Demoday 23.5.2017 programme

Miestentie 3, 1st Floor @13-17


PART 1 13-14

Welcome by Professor Philip Dean, Head of Media Department

Vector Synthesis
Context: Audiovisual performance/installation
Description: VECTOR SYNTHESIS is a media-archaeological investigation into obsolete computer visualizations, using sound synthesis and vector graphics display techniques to investigate the direct relationship between sound+image. Driven by audio waveforms, the vertical and horizontal movements of a single beam of light trace shapes, points and curves with infinite resolution, opening a hypnotic window into the process by which the performed sound is created.
Web link:
Persons Involved in the Project: Derek Holzer

Requiem for a Bee in Beelaria
Context: EEG readings brought to life with dance and sound with a openframeworks, kinect and pure data Description: Requiem for a Bee in Beelaria has been a magical utopian world in perfect balance until now. The bees are dying and their people are disappearing and no one knows why. In an effort to save what they hold dear and bring their world back into focus and balance again, the citizens of Beelaria are dancing the ancient bee dance to balance natural order.
Persons Involved in the Project: Laura Meskanen-Kundu, Gurden Batra, Luis Celomundo, Andreas Wiberg Sode

DeFacto — an algorithmic service design proposal to counter fake news & media bias
Context: Output of Service Design Prototyping course focused on social issues
Description: DeFacto is a proposed service which would use software which compares news articles in order to verify or question reported facts and prepares a “true story” of the events to the user with annotations.
Persons Involved in the Project: Liam Turner, Laura Meskanen-Kundu, Andreas Wiberg Sode

VøR – Virtual Reality History Timeline
Context: Dynamic Visualization Design 2
Description: VøR is an interactive timeline of the history of Virtual Reality. Instead of focusing on a single topic in depth, the idea behind VøR is to show concurrent developments in various fields, such as computer technology, media and research – seeing them side by side provides the user a holistic view to how VR came to be as it is today.
Web link:
Persons Involved in the Project: Markku Reunanen, Jukka Eerikäinen, Lauri Laatikainen, Eveliina Räisänen, Jeroen Carelse

KUU – Interactive Visual Novel
Context: Zach Dodson’s professor project. Initial development for an interactive fiction game.
Description: When Kuu’s moonbase is disabled by a mysterious blast from earth, she and the five women that live with her only have thirty days of life support. Kuu manages the dwindling supply of food, and must navigate the complex web of relationships in a base under stress. Who will starve and who will snap? Your only choices are bad ones in this Interactive Visual Novel.
Persons Involved in the Project: Zach Dodson, Miikka Junnila, Tiia Reijonen, Joona Leppänen, Xinran Wang, Niko Huttunen, Safa Hovinen, Ling Chen, Gautam Vishwanath, Bokyung Kim

Miura Torch
Context: Course output: Crystal Flowers in Halls of Mirrors
Description: Miura torch installation in Finish Science Centre HEUREKA. The artwork draws inspiration from traditional origami and the applications of flat folding objects, like solar panels of satellites unfolding in space. Each piece in the artwork is a modification of the Miura origami tessellation, and hence flat foldable. However, put together the whole will no longer fold flat, but only satisfies the mathematical condition of being locally flat foldable.
Web link:
Persons Involved in the Project: Kilian Kottmeier, Carolina Isasi, Laura Jakobsson, Roupen Bastadjian, Väinö Katajisto

Context: Spring game project
Description: Ocean exploration horror game.
Persons Involved in the Project: Marie Kumpulainen, Harri Dammert, Xiaoxiao Ma, Uzair Amjad, Daniel Forsberg

Context: Spring game project
Description: A 3d local co-op adventure where together you restore harmony to the world.
Web link:
Persons Involved in the Project: Laura Horton, Li Yingyan, Henri Niva, Valtteri Wahlroos, Otto Montel, Niko Huttunen

Robot’s Rock
Context: A short animation for the 3D-animation course.
Description: A shot animation about a small robot who encounters a stone, which stands on his way. Length 2m 30s.
Persons Involved in the Project: Timi Koponen, Milos Novak


PART 2 15-16

Street Buskers – An ethnographic research study on street musicians in Helsinki
Description: I will be presenting my findings from my fieldwork and suggest a couple of design spaces, in which design could be used to improve or provoke further design thinking.
Persons Involved in the Project: Andreas Wiberg Sode

St. George and the Dragon – a 3D digital reconstruction
Context: A research project in collaboration with the National Museum of Finland.
Description: The installation is a digital re-imagining of a medieval diorama, using three ancient statues whose original stories are unknown. The statues are remnant fragments of larger ecclesiastical dioramas that were once seen widely across Finland, of which the story of St George & The Dragon was commonly depicted. The artists have recreated their historical aesthetic and digitally recomposed the 3D scene as it may have appeared originally. The piece provides four viewpoints around 3D printed copies of the original fragments, to show the stages of reconstruction needed to make the sculptures like new. The installation thus seeks to illuminate the stories of these remarkable sculptures, using new technologies, historical research, and some artistic interpretation.
Web link: and
Persons Involved in the Project: Mercedes Said, Topias Airas (Metropolia), Janne Ojala, Professor Lily Diaz

