Media Lab Demo Day 23.5.2012 – programme here

Media Lab Demo Day 23.5.2013, 13-17 Media Factory Hämeentie 135 A Helsinki PROGRAMME .pdf 13.00 Demo Space opens; Philip Dean – welcome ON STAGE 13.10 Citysets Paris -Parallel Spaces CONTEXT Crucible Studio, City Sets DESCRIPTION A short Presentation about The City Sets Paris exhibition (from 31 May to 31 August 2012) and Citysets workshop 2012. The City Sets exhibition “Parallel Spaces” showcases the photographic production of two collaborative workshops between the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Finland) and École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (France). PROJECT GROUP Gregory Gilles, Mari Huhtanen, Louise Lazzari, Camille Pichon, Cyril Quene, Melissa Raffin, Johanna Rotko, Cedric Tomissi, Heidi Uppa, Mathilde Vello PRESENTING TODAY Mari Huhtanen, Johanna Rotko MORE INFO 13.14 Reflection Tools for Learning CONTEXT LeGroup project DESCRIPTION A short demo of one reflection tool for learning, TeamUp, and a video explaining two more, Reflex and Ambire are given on stage. We will also present the tools in form of a poster on the floor. PROJECT GROUP Teemu Leinonen, Tarmo Toikkanen, Jukka Purma, Anna Keune PRESENTING TODAY Jukka Purma, Anna Keune MORE INFO As part of the Innovative Technologies for an Engaging Classroom (iTEC) project we designed three media tools for reflection in learning: TeamUp for team reflection, ReFlex for individual reflection and Ambire for classroom reflection. At the Spring 2012 Demo Day we will demo TeamUp and present a video of ReFlex and Ambire on stage. On the floor, a poster will provide further information on the tools. Contact: anna.keune(a)aalto(d)fi TeamUp: iTEC project blog: LeGroup: 13.18 Augmenting collective action: Cleaning day / Siivouspäivä CONTEXT A grassroot event initiated by Helsinki citizens (some of whom are related to media lab) DESCRIPTION Cleaning Day is a festival for lovers of recycling, upcycling and reusing. For a day anyone can sell, swap or donate their furniture, clothes, gadgets and more, right on the street, and shop new ones from their neighbors. Hold for the first time on may 12th, the cleaning day offered ample opportunities to clean people’s homes and attics from unused stuff. During our preentation we want to share some of the tools involved in the organizing and plannign of the day and invit others to join the movement.!/siivouspaiva PROJECT GROUP Siivouspäivä working group and hundreds of citizens around Finland PRESENTING TODAY Jonathan Cremieux (Helsinki Media Locomotive) and Andrea Botero (Media Lab) MORE INFO 13.21 Layers of Memory. The Generative Design Process and Design Strategy. CONTEXT This is my thesis. DESCRIPTION Annikki, 88, has lived 70 years in the same farm and her dearest memories are connected to this very place. The generative installation “Layers of Memory” presents Annikki’s memories as a dynamic “mindscape”, where documentary and fictive elements mix. The artwork consists of a media library and a computer program. The media library includes photographs of the places around Annikki’s home, videos of the main character, short clips of interviews and fragments of sound and music. The program arranges, layers and chooses the elements according to a set of rules, so that billions of variations can be produced out of a single memory. The result is always suprising yet recognizable. PROJECT GROUP Ilkka Olander, Jari Suominen, Jaana Björklund PRESENTING TODAY Ilkka Olander MORE INFO 13.24 From Painting to Music CONTEXT Doctoral Student Thesis Research DESCRIPTION Introduction to DA thesis research thesis titled: From painting to Sound. This research explores the issues in using painting as an interaction method with Music. Background, area and aims of the thesis will be briefly presented. PROJECT GROUP Callum Goddard PRESENTING TODAY Callum Goddard MORE INFO email: Website: 13.28 Art and Technology minor study program CONTEXT A new minor study module at Aalto University focusing on interactive media art DESCRIPTION Aalto University introduces Art and Technology, a MA level multi-disciplinary study module that starts in academic year 2012-13. The focus is on media art and electronic art which are brought up for the first time as an independent topic area . We look for masters level students from a variety of backgrounds (application deadline 31st May). PROJECT GROUP Vesa Kantola, Andy Best, Barbara Sonvilla, Matti Niinimäki, Markku Nousiainen PRESENTING TODAY Markku Nousiainen MORE INFO markku.nousiainen (at) 13.32 Vellum DESCRIPTION The sound installation Vellum explores the sonic characteristics of the raw material vellum by means of artistic and scientific approaches. Vellum applies the fundamental principle of audio feedback to maintain a dynamic process in which the material articulates itself. The installation is build of several probes, ceiling mounted vellum loops, with contact microphones attached and closely positioned loudspeakers. The units share their formal structure but integrate different vellum probes and geometries. Each probe serves as an acoustic coupler between microphone and loudspeaker supporting the possibility for feedback. Intense spatial soundscapes consisting of a multitude of different feedbacks come into existence, break up, and fade away or abruptly change character. As the material is revealing its complex sonic vocabulary, Vellum becomes an open ended poetic process. Due to its nature in feedback, the piece is highly sensible to the environment in which it is presented, and immediately reacts to the visitors movements. The installation can be set up with either 3 or 5 units, depending on available resources. For more information, photos and a video, please visit The installation will be set up in the main lobby of ARTS. PROJECT GROUP Till Bovermann, Erich Berger PRESENTING TODAY Till Bovermann, Erich Berger MORE INFO *BREAK, REFRESHMENTS* 14.00 MoAIxD – A project course on strategic interaction design CONTEXT Course: “Designing Interactions for MoA 2012” (MoAIxD) DESCRIPTION How to design creative digital interactions with a measurable impact? We set out to create smart and innovative tools – simple, yet effective concepts – to enhance the experience and visibility of Aalto’s year show MoA 2012. This hands-on course started from a design brief with strategic goals set by Aalto and led through a concept and prototyping phase to two impressive group projects for prime time in May 2012. Together, we experienced the challenges of working in a real-world project with plenty of stakeholders, complementing design skills with strategic thinking and learning how to compromise between the client’s goals, the designers’ vision and a big-scale project’s realities. PROJECT GROUP 8 Media Lab students The MoA team Plenty of helpers in the two student projects Sebastian Greger PRESENTING TODAY Sebastian Greger MORE INFO 14.04 Sometek – Personal learning environments (PLEs) with social media & mobile. CONTEXT 21st century learning. Sometek is my business. DESCRIPTION Personal learning environments (PLEs) are the new paradigm in learning. PLEs are built by learners themselves using free social media tools (blogs, wikis, social bookmarking etc.) and they are based on their personal interests. Mobile devices such as iPads are perfect interfaces for PLEs because they can be easily adapted to the “flow of learning”. The key benefits of a PLE: – supports open & informal learning and lifetime long learning. – PLE gives ownership and control to the learner and thus increases self-motivation. “Learning for myself, not for an institution” – PLE can help organizing information better and finding it with minimum effort -> “augmented memory”. – Learners can network, collaborate and share through their PLEs resulting more creative outcomes. PROJECT GROUP Ilkka Olander PRESENTING TODAY Ilkka Olander MORE INFO 14.08 Media Biz Lab projects DESCRIPTION Short description of MBL + short description of 3 projects developed during the program + video of one project. Video: PROJECT GROUP Lauri Hassi 040 8279263 14.14 Hackable Clock: Designing Hackable Web Apps with Meemoo CONTEXT A potential part of Mozilla’s Summer Code Party for getting kids coding. DESCRIPTION Hack the elements of a clock and change how it works. Invent a new method of displaying time! PROJECT GROUP Forrest Oliphant, Mozilla Foundation Webmaker Group PRESENTING TODAY Forrest Oliphant MORE INFO 14.18 Redesign, part 2 CONTEXT -project, part 2 / collaboration with Graphic designers MA – and Media Lab MA -students. DESCRIPTION A short presentation about the -project, part 2 PROJECT GROUP Shakti Dash, Marjatta Itkonen‎, Joanna‎ Saad-Sulonen, Kristjan Laansalu‎, Johanna‎ Rotko, Lauri Hassi, Ranjit‎ Menon, Anssi‎ Kokkonen, Irmeli‎ Iivonen, Inka Kosonen‎, Palash Mukhopadhyay PRESENTING TODAY Shakti Dash, Lauri Hassi, Inka Kosonen, Irmeli‎ Iivonen, Johanna Rotko MORE INFO 14.22 Sonified curtain CONTEXT Project work from Designing Interaction With Electronics course. DESCRIPTION An interactive curtain with the sonification of it’s movements. PROJECT GROUP Emmi Pouta, Kirsi Ihalainen, Aki Päivärinne PRESENTING TODAY Emmi Pouta, Kirsi Ihalainen MORE INFO 14.26 Music is a Safe Kind of High. CONTEXT My sound design and audio work, 2012. DESCRIPTION Examples of my audio works. PROJECT GROUP Just me. PRESENTING TODAY Me. MORE INFO Ville Wallenius, 14.29 Immersive soundscape CONTEXT Tangible Auditory Interfaces & 3d user interface course DESCRIPTION Is an interactive soundscape where users navigate in a room that represents a matrix of sounds. User location in the room modifies sound spatialization according to his position in the room. There is a control table with which it is possible to add or remove layers to the soundscape. The installation is intended to create a relation between the users and their position at one side and the sound layers, their texture and granulation on the other side. The soundscape can additionally be recomposed by repositioning props on the table, changing the level of sound processing. We use recorded sounds from downtown Helsinki such as train arrivals to the railway station, corridors, streets, street musicians, metro stations, stores. To track user position, it is planned to use a kinect sensor to detect specific positions of visitors in the room. Sound modifiers are implemented by a table with Reactivision sensors: The orientation of physical objects determines the sonic quality, e.g. when rotated facing North, the connected sound is most pristine. Displacing the props on the table modifies the sonic texture and granular properties. PROJECT GROUP Juan Duarte Regino Markus Lepistö PRESENTING TODAY Juan Duarte Regino MORE INFO *BREAK, REFRESHMENTS* 15.00 Aidbrella – Connecting projects that do good. CONTEXT “New Media Concepts For Third Sector” course DESCRIPTION Aidbrella is a service that helps development co-operation projects put themselves on a map and connect with others alike. We will tell about the ongoing project to design and develop the service. PROJECT GROUP Juho Santasalo Iris Tomaszewski Ilona Mäkinen Sebastien Piquemal PRESENTING TODAY Juho Santasalo and Iris Tomaszewski MORE INFO 15.06 Wave-o-Matic – The Music Performance Controller CONTEXT “Physical Interaction Design” course DESCRIPTION Wave-o-Matic is a music performance controller designed to give you more expressional freedom when playing electronic music live sets. It allows you to control external synthesizers and music software with simple hand gestures. The unique visual appearance and the light feedback of the device give your performance a visual style that really engages you and your audience. My presentation is a short live demonstration of capabilities of the device PROJECT GROUP Tommi Koskinen PRESENTING TODAY Tommi Koskinen 15.12 Rediscovering Vrouw Maria CONTEXT Systems of Representation research project DESCRIPTION The Vrouw Maria was a 18th century Dutch vessel that sank in Finnish waters on its way to Saint Petersburg bearing a precious cargo destined for the Empress Catherine the Great of Russia. An interactive, real-time, virtual reality simulation of the Vrouw Maria shipwreck has been created as part of the exhibition Spoil of Riches – Stories of the Vrouw Maria and the St. Michel held at the Maritime Museum of Finland located in the grand Maritime Centre Vellamo in Kotka. The exhibition is open from 25 April until 02 December 2012. PROJECT GROUP Lily Díaz, Tommi Horttana, Mikko Hovi, Svetlana Maras, Cvijeta Miljak, Jussi Muttilainen, Alexander Nikulin, Minna Piirainen, Markku Reunanen, Ferhat Sen, Heikki Sillanpää, and the National Board of Antiquities’ team PRESENTING TODAY Lily Díaz, Markku Reunanen, Tommi Horttana, Mikko Hovi, Alexander Nikulin, Heikki Sillanpää MORE INFO 15.15 Peer Production & Public Services