Media Lab xmas Demo Day 20.12.2012

Media Lab xmas Demo Day 20.12.2012 Programme 13.00 Welcome Philip Dean, Head of Department ON STAGE 13.05 About our MA degree programmes Degree Programme Leaders Rasmus Vuori, Antti ikonen, Miikka Junnila 13.15 Kinected Stories – an interactive kids story of Little Red Riding Hood CONTEXT: An interactive story played with Kinect and computer and a book that binds the whole package together. DESCRIPTION: Kinected Stories is an interactive kids fairy tale played with Kinect. You will help Little Red Riding Hood to get pass some obstacles in the story. PROJECT GROUP: Mari Huhtanen, Tommi Koskinen PRESENTING TODAY: Mari Huhtanen MORE INFO: 13.18 SOPI Research Group activities and PESI project CONTEXT: SOPI (Sound and Physical Interaction) research group project DESCRIPTION: PESI (The Notion of Participative and Enacting Sonic Interaction) aims to extend the engagement of performers in collective music practices using embodied approaches in physical and social interaction. In its design, the mobile phone functions as a tangible and expressive musical instrument, together with an extended system. Supported by Academy of Finland (pr. 137646). PROJECT GROUP: Koray Tahiroglu, Miguel Espada, Nuno Correia PRESENTING TODAY: Same as above MORE INFO: 13.22 Mixed Reality Games CONTEXT: Project by espadaysantacruz studio, in collaboration with SOPI (Sound and Physical Interaction) research group DESCRIPTION: Commonly projection mapping is based on pre-rendered images integrated with real architecture. With this installation, we want to take it a step further by using 3D real-time interaction. The installation is based on the integration of the physical space with the virtual one. A classical game is deployed in a physical environment. The virtual elements of the game interact with the real space creating a exceptional illusion. PROJECT GROUP: Miguel Espada Tommi Mustaniemi PRESENTING TODAY: Miguel Espada MORE INFO: 13.26 SOPI Research group NIS project: MARSU and AHNE CONTEXT: SOPI (Sound and Physical Interaction) research group project. DESCRIPTION: The SOPI NIS project has been working on two prototypes this year: Continuing on AHNE and starting a new bendable interface prototype MARSU. Stage presentation will be about both projects, while the floorspot is for MARSU only. PROJECT GROUP: Koray Tahiroglu, Valtteri Wikström, Simon Overstall PRESENTING TODAY: Valtteri, Koray MORE INFO: 13.31 Light is History CONTEXT: A collaboration between Media Lab & Department of Design. Supported by Aalto Media Factory, & as part of Talking Trash(Lab) Lecture/workshop series organized by Pixelache / Pixelversity at the Aalto Media Factory. DESCRIPTION: Light is History is a community based energy art space, a therapy light installation and an outdoor participatory museum. It is also an initiative to engage citizens with issues of community well being and energy consumption in daily living through art and research. Sixteen participating families from in and around Kallio publish their daily energy use (from Helsingin energia’s Sävel Plus) onto our web portal for a one week period. The difference in their daily energy use is used to determine the brightness of the individual therapy lamps and conveyed via an Arduino chip embedded in the installation. The lamps (10,000 lux each) are aimed to function as bright therapy lights for the well being of the people that pass by in this public place. The lamps have been made from recycled old electricity meters recovered from the electrical metering company Mitox Oy. The local residents/participants have also provided us with images of their own electrical artifacts from their daily lives and this is displayed on the installation. A shared and collaborative context has thus been created in Hakaniementori, as an outdoor museum that gives us a glimpse of our contemporary life with electricity resulting in an energy art space that is open and powered by the people. PROJECT GROUP: The project is a collaboration between Samir Bhowmik (MediaLab) & Karthikeya Acharya (Department of Design). PRESENTING TODAY: Samir Bhowmik MORE INFO: email: website: 13.34 Energy Harvesting xmas Card DESCRIPTION: This is a little project especially for Christmas time. It’s a post card you can build it by yourself and use your NFC enabled phone to play with it. You can also give as a Chrismas card. This is a little teaser project for Desining Interactions with Electronics course happening in January 2013. PROJECT GROUP: Michihito Mizutani PRESENTING TODAY: Michihito Mizutani MORE INFO: *** BREAK, REFRESHMENTS *** 14.00 T/Act CONTEXT: Independent Doctoral Research DESCRIPTION: A participatory design process with two individuals who have severe physical disabilities. The process encourages and enables creative expression by the participants beyond their everyday norms. They are able to control