Soft Robotics – workshop and exhibition
Context: Student initiated workshop, organised by DADA, funded by TTER.
Description: Soft Robotics is a new and rapidly growing approach to robotics that aims to harmonize with the living environment by using “soft” materials such as silicone, rubber and gelatine that actuate on air, instead of hard mechanical parts that run on motors. This experimental workshop was organized by DADA – Aalto university Media lab student association, hosted by Aalto Biofilia and Fablab and funded by TTER. The final presentation took place on march 23 in the Learning centre of the Aalto University, Finland.
Web link:
Persons Involved in the Project: Avner Peled, Kilian Kottmeier

Context: what we did and what we are going to do
Further info:
Description: DADAry is the media lab’s student association and the biggest association in the Department of Media.
Persons Involved in the Project: Kilian Kottmeier Laura Meskanen-Kundu

DIBS money management for kids
Context: Developed during the course “Design challenges” in early 2017, shortlisted for the Student Design Award of the Royal Society of Arts, London UK.
Description: Dibs is a money management service that helps kids become money-wise — in real time and in a safe environment. Create goals, allocate budgets and learn what all those financial terms are about.
Persons Involved in the Project: Kilian Kottmeier, Retnodewiningrum Hadiningdiah, Maya Pillai

Bridge – service to help Initiate better communication among different generations
Context: Course work of Prototyping Service Design
Description: Bridge is an mobile application designed for people from different generations to better communicate with each other based on the similarities of their interests & experience.
Persons Involved in the Project: Chen Yu, Päivi Keränen, Gyongyi Fekete

Mathematical Garden
Context: Heureka installation of current work done on the crystal flowers mathematics course that will be on display until August.
Description: Presentation of the current work we have on display in Heureka until the middle of August. Poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) fluorescent acrylic. The mathematical garden plays with the relationship between the architectural patterns in nature in relation to mathematics.
The flowers of the garden presented by organically grown Platonic solids and their mutual duality, forming a new more complex entity. One starts with the rigidity of a solid transforming into a flowing and organic structure finally blooming into a sensually glowing system.
Web link:
Persons Involved in the Project: Laura Meskanen-Kundu, Julia Isotalo, Parvati Pillai, Pedro Pablo Garcia Alcazar, Ville Romanov

Thank you MLab!
Context: Selection of projects from last year. All of those would never happened if I haven’t come to study at Media Lab.
Description: Would show some projects what I have been doing last year. Fazer Visitor Centre, Astana EXPO-2017, 000 XANAX etc.
Web link:
Persons Involved in the Project: Taavi Varm

Interactive Drawing Table
Context: Output from the Bodily Interaction and Generative Media Coding courses
Description: We’re developing an interactive table which allows someone to make a collage or draw with the texture of any objects around them on a large physical surface in front of them. Hear a little bit about our process and how the project is developing now.
Web link:
Persons Involved in the Project: Liam Turner, Maya Pillai

Context: This project was done as part of the course – prototyping service design.
Description: Paras is an online application that helps you make informed decisions during your local/national elections. Browse through candidates, compare their views and histories and vote responsibly.
Persons Involved in the Project: Maya Pillai, Gurden Batra, Hazal Alkan, Retnodewiningrum Hadiningdiah



Context: Game for the Junction hackathon
Description: A arcade-y game about resurrection. Made in a 40-hour game jam.
Persons Involved in the Project: Athina Giokarini, Joakim Isaksson, Marie Kumpulainen, Lassi Vapaakallio

Context: Sacrosance (working title) is a Virtual Reality game for the HTC Vive wherein the player assumes the role of an archaeologist seeking an ancient sacred relic from a lost civilization.
Description: An archaeology professor, obsessed with an ancient sacred relic, is on a quest inside a labyrinth to find it, bring it back, and prove his critics wrong. The journey is full of broken expectations, uncanny adventures, and nerve wracking surprises.
Web link:
Persons Involved in the Project: Elias Jääskinen and Gautam Vishwanath

Ainlydr trailer
Context: 3D Animation course
Description: Ainlydr trailer is a short animation that explores a world and a character who might have more stories to tell in the future.
Persons Involved in the Project: Laura Laakso, Denis Zlobin

3D animation projects reel
Context: Showcasing the results of 3D animation course.
Description: Showcasing the results of 3D animation course.
Persons Involved in the Project: 3D animation course participants

