Studies and research in the Media Lab are typically undertaken with a problem-based approach, organised as project work. Each year tens of projects are completed by our students and researchers, often also in collaboration with partners.

Research Projects

MA Study projects


Move or Die by Lee, Ling, Reponen, Uusitalo, Pernilä

Move or Die is an interactive game containing research contents of species which are endangered by climate change. The game is designed to be entertaining and playful for people of different ages who are visitors of The Finnish Museum of Natural History.

When We Have Passed / fbCyborgs by Ville Niemi

“When We Have Passed / fbCyborgs” is an interactive cinema experience. Showing you a dystopian depiction of the future. A certain manufacturer has created a duplicate of yourself, who is more than eager to get to talk to you… Facebook account is required for viewing.

No Man is an Island by Zlobin, Lukka, Vapaakallio, Kuusniemi

No Man is an Island is a story-driven, surreal role-playing metaphor, and has some text snippets, so be prepared!

Digital Engagements at EMMA by van Giersbergen, Thibaudeau, Tiainen, Zhang & al

Our projects include a meme workshop, navigating the museum space by relations, a walking guide to public art, a video communication method for museum and audience to share their ideas, feelings about art expressed in colors, icon-based engagement with artifacts and a mind-mapping exercise with modern art.

Cosmicamente by Siying Huang, Shareef Askar, Eero Tiainen

Cosmicamente using EEG headgear to detect viewer’s brain wave data and generate visual footage based on the concentration level. The viewer will have a cosmic scale visual experience according to their mind state.

Conducting Senses by Andre Vicentini, Fernando Visockis

Conducting Senses is an audiovisual experience that makes possible for audiences to interact with large projection mapping in city landscapes. The premier happened in the Media Facades Helsinki Festival in August 2015.

Visible Climate by Jacome, Berg, Leino, Uzer

Climate change is no longer “near future scenario”, it is a phenomenon happening right now. We want to show the public how it is already affecting our lives. Through photography, documentary video and a participatory platform we hope to bring the issue into the public debate.

Facing Future by Laamanen, Kuvaja, Brandtberg & al

Aiming at creating new ways of teaching healthy life style and new methods of learning. During the project a game is developed based on the ideas of the participants, i.e. youth from three different cities (Athens, Helsinki and Prague).

Talk2me by Chia-Ming Chang

Talk2Me is a practice-based research project in interaction design that aims to explore a communication solution to bridge the face-to-face communication gap between deaf/hard of hearing and hearing people.

Darkroom Mansion by Vasenius, Uzer, Kuvaja & al

A mobile game for The Finnish Museum of Photography. It is probably also the first and only mobile game in the world by a photographic art institution.

sound-globe by Yakov Lurie, Kilian Kottmeier

Soundscape Map is geography for the ears. It allows you to explore environment acoustically by listening to places, not seeing them.

Spix's Macaw by Kilian Kottmeier, Soujanyaa Boruah, Sanna Suonpää

In this project, the calls of some rare species of birds have been analyzed into frequency data strings that was used to generate visual patterns to be knitted into scarves. The program was written in Processing and the scarves were fabricated in STOLL TMS 340 TC.
brocs online

brocs online by Joaquín Aldunate

A collaborative online music making sandbox that is in progress.

Padworks – doesn’t it? by Tuomas Ahva

Tuomas Ahva explores the possibilities of an iPad as a musical live instrument and builds a sonically multilayered solo performance with it.

LabOurWard by Vicentini, Rantanen, Kottmeier & al

The LabOurWard study project is part of a crossdisciplinary innovation project that seeks to rethink the delivery room in low resource settings to improve the experience of women giving birth, their babies and families, through design.

Muhanad. A story of one refugee by Dickman & Anokhina

In this interactive video you are the one who decides what happens to a young Syrian refugee Muhanad next. His future is in your hands.

The UFO Controller by Tommi Koskinen

It looks like you’re playing a weird Theremin but you can do a lot more with it. The UFO, abbreviation for Ultrasonic Frequency Oscillator, is a performance instrument designed to change your electronic music livesets for good. It allows you to control music software and synthesizers with simple waving hand gestures.

