Media Lab Demo Day 15.12.2011

Media Lab Demo Day on 15.12. will be a public event, starting at 13 in Lasipalatsi 2nd floor, Mannerheimintie street 22-24 – in the center of Helsinki. PROGRAMME 15.12.2011 MEDIA LAB IN LASIPALATSI 13.00 Demo Space opens ON DEMO STAGE 13.30 WELCOME Philip Dean 13.35 CityBeat CONTEXT: Ongoing project that has been exhibited several times with the main taking place in Helsinki and Riga over the last few months. DESCRIPTION: The citybeat project is about giving people the means to feel the heart beats of cities. The most recent installation was produced by the Finnish Bioart Society and is part of an overall exhibition by the European Public Art Centre. The installation provides a tactile interface whereby people use their own bodies to feel the pulsing surface. The data that controls the strength and speed of the heart beats comes from live audio analysis in the city centers of Helsinki, Riga, Lisbon and London. PROJECT GROUP: Mina Arko (Graphic Design), Ben Dromey (New Media), Jari Suominen (New Media) PRESENTING TODAY: Ben Dromey, Jari Suominen MORE INFO:, 13.39 Ongoing work in the TAI Studio CONTEXT: Ongoing work in the TAI Studio DESCRIPTION: The TAI Studio of the Media Lab Helsinki provides a framework for scientific and artistic research on tangible and auditory interfaces (TAI) between digital media and the physical realm. Both researchers and students are invited to share their knowledge and competences in order to creatively work on their TAI-related ideas. Today’s presentation covers recent work done in the context of TAI Studio on the fields of: + Upstairs: a framework for shared presence + Vellum / Betablocker: investigations towards the integration of digital and physical raw material + Anemos Sonore: an artistic research project into a hypothetical culture where sounds are primary source for evidence in science and research. PROJECT GROUP: Till Bovermann PRESENTING TODAY: Till Bovermann MORE INFO: 13.43 Hand Gesture Based MIDI Controller CONTEXT: Work made at the Physical Interaction Design course (SOPI). DESCRIPTION: I will perform a live music demonstration of the MIDI Controller project I worked on during the Physical Interaction Design course. The controller functions with 5 ultrasonic sensors that detect the distance of your hand from the sensors. This distance data is transformed to musical information and sent to external hardware via MIDI. PROJECT GROUP: Tommi Koskinen PRESENTING TODAY: Tommi Koskinen MORE INFO: 13.48 Creative Collaboration in Digital Native Communities CONTEXT: An independent research project in New Media Theory DESCRIPTION: How did the Internet transform from a place for exchanging funny cat pictures, to a place for organizing revolutions? Where is the root of this newly discovered potential for self-organization and empowerment in the user and how can we use it ? If you are interested in these questions, we would be happy to give you a short preview of this small project that we have been working on this autumn. PROJECT GROUP: Aleksander Nikulin & Rahul Abhisek PRESENTING TODAY: Aleksander Nikulin MORE INFO: 13.54 Ville Wallenius Sound Design CONTEXT: My sound design and music production work made during the studies in Mlab 2011. DESCRIPTION: 4 sound design & music production examples PROJECT GROUP: Ville Wallenius PRESENTING TODAY: Ville Wallenius MORE INFO:,, 13.57 SOPI Research Projects CONTEXT: The projects done by SOPI Research Group DESCRIPTION: There have been several research projects in the SOPI research group within the scope of Computational Models for Audiovisual Performances, Embodied Approaches to Sonic Interaction, Enactive Interaction, Mobile Music, Multimodal Interfaces, Participatory Music Experience and Physical Interaction. This is an overview presentation of the SOPI research projects that will be demonstrated on the floorspots during the demo day. PROJECT GROUP: Koray Tahiroğlu
