2014 Spring Demoday Programme

On Tue 27.5. from 13 to 17,
Miestentie 3, Espoo


Prof. Philip Dean opens the event



Urban Alphabets

Context: my thesis

Description: Urban Alphabets lets the users capture photos of letters in their environment and reuse these typographical elements to write own messages (called Urban Postcards). Additionally by uploading these geotagged letters to an online database the users make up a common alphabet of a city.

Project group: Suse Miessner

Presenting today: Suse Miessner

More info: www.ualphabets.com, mail@susemiessner.org



Game Research & Teaching Update

Context: Research & Teaching

Description: Prof. Perttu Hämäläinen will present his research group’s the latest projects (augmented climbing wall, physically based character motion synthesis), and summarize the experiences from the Action Games workshop/intensive course, i.e., using physical exercise like parkour in teaching game design.

Project group: Perttu Hämäläinen, Sebastian Eriksson, Esa Tanskanen, Ville Kyrki, Jaakko Lehtinen, Miikka Junnila, Raine Kajastila

Presenting today: Perttu Hämäläinen

More info: http://perttuh.blogspot.fi/2014/05/beyond-ragdolls-were-hiring.html



Maxwell The Mechanist

Context: A Game Project Prototype

Description: A mobile game developed during spring 2014. It’s a result of a Mlabs game project course. The game is 2D side-scrolling game with narrative content and retro looks. In the game Maxwell tries to survive in the space station that has been set to self destruct. The project has been a sandbox for the developers to try out sounds, visuals, mechanics etc.

Project group: Niklas Pöllönen, Ville Kuvaja, Krupakar Dhinakaran, Lari Sinisalo, Veli Laamanen

Presenting today: Niklas Pöllönen, Ville Kuvaja, Krupakar Dhinakaran, Lari Sinisalo, Veli Laamanen




Context: Game done during spring period of Game Project -course

Description: Seanuts is a two player co-operative action game for Desktop PC’s. Each player controls one Pirate Squirrel on a ship – your quest is to sink Cat Conquistadors ships and retrieve Golden Acorns they have taken from your pirate hideout!

Web description: Seanuts is a two player co-operative action game for Desktop PC’s. Each player controls one Pirate Squirrel on a ship – your quest is to sink Cat Conquistadors ships and retrieve Golden Acorns they have taken from your pirate hideout!

Project group: Johanna Storm, Arttu Peltonen, Juha Ylimäki, Sami Sierla

Presenting today: Johanna Storm, Arttu Peltonen, Juha Ylimäki, Sami Sierla

More info: sami.sierla@helsinki.fi, www.seanutsgame.com (will be online 24th of may latest)



Treasure Tribes

Context: Games

Description: A mobile game that was already presented at last Demo Day in it’s earlier stages

Project group: Henrik Hackenberg, Rajeev Siewnath, Scott McGregor, Saku Kämäräinen

Presenting today: Henrik Hackenberg

More info: henrik.hackenberg@gmail.com



Cancer – strategic video game

Context: Media Lab Ggme project

Description: Cancer is a strategic video game, currently being developed by students in Aalto University’s Game Design program. In the game you commandeer cells that strive to develop new mutations in a battle against the immune system. Cancer is not intended to be an educational game, but it is, to an extent, based on current medical knowledge about how cancer works. The team has done extensive research and consulted experts on the subject. The playable demo is still a work in progress and by no means a finished product, but it gives insights to the workings and development of a very unique and daring concept. You have an opportunity to participate in the creative process by giving our team feedback and suggestions based on your playing experience.

Project group: Ilmari Arnkil, Felipe Marjalizo, Sandra Mahlamäki, Laura Uusitalo, Joni Anttalainen

Presenting today: Ilmari Arnkil, Felipe Marjalizo, Sandra Mahlamäki



Starvania – an action-adventure game prototype

Context: Course work from the Game Project course, Spring 2014

Description: We present “Starvania” (working title), a blend of “metroidvania” exploration and shoot’em up action. The game has been created by a 5-6 person student team on Media Lab’s Game Project course, working part time throughout Spring 2014.

