eva Durall


Multitouch Interaction course works

Context: Works done by the students during the Multitouch Interaction course this spring.

Description: We present a few prototypes of applications in our demo spot.

Come and see the projects done by the students as part of the Multitouch Interaction course 2015. The course familiarises the participants with prototyping for iOS using Open Frameworks. Some projects presented are also done on other platforms or frameworks. Our demo spot is a spot of free exploration and experimentation.

Web link: http://mlab.taik.fi/mediacode/c/courses-projects/mti/mti2015

Project group: Suse Miessner, Johannes Neumeier, Jin Hee Kim, Jae Yong Lee, Sanna Reponen, Eduard Shagal, Saudimini Tambay, Pouyan Mohseninia, Lisha Dai, Roupen Bastadjian


Buzz Driver

Context: Project for Prototyping Experience course

Description: People would be able to try out the Buzz Driver app and set, and navigate around the Media Lab/surrounding buildings.

Buzz Driver is a haptic navigator for bikers, tourists or anyone who needs directions but wouldn’t want to look at a screen all the time. Buzz Driver leads you through vibration so you could look around and enjoy the scenery.


Project group: Sanna Reponen and Leda Vaneva


Context: A site-specific project made in Media Art course

Description: Rush is an interactive projection situated in one of the busiest spots of Helsinki – the core of Kamppi shopping centre. It emphasizes the whole atmosphere of the place where people pass usually in a hurry. Instead of forcing them to slow down, the work acts as a mirror of their own haste. The dot from the Kamppi logo is turned into the centre’s symbolic heart. With the building transformed into a fictional organism, the passing people are also put in another role – that of the blood flow. The more people pass through the “heart”, the faster it beats. The beating is visually observed and also heard.

Web link: https://www.facebook.com/events/356598837879551/

Project group: Leda Vaneva and Fernando Visockis


Ender Game

Context: Experimental UI concept

Description: Exploration of a space themed game-interface using Oculus rift, Playstation move and Mircrosoft Kinect.

Project group: Antti Ruonala, Krupakar Dhinakaran, Ari Oinonen, Jaakko Kaisanlahti and Georg Vienna


One day on earth

Context: 3D Animation Project by Lisha Dai

Description: This is a one minute long animation about the miserable life of an innocent egg.


Rejection mining

Context: Sharing my experience about finding an internship / trainee in Helsinki, Finland.


I have been applying for several companies in the field of design and I have been rejected for 47 time. Also, several applications with out any replies or the communication has stopped in the middle it is process and never heard about the company again! So what? and how could my experience benefit the current and future students!


Presenting: Pouyan Mohseninia & anyone else who would like to share his/her experience!




Shower Beat

Context: From the course ‘Prototyping Experience’

Description: An interactive piece that can be fixed either to a tap or a shower. This add-on has led lights connected to it that flickers lights and changes pressure of the water in a rhythmic fashion synchronized with music it hears. As a user, you could either go close to the tap and sing or play any music of your choice

An interactive shower/tap that changes pressure of water depending on the music being played or the way the user sings. It also has LEDs that flicker colored lights reacting to the music.

Project group: Gautam Vishwanath, Narim Lee and Samir Hassaine


Old Gods

Context: An indie game project mainly made by a bunch of Media Labbers.

Description: Old Gods is story-driven action-adventure game set in a dark, horror inspired take on 19th century Europe. You play as Victoria Grimsworth, born with the special power to see beyond and into the world of the dead. The demo is structured as a tutorial that introduces the key mechanics of the game.

Web link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCkVjbOnDRw

Project group: Alexander Nikulin, Andrei Duvan Rodriguez, Can Uzer, Jade Nash, and Matteo Martellini.

Persons Presenting It: Alexander Nikulin, Andrei Duvan Rodriguez, Can Uzer


Films Make a City – Perceptions of Helsinki Depicted in Films


It was a project for a three-week course Information Visualisation and Design by Lily Diaz. In the course we were supposed to use a self-organizing Map (SOM) to analyse a pre-chosen topic, which in our case was Helsinki City. We decided to choose films as the media and try to figure out how a random selection of films shot in Helsinki can depict the mood of the city and influence the making of it.



Films can be extremely powerful in the way, how they change both mental and geographical maps. They can build up shared understandings of the city identity and they can even push towards new urban developments in the physical city sphere. The data gathered was divided into two parts, one defining the characteristics of the specific films and the other describing their city settings in further detail. The Self-organizing Map (SOM) enabled us interesting post-analysis. Even though the handful of films was spread into separate clusters, the proximity between the clusters made sense at various axis revealing information about the portrayed epoch, the level of fiction, the mood of the films and the prominence of the city. The recognisable landmarks of Helsinki get the mental map rooted. In this prototype, the iconic 3D models are realised with Augmented Reality (AR) on top of the real map of Helsinki.

Project group: Akbar Khatir, Cristian Diaz, Chen Ling and Riikka Lahdensuo


The Epic Battle of the Dada Masters

Context: Game Project

Description: Light hearted surreal party game

Project group: Riku Erkkilä, Andrei Rodriquez, Jussi Perämäki, Christian Cardin, Gabriela Juganaru, Samr Hassaine, Noora Juju


Thanks to the crew

Pipsa Asiala, producer
Janne Lehtimäki
Ilpo Kari
Pekka Salonen
Casimir Westerholm
Anna Arsniva