SysRep’s 3D model in the The Pious and the Pagans

Pyhät ja Pakanat – ihmisyyden kuvia.
The Pious and The Pagans – Portrayals of Humanity.

28th April 2017 (until December)

Kansallismuseo – Hämeen linna
Kustaa III:n katu 6, Hämeenlinna

About the work:

The installation is a digital re-imagining of a medieval diorama, using three ancient statues whose original stories are unknown. The statues are remnant fragments of larger ecclesiastical dioramas that were once seen widely across Finland, of which the story of St George & The Dragon was commonly depicted.

The artists have recreated their historical aesthetic and digitally recomposed the 3D scene as it may have appeared originally. The piece provides four viewpoints around 3D printed copies of the original fragments, to show the stages of reconstruction needed to make the sculptures like new. The installation thus seeks to illuminate the stories of these remarkable sculptures, using new technologies, historical research, and some artistic interpretation.


Mercedes Said, Design
Topias Airas, 3D Modelling (Metropolia)
Janne Ojala, Engineering  

Professor Lily Diaz, Project Supervisor

Acknowledgements: Kai Lappalainen (MediaLab), Solomon Embafrash (Aalto Fablab), Topi Falkenberg, Jari Simanainen and Pauli Åberg (Rakkenuspaja Aalto), and James Geraets (University of Helsinki) for their support.