Project group: Ralf Baumann, Gabriela Jugănaru, Yrjö Peussa, Jesse Saarela, Can Uzer, Kim Valori

Presenting today: Ralf Baumann, Gabriela Jugănaru, Yrjö Peussa, Can Uzer, Kim Valori

More info: peussa@iki.fi






Media Lab 20 years festivities – update

Kati Åberg, producer



Image and Map Annotation Notebook

Context: Systems of Representation research group

Description: In our presentation we will show the new functionality of completely rewritten ImaNote (Image and Map Annotation Notebook). ImaNote II is a full rewrite of the original ImaNote. ImaNote II will be an open source product based on IIPMooViewer. IIPMooViewer is widely used, high performance light-weight HTML5 Ajax-based JavaScript image streaming and zooming client designed for the IIPImage high resolution imaging system created by Ruven Pillay. Main additions in ImaNote II to IIPMooViewer are related to the functionality allowing user to create multiple layers of annotations to multiple image layers. In next versions we will focus more and more on simultaneous teamwork functionality of ImaNote and various ways to connect the ImaNote to external systems and data sources as well as possibilities to use timeline type of information in presentation of images and annotation layers. ImaNote II contains following functionality: • Pan and zoom of ultra high resolution imaging • Multi-layer annotations of regions of images • Synchronized viewer capability • Image blending comparison • Multispectral imaging • Mobile device support: iOS and Android • Dynamic watermarking • Localization

Project group: Lily Dìaz, Jyrki Messo, Minna Turtiainen, Päivi Matala, Tuija Wahlroos

Presenting today: Jyrki Messo



LeGroup: Square1, Ach so! & news

Context: LeGroup is a research group in Department of Media with a history of building all kinds of prototypes related to learning and education.

Description: On stage we present the current prototypes we are working with in various projects: Android video annotation app Ach so! and a set of DIY groupwork devices Square1. We also take a quick look at where our researchers are going and what they are doing, and make an open job announcement or two. On our floor spot you can have a hands-on session with Ach So!, Square1 and Kataja.

Project group:Teemu Leinonen, Merja Bauters, Eva Durall, Kiarii Ngua, Jukka Purma, Tarmo Toikkanen

Presenting today: Teemu Leinonen or Merja Bauters and Jukka Purma

More info: legroup@uiah.fi, teemu.leinonen@aalto.fi, http://legroup.aalto.fi, http://achso.aalto.fi, http://lead.aalto.fi



Visualizing Media Lab

Context: Work as research assistant for LeGroup

Description: Media Lab contains a phenomenal group of people bound together by common interests. I was tasked to visualize this net of relations, and collaborating with LeGroup have made steps to implement a solution that presents the complex information contained by user profiles in relation to one another. I will very briefly present the techniques used, as well as a prototype of the work is to be presented at the 20 year celebration of Media Lab.

Project group: Ian Tuomi

Presenting today: Ian Tuomi

More info: ian.tuomi@aalto.fi



Mobile Apps prototyping WS

Context: A WS open to Aalto ARTS students

Description: A WS where students made proof of concept prototypes of mobile applications using AppInventor (a toolkit for android app prototyping). During the presentation we will demo some of the apps made. The WS is part of the Apps&Os project funded by Aalto Service Factory

Project group: Andrea Botero, Kimmo Karhu, Sami Vihavainen, Mona Taponen, Päivi Tuovinen, Reinis Pakulis, Scott McGregor, Pirkka Nurminen, Jinping Liu, Salla Vasenius

Presenting today: Andrea Botero & others

More info: andrea.botero@aalto.fi (www.apps8os.org)



Iisimeno – A dialogue tool for The Ministry of Environment

Context: Design for Governmet course

Description: Study case for the Design for Government course.

Project group: Bárbara Rebolledo, Sasha Kazantsev, Lilli Mäkelä, Nina Wester, Eeva-Maria Piiparinen

Presenting today: Bárbara Rebolledo, Sasha Kazantsev, Lilli Mäkelä, Nina Wester



digGLAM & HalooAkseli! Online Archive

Context: Systems of Representation project funded by Aalto University’s Media Factory

Description: The project aimed at finding ways of helping small museums in digitizing their collections. A unique part of the project has been the application of an Open Source autonomous scanning robot initially developed by Project Gado of John Hopkins University Baltimore, currently under development in the Media Lab Helsinki and the Department of Computer Science of Aalto University. digGLAM was a collaboration project between Medialab research group Systems of Representation, Gallen-Kallela Museum and Aalto CSE.