Wavy Man
Context: Game from Global Game Jam 2017 with the theme “Waves”.
Description: 48-hour game from Global Game Jam. Zap your waves through an euphoric experience! Join Wavy Man as he adventures through a challenge that continues to intensify until the end.
Web link:
Persons Involved in the Project: Silva Kuusniemi, Laura Laakso, Ondrej Martinek, Lassi Vapaakallio, Denis Zlobin

Forging of the Sampo
Context: A small game for a 3-day workshop organized during the “Game of History”-course.
Description: A collaboration between Humanities students and Media Lab students. Working from poems of The Kalevala, we created a (confusing) puzzle game about forging of the Sampo.
Persons Involved in the Project: Vivi Brantberg, Melike Ceylan, Aleksanteri Gustafsson, Mikael Immonen, Annukka Saaristo, Lassi Vapaakallio

Hi, or not
Context: A game jam game made during the Global Game Jam 2017, was awarded the Social Edugame Award in Finnish Game Jam Awards.
Further info:
Description: An award winning social game that lets you practice every day human interactions in a safe environment.
Persons Involved in the Project: Joakim Isaksson, Henri Niva, Xiaoxiao Ma, Athina Giokarini, Marie Kumpulainen, Harri Dammert, Mikko Kolehmainen

Context: Spring game project game.
Description: A mobile puzzle game about symmetry and mirrored movement.
Web link:
Persons Involved in the Project: Joakim Isaksson, Athina Giokarini, Idamaija Pitkonen Piguet, Essi Jukkala, Mikko Kolehmainen, Fei Wang

Tapiz Sagrado
Context: MA thesis project test
Persons Involved in the Project: Jenna Ervasti

The Story of Space. Shadow Play. An Interactive Experience.
Context: Production Clinic -course 2016-17. Ongoing project for India, The Story of Space Festival. Ready 10/2017.
Description: We try to investigate two big questions: 1 the aspect of equality, in a sense that ‘we all cast a shadow’ and 2 the philosophical question by Plato: are we all just shadows of something real, something ideal, something bigger? Keywords: avatars, Kinect, 3D-modelling, project mapping. Project ‘Shadow Play’ has proceeded to the phase where we are testing the actual technology and configurations in the use of aesthetics. We have been developing the idea of creating ‘artificial shadows’ of the participants using Kinect and projecting the 3D-model to the floor. For the creation of playfulness, we have tried different approaches such as making shadows take unexpected shapes of non-human creatures and to have two ‘shadows’ of the co-present participants interact but we have had to forget many of these approaches since we have figured out that the projection area is rather small. We are now developing the idea of simply having the participant’s digitally produced figures (captured with Kinect) being projected to some dozen of simple metal bowls (gathered from Goa during the residence) filled with water. We have had fascinating results in placing these bowls on the ground in the center of installation place and beaming the figures to the bowls using projection mapping. When the participant enters the space, she creates little vibrations to the surface of the water, which creates some interesting effects when projected light of the figure reflects from the water to the ceiling. When the surface of the bowl gets steady, the water bowls then reflect some dozen of digitally produced figures to the ceiling and to the walls – these multiple avatars following every move of the participant. So at the moment we are going towards rather delicate piece that combines digitally produced ”avatar” to analogous light installation.
Persons Involved in the Project: Laura Böök, Bryant Hoban, Parvati Pillai, Mercedes Said, Eero Tiainen, Gautam Vishwanath and Pipsa Asiala
People Presenting: Bryant Hoban. During the Demo Day the project related sounds can be heard outside our building, from the red wooden module house, at the backyard of Miestentie 3.

The Interactive Diorama
Context: The project consists of a virtual reality simulation composed with elements from Rembrandt’s artwork “The Anatomy Lesson by Dr. Nicolaes Tulp”. The work aims to bring together the tradition of spectacle as has been present in the History of Science through the development and use of Anatomic Theaters and the tradition of the Narrative Painting. The intent of this project is to investigate and develop a new research method that brings together design and visual art and new media. The project conducts basic research to develop a two-stage collaborative auto-ethnography method in which personal histories in the form of “reconstructions of life” created by researchers working in a trans-disciplinary context and from an artifact-oriented perspective are used as point of origin to launch a process of inquiry. The method includes a process whereby subsequent interviews by a second researcher are used to gather additional information and further refine initial narratives created by the informant author. One of the intents is use the data collected in the creation of visualizations, including personal information representation graphics that enable storytelling performances.
Description: There will be a general introduction about the project describing what it is about. Afterwards a short demo video (around 2 mins) showing the working process and multiple user tests with the working product.
Persons Involved in the Project: Lily Diaz, Markku Reunanen, Hung-Han Chen, Chen Ling, Can Uzer

Thanks to the crew:
Pipsa Asiala, producer
Ilpo Kari
Pekka Salonen
Janne Ojala
Eelis Laiti
Saara Mäntylä
Anna Arsniva