CONTEXT Aalto Special Interest Group in Co-creation, co-governance and peer-to-peer production of public services DESCRIPTION We will be launching an electronic publication exploring the role of peer to peer concepts in the design, development and provisioning of services, specially those that relate to public arenas. The booklet contains case studies of explorations been made in Finland, as well as more general analysis and contextualization of the phenomena. The publication is freely available in the website of the SIG ( PROJECT GROUP Andrea Botero, Andrew Paterson, Joanna Saad-Sulonen (Editors) Anssi Kokkonen (Graphics) + SIG members across Aalto and invited authors PRESENTING TODAY Andrea Botero and Joanna Saad-Sulonen MORE INFO 15.19 Particles in the air CONTEXT From WDC Happy End? workshop DESCRIPTION Dust is everywhere but we cannot perceive it easily. Our installation discovers the subtle presence of the dust in a room through a sensor and turns it into a generative musical composition and an animation of dust particles. PROJECT GROUP Juan Duarte Satoko Hinomizu Michaela Čejková Aixia Li PRESENTING TODAY Juan Duarte Satoko Hinomizu Michaela Čejková MORE INFO Satoko Hinomizu 15.22 Internet Meme Meets Retrocomputing CONTEXT Just some free experimentation DESCRIPTION Nyan Cat was one of the best-known Internet memes of 2011. The annoying short video loop of a cat running in space spread like wildfire and spanned countless remixes and remakes. People started porting Nyan Cat to numerous exotic gadgets ranging from calculators to game consoles. This presentation deals with the versions made for three retro computers of the 1980s: Panasonic JR-200, Sinclair QL and Sharp MZ-700. PROJECT GROUP Markku Reunanen, Yrjö Fager PRESENTING TODAY Markku Reunanen MORE INFO 15.26 Visualizing biolinguistics with Kataja — a case study CONTEXT Doctoral studies DESCRIPTION This is a short demonstration of Kataja visualization program on a real linguistic problem, demonstrating my theory for case assignment in finnish language. When non-toddlers learn finnish, the case system is difficult, because nobody knows how it really works — even native speakers have only its results available to them. Finnish has a rich case morphology and some of the cases have long distance interactions and dependancies that are problematic for linguistic theories and models to get right. A tool like Kataja can help testing and creating theories and it can be especially helpful when convincing people to accept a theory. PROJECT GROUP Jukka Purma PRESENTING TODAY Jukka Purma MORE INFO 15.30 “2.99<r<3.99 — Sonification and Visualization of the Logistic Equation” CONTEXT 4for8 Concert, Media Authoring Course, IXI Workshop DESCRIPTION This is a sonification and visualization of the logistic map or logistic equation programmed in SuperCollider and OpenFrameworks. It uses the formula: Xnext = r*Xprior*(1-Xprior) Over the course of the duration "r" increases from ≈ 2.99 to 3.99, exploring the bifurcation patterns and the fractal and chaotic nature of the output. PROJECT GROUP Simon Lysander Overstall PRESENTING TODAY Simon Lysander Overstall MORE INFO 15.34 Grandma's haunted interior decoration CONTEXT Designing interaction with electronics DESCRIPTION Pull the drawer and open the doors of the closet organ and see the tablecloth become alive! The assignment of the course was to create playfulness in everyday objects/surroundings and this is what our group came up with. PROJECT GROUP Marie Olofsen Louise Freitas Tommi Koskinen Paula Lehtonen MORE INFO ON DEMO FLOOR Terrarium – Demo version of 2D action puzzler CONTEXT Thesis work in progress DESCRIPTION This is first public demonstration of my game Terrarium, its traditional 2D platformer with couple of twists. Demo version contains 3 different stages from the final game. PROJECT GROUP Heikki Sillanpää PRESENTING TODAY Heikki Sillanpää MORE INFO 'The war on drainage of mires' CONTEXT Dynamic Visualization Course Project DESCRIPTION Dynamic data visualization on the topic – drainage of mires in Finland based on actual data from the Ministry of Forestry of Finland PROJECT GROUP Marie Olofsen Maria Luisa Bertazzoni Georgia Panagiotidou MORE INFO Marie Olofsen : Maria Luisa Bertazzoni : Georgia Panagiotidou: Thirteen