Project group: Samir Bhowmik, Lily Diaz, Verna Kaipainen, Palash Mukhopadhyaya, Agustí Pellicer, James Reilly, Anna Virtanen, Antti Ylä-Jääski

Presenting today: Lily Diaz & Anna Virtanen

More info: anna.virtanen@aalto.fi http://sysrep.aalto.fi/digglam/






Sounds from Finland (Audiovisual documentation)

Context: Media Lab Helsinki / Aalto University MA Student Graduation Exhibition May 1-6, 2014 at Spiral Garden, Tokyo, Japan Production Clinic

Description: Sounds from Finland exhibition consists of four installations representing different aspects of Finnish nature and culture. Visitors are exposed to sensorial and playful experiences through audiovisual technology. luonto (nature) installation combines unique and vibrating forest sounds and soundscapes together with photographs. kivikasa (sauna stoves) spreads over the Atrium and introduces the mystical and subtle sounds of sauna. It presents moving sounds of fire, water and steam on a custom-made loudspeaker surface. polku (path) is an interactive interpretation of a path that lets the visitors explore different kinds of soundscapes one step at a time. leija (kite) is a multimedia simulator that recreates the experience of flying a kite and demonstrates a set of natural forces. Together these reinterpretations form a sensory experience that goes beyond the exhibited objects. Sonic experiences open up new perspectives on the traditional elements of Finnishness/ Finnish life and makes us see the nature differently. The exhibition’s digital technology installations are created by seven Aalto University New Media master (MA) students from the Media Lab Helsinki, a unit of the department of Media at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. The students are: Jairo Acosta, Juan Duarte Regino, Kirsi Ihalainen, Saku Kämäräinen, Ari-Pekka Leinonen, Johanna Rotko and Valtteri Wikström. The visual identity of the Exhibition is designed by Kiia Beilinson from The Media Department’s Graphic Design bachelor (BA) program. The exhibition is supervised by Shinji Kanki, visiting lecturer, composer, sound artist. Contact: Pipsa Asiala, Producer

Project group:Pipsa Asiala, Shinji Kanki, Kiia Beilinson, Juan Duarte Regino, Valtteri Wikström, Jairo Acosta Lara, Saku Kämäräinen, Ari-Pekka Leinonen, Johanna Rotko, Kirsi Ihalainen

Presenting today: Juan Duarte Regino

More info: juan.duarte@aalto.fi



Sounds From Finland Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan

Context: Production Clinic Master Thesis

Description: Four sound installations form a sensory experience that goes beyond the exhibited objects. Sonic experiences open up new perspectives on the traditional elements of Finnishness/ Finnish life and makes us see the nature differently.

Project group: Jairo Acosta, Juan Duarte, Kirsi Ihalainen, Saku Kämäräinen, Ari-Pekka Leinonen, Johanna Rotko and Valtteri Wikström. The visual identity of the Exhibition is designed by Kiia Beilinson and web design by Louise Lazzari. Teachers Shinji Kanki, Antti Ikonen and Pipsa Asiala

Presenting today: Pipsa Asiala

More info: http://mlab.taik.fi/tokyoproject/



Sound Design Kirsi Ihalainen

Context: Sound Installation

Description: Finnish Forest Frequencies is a sound installation made with pine deadwood. There are sound actuators inside the wood to make the wood play and vibrate. The sounds are frequencies and Finnish animal sounds from a Finnish forest. Each wood has it own frequency and together they create the Finnish forest into a space.

Project group:Kirsi Ihalainen

Presenting today: Kirsi Ihalainen

More info: www.kirsiihalainen.com




Context: Stage performance using laptop, iPad and visuals.

Description: Haruspex is Tuomas Ahva and Ava Grayson creating and performing experimental soundscapes and noise music. The respective softwares that they are using pertain to their theses. The short 5-minute performance is accompanied by some visuals from an iPad.

Project group: Tuomas Ahva and Ava Grayson

Presenting today: Tuomas Ahva and Ava Grayson

More info: https://www.facebook.com/haruspex.noise



Context: Free experimentation

Description: Fields (working title) is a networked system exploring new areas of musical performance and audience participation through the use of mobile technology as a medium for sound diffusion. In western culture, attending a concert is the dominant context for live music listening. This tradition is largely codifed; there tends to be a clear separation between stage and audience, with the focus on the performers, who are sometimes elevated, physically and culturally, to superhuman status. Fields stems from a desire to reconfgure the audience-performer relationship. The system allows any audience member to join in, at any time, by simply connecting to a specially designed website with their mobile phone, laptop or tablet. The connected devices become an array of speakers which the performers can control live, resulting in an omnidirectional sonic experience. The piece doesn’t feature a stage. The performers are sitting among the audience. This intimate setup, is an attempt to demonstrate the potential for enhancement of communal listening through explorations of new aural contexts, and we hope it will become a shared and intimate environment for music listening.

