Drinking Light – a thesis exhibition in March

Päivi Keränen’s MA-thesis project called Drinking Light. Designing a mediated experience at the A:Space (Kynä&Paperi cafe) 19.3.-1.4.2018

In the north the end of fall brings darkness and the hours of daylight become less and less. The Drinking Light plays with the idea of making light tangible, something that can be consumed as beverage in dark season. The topic of the thesis relates to disciplines experience design, interaction design and emerging food design.

The concept of Drinking Light started within Future Experience Workshop held in Aalto University November 2016, continuing in Production Clinic course at this academic year. The installation is situated in mildly lit space with a tranquil soundscape. There is a table with cups, as well as a teapot with a glowing light within it. The environment is decadently minimalistic to focus the attention to the tableware. As the liquid is poured to cups they begin to glow as to embody the sunlight. Tableware are all white to emphasise the glow of light and also to direct the projection of light accordingly to support the story/experience (e.g. from the kettle tip to the cup and from the cup to face, when drinking).