Metrobeat by Mohseninia, Pöllönen, Visockis

We hacked it – the the public transportation ticket validator machine!

No Time | Too Much Time by Juulia Juutilainen

Interactive installation about loneliness.

Video Poetry Marathon by Salgado, Kaskela, Crisólogo & al

These video poems are an outcome of collaboration between poets and enthusiastic video makers during one day event: Video Poetry Marathon. This event was organized as part of the Hack Your Heritage! in February 2015. 19 participants from different disciplines and 12 different nationalities used AV materials from Finland, but also from other international online archives that release their content with licenses that allow derivative work.

Online support services for woman that experience violence or threat of violence by Ikävalko, Lahdensuo & al

The study project explores the role of social media tools and services in increasing the effectiveness and reach of the activities and communication of third sector organizations. During the spring 2015 our partner was Naisten Linja ry (Women´s Line) a Finnish NGO that provides support and advice for women and girls who experience violence or threat of violence. Together we developed 4 concepts that help Naisten Linja in their service renewal strategy.

Astronaut Down by Uzer, Paakkanen, Morimoto & al

Astronaut Down is a short adventure game that tells the story of a solitary space worker who takes an unexpected voyage into deep space. The fusion of audio-driven puzzles, atmospheric soundtrack and pastel storytelling makes Astronaut Down a play field at the fringes of games, music and comics.

Films Make a City – Perceptions of Helsinki Depicted in Films by Diaz, Ling, Lahdensuo & al

Cities are considered to be hubs for almost everything. Our intent was to research and illustrate what makes a city; in specific, what makes the place called Helsinki. We decided to approach the issue by researching on how Helsinki is perceived in films. We wanted to find out, how a random selection of films shot in Helsinki depict the mood of the city and influence the making of it. 

Culture Cam (A visual search app for europeana) by Marttila, Laakso, Botero

Culture Cam offers designers, artists and all creative people the possibility of exploring and accessing Europeana content in a fun, playful and intuitive way by using a webcam. Take a photo of any object, texture ­– or even yourself – with your webcam and Culture Cam will provide you with a set of images that are similar in color, shape or pattern.

Sketch-a-move / Move- a- sketch : a toy with which you can design movements by Eunyoung Park

I made arts and now I'm making toys with which others can make art. The toy has been a big inspiration to art, it can go vice versa. Users can design movements easily: movements that mimic humans, animals and everyday objects, movements that can draw various geometrical shapes to make a new media art, to learn STEM subjects such as physics and mathematics, or just to have fun!

Hearts Forest – A Short Animated Film by Gabriela Juganaru

A stop motion animation which combines a whimsical aesthetic with deep personal exploration. The narrative is a literal telling of a figurative story taken from the filmmaker's past. The theme, though drawn from an individual's experience, is hopefully one which can be universally felt and appreciated.

The LED Dress by Linda Vuorenvirta

A sci-fi style dress which allows the wearer (or observer) to affect LEDs sewn into the attached gloves by pressing a sensor in the centre of the chest. From there, it's up to your imagination. Can the wearer now shoot energy bolts out of their "powered up" gauntlets? You decide!

Dynamic Visualization 2 Projects by Mäkelä, Meriläinen, Shagal & al

Four interactive visualizations from the DV2 course, including themes such as Twitter feeds, feral animals, a food game and alternative economy.

Kinemata – motion memory enhanced by Neumeier & Pejoska

Kinemata is a wearable device that captures the user’s body movements for the purpose of learning that movement. The user can feel the motion simultaneously while performing it through the auditory, visual and tactile feedback that enable an enhanced perception of the movement itself, thus raising awareness of it.

Department of Media Cryptoparty by Régis Frias & Molly Schwartz

On April 28th this year, we organised, in an experimental manner, the first Department of Media CryptoParty (a decentralised, global initiative to introduce the most basic cryptography programs and the fundamental concepts of their operation to the general public). We would like to use our experience as a starting point to discuss issues related to privacy and bring them to the agenda of our everyday lives.