Project group: Sébastien Piquemal, Tim Shaw (Culture Lab, Newcastle)

Presenting today: Sébastien Piquemal

More info: sebpiq@gmail.com, funktion.fm



Networks of Intelligent Sonic Agents (NOISA)

Context: SOPI research

Description: Networks of Intelligent Sonic Agents (NOISA) is a system that adapts its behaviour to the internal states of a user. The system uses ambient intelligence to measure in real-time the motivation, engagement, affective states and reactiveness. The task is to maintain these states – if the user loses his motivation or interest, the system will react by changing its behaviour in order to become interesting again. Or if the user is very motivated and highly concentrated the system can provide more subtle controls. The system controls the level of control based on the states of the user. The concept is used in a musical context, but it can be extended to any other.

Project group: Koray Tahiroğlu, Thomas Svedström, Valtteri Wikström

Presenting today: Thomas Svedström

More info: koray.tahiroglu@aalto.fi






Shanghai, China Story

Context: Personal Pedagogical Training

Description: Co-project with Tongji University

Project group: Pipsa Asiala and Shareef Askar (video)

Presenting today: Pipsa Asiala



Design for publics

Context: MA level study cases

Description: A few of the study cases dealing with public sector. Opportunity for students to shape their own

Project group: Sasha Kazantsev

Presenting today: Sasha Kazantsev

More info: sasha-sasha.in, mail@sashakazantsev.com




Kaisa Kettunen – 3D Animated Short

Context: Linda Vuorenvirta’s final project for the year-long 3D Animation course.

Description: A short children’s story about a girl in a fox sweater who likes helping her animal friends in the forest. This time, she meets a bunny who has way too much fluff! Included with the presentation will be development materials such as storyboards, character models, etc.

Project group: Linda Vuorenvirta

Presenting today: Linda Vuorenvirta

More info: lvuorenvirta@gmail.com, www.linda-vuorenvirta.com




Context: Group project produced during the Interactive and Generative Narratives course (Spring/14)

Description: An Innovative Mobile application for creating and sharing stories using animation and written language.

Project group:Cristian Diaz, Bokyung Kim, Vesa Saarinen, Can Uzer, Salla Vasenius

Presenting today: Cristian Diaz, Bokyung Kim, Vesa Saarinen, Can Uzer, Salla Vasenius

More info: xtndiaz@gmail.com, sallav@gmail.com



In Between

Context: Outside of the white walls of the gallery there is a real world. Through the artist’s impression the real world transforms and becomes art. What comes instead is not a new solid “reality” that gives comfort, but instead a place in between where things are fluid, giving the freedom to rethink your own reality. This is uncanny, unsettling and uncomfortable.

Description: In Between is an installation that by connecting two physically separate locations, a street and a gallery, it expresses this transformation that happens in the meeting between the world we know and the world of the artist.The people on the street are getting their picture taken which becomes a portrait at a gallery. The portrait is constantly morphing when trying to approach it, never allowing the viewer to identify the person on the street.

Project group: Mari Kemppinen, Christopher Jon Andersen, Régis Frias, Taavi Varm

Presenting today: Mari Kemppinen, Christopher Jon Andersen, Régis Frias, Taavi Varm

More info: taavi.varm@aalto.fi



“12 Movements” Theatre play

Context: The system is created for the purposes of discovering the possibilities of collective conducting of shows by the audience itself not only as an individual experience but as a collective undertaking for the audience as a whole.