media such as audio and video through custom made bespoke interfaces which they help to design and develop. The research raises the following questions: Can a disruption of institutionalised conditioning according to class, education, gender and physical abilities be orchestrated by careful design and presentation of interactive artworks? Can the new media artwork become a culturally significant tool for social empowerment leading to long lasting changes for the individuals involved? PROJECT GROUP: Susanna Tuomminen, Santeri Aaltonen, Andy Best-Dunkley PRESENTING TODAY: Andy Best-Dunkley MORE INFO: 14.06 About Media Lab Research Activities Lily Diaz, Head of Dept. of Media research 14.09 idPromo – Identification of Design Products Goes Mobile CONTEXT: Collaboration with Media Design Research seminar. Learning and preparation for future applications. DESCRIPTION: We will tell briefly about computer vision methods for object recognition and especially about Color SIFT (Scale-invariant feature transform) . A set of example images and a demonstration of mobile application will be provided. PROJECT GROUP: Lily Diaz, Jyrki Messo PRESENTING TODAY: Jyrki Messo MORE INFO: , 040 548 1215 14.13 LeGroup design work: Coming soon, coming very soon, done. CONTEXT: Current and upcoming LeGroup projects DESCRIPTION: We are presenting upcoming design work and tools we created during the 2012 winter semester. The works are: Layers scenarios – Staged ideas of future learning in the workplace Square1 – Designated computer devices for collaborative learning in school Teacher toolkit – A guide for teachers to design learning activities TeamUp – A digital reflection tool for forming teams based on interests and for recording teamwork progress ReFlex – A digital reflection tool for recording personal school learning PROJECT GROUP: Teemu Leinonen, Tarmo Toikkanen, Jukka Purma, Anna Keune, Eva Durall, Ngua Kiarii, Antti Sandberg PRESENTING TODAY: Eva Durall, Ngua Kiarii MORE INFO: LeGroup: iTEC: Lead: Layers: 14.16 CoMeUp: Collaborative Media content creation for Urban Planning CONTEXT: Arki research group / Aalto Media Factory DESCRIPTION: We are presenting the work achieved so far in the CoMeUp project, which focuses on a “citizen science” approach to urban planning. Through a series of mobile apps and online prototypes, as well as real time tests with urban communities (e.g. Cleaning Day), we investigate the potentials for collaborative digital media production for urban planning. PROJECT GROUP: Joanna Saad-Sulonen, Aapo Rista PRESENTING TODAY: Joanna Saad-Sulonen, Aapo Rista MORE INFO:, 14.20 Hello Homo! CONTEXT: Crucible Studio – Storytelling in New Media research group / City Noises, EU Culture DESCRIPTION: Within the interactive video installation, three characters present online comments on homosexuality as tragicomic everyday beliefs and offer you a personal encounter with prejudice. The artistic research production investigates how to represent and narrate online content in public space in order to reveal prejudice underneath the mainstream of legal and socio-cultural acceptance of minorities. The research questions include the audiovisual dramatisation and production of the content, user presence sensitive interactive and generative media narrative, and public place installation design in various contexts. PROJECT GROUP: Jaakko Pesonen, Mika ‘Lumi’ Tuomola, Rasmus Vuori, Andy Best, Samu Kuukka, Mari Tuisku, Sara Paavolainen, Vera Kiiskinen & Laura Birn PRESENTING TODAY: Jaakko Pesonen / Mika ‘Lumi’ Tuomola & Rasmus Vuori MORE INFO:, 14.24 Kataja: Visualizing Biolinguistics CONTEXT: Doctoral work DESCRIPTION: This is a short update of my project to create a great visualization environment for studying syntaxes of human languages. The environment allows composing syntactic structures and experimenting with different feature arrangements or different syntactic rules and providing publication quality outputs as PDF or as 3d Blender files. PROJECT GROUP: Jukka Purma, Pauli Brattico PRESENTING TODAY: Jukka Purma MORE INFO: *** BREAK, REFRESHMENTS *** 15.00 Media Factory Tokyo Kari-Hans Kommonen 15.05 CityFlow CONTEXT: Production Clinic & Physical Interaction Design DESCRIPTION: The face of every modern city is strongly influenced by its transportation infrastructure. Especially the focus on private transport or public transport has a big affect on the city skyline. The interactive installation CityFlow gives the chance to explore the consequences of this decision. PROJECT GROUP: Fabian Häusler, Pipsa Asiala PRESENTING TODAY: Fabian Häusler MORE INFO:, 15.08 Vase – The Game CONTEXT: Game Project DESCRIPTION: Short presentation about a game made in Game Project -course. PROJECT GROUP: Jukka Huiskonen, Henrik Hackenberg, Sebastian Eriksson PRESENTING TODAY: Jukka Huiskonen MORE INFO:, 050 357 3854 15.12 Multitouch Interaction course – Projects CONTEXT: Student projects from the Multitouch Interaction course DESCRIPTION: We will present projects from the Multitouch Interaction course. Projects were developed mainly for the Apple iOS platform and will be showcased using iDevices in a floor spot. Projects range from music apps to utilities and games, and much more. Projects from Barbara Rebolledo, Dan Qin, Fabian Häusler, Henrik Hackenberg, Laura Uusitalo, Leyla Nasibova, Noora Vauras, Pedro Aires Marques, Rajeev Siewnath, Sasha Kazantsev, Servet Ulas, Suse Miessner and Soonjai Hong will be demonstrated. PROJECT GROUP: Barbara Rebolledo, Dan Qin, Fabian Häusler, Henrik Hackenberg, Laura Uusitalo, Leyla Nasibova, Noora Vauras, Pedro Aires Marques, Rajeev Siewnath, Sasha Kazantsev, Servet Ulas, Suse Miessner, Soonjai Hong and Nuno Correia. PRESENTING TODAY: Nuno Correia MORE INFO: 15.16 Designing Musical Instruments for People with Disabilities – A course in Tangible & Auditory Interaction CONTEXT: MA course in Tangible and Auditory Interaction (TAI) DESCRIPTION: In collaboration with the Special Music Centre Resonaari, students of the 2012 TAI course designed musical instruments for people with disabilities. In this presentation, they will give a quick overview about the coursework and its outcome. Associated with this, there are hands-on demos where you can experience the instruments in action. PROJECT GROUP: Till Bovermann, Sébastien Piquemal, Matti Niinimäki, Thomas Svedstrøm, Mikko Hynninen, Johanna Storm PRESENTING TODAY: Till Bovermann, Sébastien Piquemal, Matti Niinimäki, Thomas Svedstrøm, Mikko Hynninen, Johanna Storm MORE INFO: 15.20 Cardboard Hospital CONTEXT: Prototyping a more human hospital environment. DESCRIPTION: I’ll show how we used human-sized props to create an inspiring prototyping environment where patients, hospital staff, architects and designers could work together for a more experiential hospital. I worked together with a set designer and got inspired by the movie Dogville. Come see how that was reflected in the workshop. PROJECT GROUP: Juha Kronqvist, Lead Designer Heini Erving, Set Designer Teemu Leinonen, Project Supervision PRESENTING TODAY: Juha Kronqvist MORE INFO: 15.27 Once upon a Time in the East CONTEXT: Just some free experimentation DESCRIPTION: “Once upon a Time in the East” is a non-interactive realtime demo which was originally developed for the Korean GP2X handheld console. The audiovisual style is a humorous mixture of Western movies and Soviet imagery, thus the name. Right from the beginning the purpose was to enable as high as possible portability across different platforms, which is something uncommon in the case of such demos. So far there are versions for the GP2X, Mac OS X, Linux, Sega Dreamcast and Windows plus a few more. In addition, the project was a learning experience in distributed development using three operating systems and networked version control software. PROJECT GROUP: Markku Reunanen, Yrjö Fager, Manu Pärssinen and Jarkko Rotstén PRESENTING TODAY: Markku Reunanen MORE INFO:, ON DEMO FLOOR Kameleontti CONTEXT: Digital Fabrication Studio DESCRIPTION: A mood light that imitates the color of the surface it’s placed on. The lamp was created during the Digital Fabrication Studio course at Aalto FabLab. PROJECT GROUP: Matti Niinimäki PRESENTING TODAY: Matti Niinimäki MORE INFO: DoReMiDi CONTEXT: Tangible Auditory Interfaces DESCRIPTION: DoReMiDi is a a learning instrument developed for Resonaari, a music school for people with disabilities and special needs. It is a simplified keyboard that could be used as an introductory instrument for understanding music or as a tool for music therapy. It features large color-coded pads that require only a light touch in order to trigger each note. The shapes and colors of the pads are based on the Figure Notes notation system that is being used and developed in Resonaari. It can be used as a stand-alone keyboard or as a MIDI controller with other devices and software. PROJECT GROUP: Matti Niinimäki PRESENTING TODAY: Matti Niinimäki MORE INFO: Project Proposal – The Alternative View Booth CONTEXT: Seattle Project, Production Clinic DESCRIPTION: By placing these booths around Helsinki and Seattle, an alternative view of the city is shown. These two cities are quite similar, but Seattle chose to plan the city more for the cars. Helsinki had the same option, but chose differently. The viewer going inside the booth will experience a different city. Booths in Helsinki have motorway elements added to the view, booths in Seattle are missing them. The soundscapes inside the booths are supporting the view. PROJECT GROUP: Noora Vauras, Markus Lepistö, Ville Wallenius PRESENTING TODAY: Noora Vauras MORE INFO: Noora Vauras, (TBA) CONTEXT: Production Clinic | Helsinki – Seattle project DESCRIPTION: The project aims to create a city square/street that borrows its