The Other Side – PQ 2015 by Dowsett, Pöllönen, Erkamo & al

A group of Aalto students created a large wall (5m x 2m) made of latex they developed, with amazing stretching capabilities. Media Lab's Guy Dowsett and Niklas Pöllönen created a unique sonic experience for people interacting with the wall, and those on the other side.

Frozen Dreams by Vishwanath, Pernilä, Partikainen & al

Frozen Dreams is a physics-based first person 3d action/puzzle game. Game paints a psychedelic picture of protagonist’s subjective experience of the coma, where he struggles with demons of his earlier life. Game mechanics rely on physics engine which intends to create a unique gameplay experience.

Pelori – Digital Tool for Documentation and Collaboration by Koert Jobse & Taro Morimoto

Pelori is a digital documentation and collaboration tool for maker community.

TimeSense by Pöllönen, Inokuchi, Durall

TimeSense is a design prototype that enables people to experience time according to how they feel. The prototype visualizes brain waves electromagnetic activity dealing with attention and relaxation through a wall clock. The clock changes the speed of time according how relaxed or attentive is the person. High levels of relaxation stop the time, whereas high levels of attention make it advance faster.

Social AR – enhancing context dependent communication and informal learning by Pejoska, Purma, Bauters & al

Social AR is a mobile application that augments reality by enhancing video calls with overlaid interactive drawings, for the purpose of asking and providing guidance in context-reliant work situations.

Buzz Driver by Sanna Reponen & Leda Gurgulitsova

Buzz Driver is a haptic navigator for bikers, tourists or anyone who needs directions but wouldn't want to look at a screen all the time. Buzz Driver leads you through vibration so you could look around and enjoy the scenery.

Rush by Leda Gurgulitsova & Fernando Visockis

Rush is an interactive projection situated in one of the busiest spots of Helsinki – the core of Kamppi shopping centre. It emphasizes the whole atmosphere of the place where people pass usually in a hurry. Instead of forcing them to slow down, the work acts as a mirror of their own haste.

Inside Job presents Zero Hour by Jose Jacome & Meela Leino

"Zero Hour" will take place on Seurasaari in Helsinki, Saturday the 12th of September 2015. It combines a Zombie Run with an outdoors market, a sample of Helsinki's counter culture. It all ends with a party and live music performances. It also features a media art exhibition in between.

One day on earth by Lisha Dai

This is a short 3D animation which tell a dramatic life of an egg.

Mobile Soundwalking-sharing by Pouyan Mohseninia

A mobile soundwalk-sharing and social networking service that enables it is users to record soundwalk experiences and share them on a social networking platforms.

Ramshackle Dystonia – A Live A/V set by Fernando Visockis

Live Audiovisual set / Natural User Interface

Shadow Bug by Laamanen, Valori, Ylimäki

Never before has it been so easy to explore a vivid game world full of action and adventure. Take on the role of Shadow Bug and stop the evil factory that’s corrupting your forest home. Encounter unforgettable creatures and discover that a real adventure is possible, even on mobile!

Old Gods by Nikulin, Rodriquez, Uzer & al

Old Gods is story-driven action-adventure game set in a dark, horror inspired take on 19th century Europe. You play as Victoria Grimsworth, born with the special power to see beyond and into the world of the dead. The demo is structured as a tutorial that introduces the key mechanics of the game.
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{MUST+ACHE} by Mäkelä, Kim, Schwartz, Mohseninia & al

MUST ACHE 2014 tracked six participants’ process of growing a mustache during the month of November as part of Movember movement. The project includes a photo diary, historical insights, and participants interviews, which are also shared in social media for everyone to see.
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Tank Fortress + Paratroopers by Morimoto, Pernilä, Patrikainen, Ruonala

Massive rolling firepower and colossal engines. Tactical action game for local multiplayer.
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Sonic Drawings by Duarte & Gutieszca

Sonic Drawings is an interface which merges the traditional art of drawing with generative sonification coming from analog electronics and digital computer vision. This project has been presented as a performance in the International Conference on Live Interfaces 2014.
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