Description: The venue was equipped with a dome-backround green-screen stage and in-house software and hardware for including its audience in the performative processes by means of social media and 12 reactable tables developed as a part of “12 Movements”. The tables are created for the purposes of discovering the possibilities of collective conducting of shows by the audience itself not only as an individual experience but as a collective undertaking for the audience as a whole. An extensive system of cameras, 12 screens for smaller groups of the audience and live-editing machinery will be used to develop an audience conducted experience. The venue was created and is operated by a local independent theatre group from Tallinn – Cabaret Rhizome. Cabaret Rhizome ’s “rhizomedia”- the opening performance of CODR which connected the audience to the production via means of social media and data mining software – is also nominated for the annual theatre awards of Estonia. “12 Movements” consists of 12 scenes partly or entirely conducted by the audience. In groups of approximately 6 people the spectators can control the development of sounds, music, visuals and the actors/dancers movements

Project group: Karina K. Jensen, Taavi Varm

Presenting today: Karina K. Jensen, Taavi Varm





3D animations

Context: Introduction to 3D + 3D Animation + Mocap vs. animation

Description: course exercises and personal projects

Project group: Jonna Rantanen, Cristian Diaz, Linda Vuorenvirta, Juuso Patrikainen, Laura Uusitalo, Salla Vasenius etc.

Presenting today: none

More info: kai.lappalainen@aalto.fi


Penguin Love

Context: 3D animation

Description: This 3D animation was done at Media Lab Helsinki’s 3D animation course and screened at Animatricks Animation Festival 2014.

Project group: Nelly Sääksjärvi, Kirsi Ihalainen

Presenting today: Nelly Sääksjärvi

More info: nelly.saaksjarvi@gmail.com, www.nellysaaksjarvi.com, www.kirsiihalainen.com



Context: Interactive installation

Description: An installation which shows a possibility to make bus ride more fun

Project group: Pouyan Mohseninia, Ryo Yoshikawa

Presenting today: Pouyan Mohseninia, Ryo Yoshikawa

More info: mohseninia@gmail.com, ry.yskw@gmail.com


Kinect Rain

Context: Project for Bodily Interaction Workshop

Description: Black and white rain simulation using a Kinect.

Project group: Taro Morimoto, Christopher Jon Andersen, Pouyan Mohseninia

Presenting today: none

More info: taro.morimoto@gmail.com



Context: Museum Centre Vapriikki, Tampere Rupriikki Media Museum, Tampere

Description: Minimal is a tangible audio player interface for museums. It bears a resemblance to a traditional turntable, and uses similar objects and gestures in its design, but is capable of playing multiple layers of audio simultaneously. It identifies objects placed on top of it using RFID technology and an embedded audio player controls sounds associated with the objects. Minimal is part of a continuing project in collaboration with Rupriikki and Vapriikki museums in Tampere. A version of the device will be included in “The Revontuli Brand – Shining Elegance of the North” exhibition that opens in June 2014 at Museum Centre Vapriikki in Tampere.

Project group: Matti Niinimäki

Presenting today: Matti Niinimäki

More info: m@mansteri.com

Reflex Coach

Context: A small wall mounted sensor that measures the reaction times of martial artists.

Description: The sensor is built on Arduino and sends a blutooth message to a mobile phone to indicate that the user has set a new personal best time. The timer is randomized after each succesful hit on he device. This device was created to aid matrial artists and their coaches fine thier reaction times and techniques.

Project group: Scott McGregor

Presenting today: Scott McGregor


Body of Water

Context: Interactive video projection.

Description: Body of water is an ongoing exploration at the intersection of art and science introducing ways to collect, explore and transform local water samples and their reltation to the human body. Body of Water – a collaboration between Jaakko Mattila and Antti Tenetz – uses sensory feeds, living samples, environmental sensors, DIY microscopes and pre recorded visuals from the artists’ native Finland and across Europe to produce an interactive experience highlighting the connection between the individual, community and water as a vital life source. This data will be documented and published online as a geographical mapping of the planet´s must abundant liquid resource. Maps and data are available for through our responsive webpage. Boby of water is produced with support from Frame Visual Art Finland.

Project group: Antti Hietaniemi, Antti Tenetz, Jaakko Mattila

Presenting today: Antti Hietaniemi

More info: http://www.bodyofwater.fi


Context: Indie game development for mobile devices.

Description: PAKO is a car chase mobile game in ragequit genre. “One parking lot. No Escape. How long would you last?”

Project group: Toni Enström, Heikki Sillanpää, Jussi Pullinen

Presenting today: Toni Enström, Heikki Sillanpää

More info: http://treemengames.com/


A Bench

Context: A project made in the course Prototyping Experience.