architectural language from Helsinki and Seattle. A project location will be identified in both the cities, by analysing the social infrastructure of the areas, the two locations will be overlapped to create a new space altogether that houses both the citizens of Helsinki and that of Seattle. The location will then be divided amongst the artists/creative’s from both the city to be paired with another artist of the other city. The works will be made in dialogue with the paired artist. This new space will highlight issues arising from landscape, architecture, language, climate and cultural structures and the project as a whole will mimic community living globally and across the continents. Artists works would be categorized on the bases of medium and topic, each category will have colour code on isometric map. For the installation, I will use RFID chips beneath the printed isometric map on predefined locations. Viewers supposed to use tactile interface to explore the predefined spots on the map. Output would be display on screen/projector. And for the web version, user simply need to use mouse to navigate. PROJECT GROUP: Muhammad Adnan MORE INFO: 0465248759 TOTAL CELEBRATION – POST APOCALYPTIC INDEPENDENCE DAY IN PASILA CONTEXT: Celebration of independence day with a game experience. DESCRIPTION: Video game about post apocalyptic independence day in Pasila. Graphics, sound, programming and game design by Heikki Sillanpää. Screen writing by Jussi Pullinen. PROJECT GROUP: Heikki Sillanpää, Jussi Pullinen PRESENTING TODAY: Jussi Pullinen MORE INFO: 
 “Game Project Game Demo” DESCRIPTION: 
Control differents robots on your mission. PROJECT GROUP:
 Markus Lepistö, Esa Tanskanen, Noora Vauras PRESENTING TODAY:
 Markus Lepistö, Esa Tanskanen, Noora Vauras MORE INFO:
 Esa Tanskanen,, 0405566784 XMAS STORIES CONTEXT: Learning and experimenting Unity3D game development software. DESCRIPTION: A series of xmas theme minigames linked together storywise. PROJECT GROUP: Toni Enström, Jussi Pullinen, Heikki Sillanpää PRESENTING TODAY: Toni Enström, Jussi Pullinen MORE INFO:, RUMPUM CONTEXT: Accessible musical instruments; Physical computing; Tangible Auditory Interfaces DESCRIPTION: RUMPUM is a drum is a drum sequencer/machine designed for Special Music Schol Resonaari during the course “Tangible Auditory Interfaces”. RUMPUM is intended to be a drum sequencer that is accessible for any user with or without disabilities. RUMPUM consists of two main elements: a piece of wood with holes and marbles. The player places marbles into the holes. The quantity of marbles in a hole determines the drum sample. PROJECT GROUP: Mikko Hynninen, Johanna Storm, Thomas Svedström PRESENTING TODAY: Mikko Hynninen, Johanna Storm, Thomas Svedström MORE INFO:,, (Just One) Standard Weekend – point&click adventure game CONTEXT: Game Project demo DESCRIPTION: The digital prototype of the first level of the game PROJECT GROUP: Jonna Rantanen, Servet Ulas, Minna Turunen PRESENTING TODAY: Jonna Rantanen, Servet Ulas, Minna Turunen MORE INFO: Jonna Rantanen, Camera Frame CONTEXT: Digital fabrication studio course project. DESCRIPTION: The camera frame is a large viewfinder for taking pictures and a sort of teleport machine. PROJECT GROUP: Valtteri Wikström PRESENTING TODAY: Valtteri MORE INFO: Witchcrafter and the V Performer CONTEXT: These are two projects that I’ve done in the Physical Interaction Design course by Matti Niinimaki and Multitouch Interaction course by Nuno Correia. DESCRIPTION: Witchcrafter is a 3D user interface controller that was intended to look like a broomstick, but would be used in many more possible contexts. It is a stick with sensors: two accelerometers and a gyroscope. Sensors are connected to an Arduino board that transmits sensor measurements wirelessly to a computer via XBee radio link as JSON formatted values. V Performer is generative live visuals solution for iOS and Mac. The solution consists of two applications (for iOS and Mac OS) that have the same drawing algorithm. With the iOS controller application you can control the host application on a Mac via wireless network by using the OSC message format. There will be one one central visual Mac OS application that will be connected to a projector (hopefully). This application will receive input from the Witchcrafter device and the V Performer iOs application. People will be able to try out both devices / applications. PROJECT GROUP: Krisjanis Rijnieks PRESENTING TODAY: Krisjanis Rijnieks MORE INFO: email: www: CONTEXT: Some free experimentation around generative music and SoundCloud. PROJECT GROUP: Sébastien Piquemal MORE INFO: My mail : Website of the project : 17.00 DEMO FLOOR CLOSES – – – – – – – Thanks to the crew Nelly Sääksjärvi (producer) Ilpo Kari Pekka Salonen Janne Lehtimäki Valle Hämäläinen Anna Arsniva More info: Have A PEACEFUL CHRISTMAS! Aalto xmas card awaits you here