Masters of Arts – the graduate ones for the spring 2012 CONTEXT MA Thesis Works for Spring 2012 (books ie written parts). DESCRIPTION Degrees: MA in New Media and MA in Sound in New Media. The themes related to works: electronic art, web applications, free software, embedded systems, embodied interaction, social interaction, interactive playgrounds, enhanced reality, urban sound scape, sonic experience, sonic arts, documentary film, hip hop culture, immersive interaction, interactive installation, video art, photography, Linux, DIY, open source, MIDI, real-time, html, Javascript, hackable, interactive displays, public space, new media, phenomenology, citizen science, aesthetics, service design, design strategy, agile. PROJECT GROUP The Graduates Samy Kramer, Janne Laiho, Reha Discioglu, Linda Söderholm, Jari Suominen, Forrest Oliphant, Sonja Krogius, Jaana Hyvärinen, Lauri Kainulainen, Ilkka Olander, Ben Dromey, Markus Koljonen and Väinö Toppinen PRESENTING TODAY Pipsa Asiala MORE INFO Mire Visualization Project Prototypes CONTEXT Dynamic Visualization Design 2 DESCRIPTION During the academic year 2011–2012 the students of the Dynamic Visualization Design courses collaborated with the Finnish Forest Ministry. The goal was to create interactive installations that would present information related to mires. PROJECT GROUP Shakti Dash, Antti Hietaniemi, Sarun Pinyarat, Mari Huhtanen, Johanna Rotko, Maria Luisa Bertazzoni, Marie Olofsen, Georgia Panagiotidou, Mikko Tiira, Markku Reunanen, Jeroen Carelse. MORE INFO 3D animation course presentations CONTEXT 3D Animation course with Kai Lappalainen DESCRIPTION A computer showing videos of our course work PROJECT GROUP Markus Lepistö, Nina Martin, Valtteri Wikström PRESENTING TODAY Valtteri, Markus or maybe it can just be there looping after setting up MORE INFO 'PingWall' CONTEXT Virtual Reality Course Project DESCRIPTION A virtual reality game employing stereoscopy, 3d audio and PSMoves. PROJECT GROUP Vilkamo Juha, Symeon Delikaris Manias, Georgia Panagiotidou MORE INFO Greedy Little Pigs – An interactive tale CONTEXT "Interactive Cinema" -course DESCRIPTION "Greedy Little Pigs" is an interactive and contemporary treatment of the classic children's tale "The Three Little Pigs". You play the Wolf who is hired by the greedy little pigs to blow their houses down for insurance money. But be careful; you need to blow at just the right strength to make it look like an accident! PROJECT GROUP Juho Santasalo Jonathan Ben-Ami PRESENTING TODAY Juho Santasalo Jonathan Ben-Ami MORE INFO Needlepoint Robo CONTEXT e-embroidery workshop @ Pixelversity. The work will also be exhibited at Camp Pixelache 2012 on May 12th. DESCRIPTION Needlepoint Robo is my embroidery project for Pixelversity e-embroidery workshop, which was held at Helsinki Cable Factory last March. The workshop was a collaborative open design experiment for combining traditional handcrafts with electronics. PROJECT GROUP Anu Koski PRESENTING TODAY Anu Koski MORE INFO (there is no information about this project at the moment, but will be before demoday – some images from the workshop and the finished project, a learning report and hopefully also a pattern and instructions for the work) ruisBoids DESCRIPTION ruisBoids is the first prototype of an installation, developed as part of the Virtual Reality course at Aalto's Department of Media Technology. The system simulates a group of abstract creatures moving within a virtual space, directed both by the environment and their own positions relative to each other. Each creature is sonified by it's own individual synthesiser, and placed accurately within the virtual acoustic space. Users can interact with the swarm of creatures using wands, guiding their movement on a broad level. The result is something between an instrument and an interactive environment, with both musical and nature-like sounds possible. The project was implemented using Processing, the RUIS environment, and Supercollider. MORE INFO Dept. of Signal Processing and Acoustics | School of Electrical Engineering; Thanks to the crew Jon Fabritius Ilpo Kari Markus Eräpohja Tomas Ruotsalainen Shakti Dash Mari Tammisaari Anna Arsniva Have a very happy summer! Please note also Masters of Aalto 9.5.-3.6.2012 PROGRAMME .pdf