Description: Since I came to Finland I have been dependent on the different types of public transport that the city offers. Especially in the winter this can feel as a dark and cold experience. The project is inspired by my encounters with a public transportation sector that is very functional, but as it is with any other bus stop in the world the waiting is never fun. I was inspired by the existing benches and thought that they could work very well as an interface. Since my first experiences was with the darkness in the winter I thought that a nice and simple solution to making the waiting more pleasing would be to work with light. The result is a bench that reacts to people sitting on it. If one person sits the light under him activates and starts fading up and down as if the seat is breathing light. If a second person sits both of the activated seats starts blinking for some seconds to make the people waiting aware of each other. Afterwards it goes back to the normal sitting state where it fades up and down. Finally if someone leaves the seat, that seat starts flickering hectically. The intention has been to give the bench personality. Meaning that if you sit down you bring it to life and if you leave it will call you back with the flickering.

Project group: Christopher Jon Andersen

Presenting today: Christopher Jon Andersen

More info: cjoa@itu.dk


Purple Lake

Context: A multi-linear story adventure

Description: Take a walk through our vast world. Follow the characters in it and witness their tales and adventures. This is no ordinary book. You will find yourself given the choice to shift from one tale to then next.

Project group: Pouyan Mohseninia, Roberta Rosina, Scott McGregor, Ville Kuvaja

Presenting today: Pouyan Mohseninia, Roberta Rosina, Scott McGregor, Ville Kuvaja

More info: scott.mcgregor@aalto.fi


“Balcony at the End of the World” – Trailer

Context: This is a trailer for a puppet animation we are making in a group of four people. Animation is currently in post production stage and will be ready this fall. This animated short film is a part of an animation course at Department of Film, Television and Scenography.

Description: “Balcony at the End of the World” – Trailer. ~ 30 sec. loop. “We do Ursa’s journeys in which the hooded child-character wanders the post-apocalyptic wasteland in a hellish cross-pressure. And the black clouds… 12 fps. Animation.”

Project group: Markus Lepistö, Tommi Mustaniemi, Leo Liesvirta, Marika Laine

Presenting today: Markus Lepistö

More info: sukram82@gmail.com



Context: Dynamic Visualization Design 2, app concept.

Description: A mobile, location based application that shows you events happening nearby according to your current location and time. A time slider shows upcoming events and expired events around you with unique filters to suit your own interests. The idea is inspired from having a city mascot “citykani,” the city bunny.

Project group: Karoline Kwon, Mona Taponen, Ian Tuomi, Salla Vasenius

Presenting today: Karoline Kwon, Mona Taponen, Ian Tuomi, Salla Vasenius


Design Projects by Taavi Varm

Context: Prototyping Experience course projects.

Description: Varm Country LAMP design project, and Live Performance tool for VJ gigs.

Project group: Taavi Varm

Presenting today: Taavi Varm

More info: taavi.varm@aalto.fi




Context: Prototyping Experience concept.

Description: Robutt is an interactive cigarette trash bin that recognizes when people are smoking and tries to eat their cigarette butts. The concept is to motivate people to clean their trash after smoking and in a non-judgemental way.

Project group: Karoline Kwon

Presenting today: Karoline Kwon

More info: karoline.kwon@aalto.fi



Context: Prototyping Experience course project.

Description: Teaching and making brushing teeth fun for kids.

Project group: Taro Morimoto

Presenting today: Taro Morimoto


Cry Me a Crisis

Context: Lobby based politics, government manipulation and outright corruption affect our sources of information. Public opinion is particularly easily influenced by mainstream media. The phrasing of information and also the vocabulary used affects the way it is perceived. Thus, not only does language constrain one’s sources of information, it is a whole new layer of filtering occurring at the cognitive level on top of the mass media bias.

Description: We choose different media sources reporting different events of the Ukrainian crisis, but showing their clashing viewpoints on each event simultaneously, providing the viewer an opportunity to filter the news in a new way. As the curators of the media content we are not unbiased, either, quite the opposite. Is the viewer going to think more about their own views and how they are constructed, or possibly just question what we as the creators of this installation wanted to say?

Project group: Jose Jacome, Juha Ylimaki, Linda Vuorenvirta, Marja Tikka

Presenting today: Jose Jacome, Juha Ylimaki, Linda Vuorenvirta, Marja Tikka


17.00 Demo floor closes



Thanks for the crew


Jonna Rantanen – producer

Janne Lehtimäki

Ilpo Kari

Pekka Salonen

Mikko Virtala

Anna Arsniva