 Callum Goddard James Nesfield
 Antti Ikonen
 Chi-Hsia Lai Roberto Pugliese Matti Niinimäki PRESENTING TODAY: Koray Tahiroğlu and Callum Goddard MORE INFO: 14.00 Playful Soul CONTEXT: Bodily Interaction DESCRIPTION: What does a soul look like? How does it move? Can something that has no body be seen nor touched? In this interactive installation you get to see, touch and move your soul around. Everyone of us has an opinion about the soul. It is an essential part of spiritual life and we consider it to be immortal. We believe that it continues living in another place after our body has perished, or that it is reborn into a new body. The soul is something we cannot see or touch, still we believe that everyone of us has one and that it is an important part of our existence. Making invisible visible, making untouchable touchable – that is what “Playful Soul” is about. PROJECT GROUP: Minka Kailu, Oskar Hamrén, Ilari Niitamo PRESENTING TODAY: Minka Kailu MORE INFO: *** BREAK *** REFESHMENTS *** 14.30 Sound Gloves: Wearable Musical Instruments CONTEXT: Media Factory Wearable Electronics Course ( & SOPI Research Project ) DESCRIPTION: Sound Gloves features three pairs of gloves designed to be independent wearable instruments completely free of any outer support. The Castanets Gloves allow the player to play rhythmic patterns with two hands and to change the pitch by rotating the right hand glove. The Touch Sound Gloves allow the player to feel any surfaces with the “piezo nails” embedded in the gloves to make and amplify sounds. The Theremin Gloves allow the player to make sounds in the spirit of Theremin – to change the pitch by controlling either the distance of the two gloves or the distance of a glove and any surface. PROJECT GROUP: Chi-Hsia Lai (SOPI research group, Media Lab), Carmen Brecheis (Department of Textile Art), Minna Holkkola (MUU gallery) PRESENTING TODAY: Chi-Hsia Lai & Minna Holkkola MORE INFO: 14.36 Re-designing! – Part I CONTEXT: Study project for Media Lab + Graphic Design students, in collaboration with the City of Helsinki DESCRIPTION: We will present the results of the first part of the study project, which includes 4 new concepts for the portal: The Block, Thinking Forward,, Citizen’s City PROJECT GROUP: Anssi Kokkonen, Dash Shakti , Inka Kosonen, Irmeli Iivonen, Joanna Saad-Sulonen, Johanna Rotko, Jon Fabritius, Juho Santasalo, Jutta Joutjarvi, Kalle Järvenpää, Kristjan Laansalu, Lauri Hassi, Leila Oravisto, Mari Huhtanen, Marjatta Itkonen, Oskar Hamren, Paul Kahn, Paula Hirvonen, Prashant Coakley, Ranjit Menon, Sasha Kerkos, Vahid Mortezaei PRESENTING TODAY: Joanna Saad-Sulonen, Marjatta Itkonen, and students MORE INFO: 14.40 The gloving sound CONTEXT: Project that i made in Physical interaction design course. DESCRIPTION: Vinyl cartridge is attached to the glove- servo motor turns the vinyl record- visitor/experimentor can create the sound. (It is more about the fragile communication between man and machine than finding a good tune) PROJECT GROUP: Henri Hütt PRESENTING TODAY: Henri Hütt MORE INFO: 14.45 Radiation Station CONTEXT: Some MA thesis practical exploration DESCRIPTION: There will be some form of interface for people to listen to different sonifications of radiation PROJECT GROUP: Ben Dromey PRESENTING TODAY: Ben Dromey MORE INFO: 14.49 SoundZoom (Stereo) CONTEXT: Work made at the Physical Interaction Design course (SOPI). DESCRIPTION: An interactive soundscape installation made during the Physical Interaction Design course. PROJECT GROUP: Kirsi Ihalainen supervising the interaction. PRESENTING TODAY: Kirsi Ihalainen supervising the interaction. MORE INFO: 14.53 ‘Aerobical mechanic & organic orchestra – A physical interaction performance’ CONTEXT: “Physical interaction workshop” DESCRIPTION: Interactive electronic orchestra, performed with instrument that input data from body, to amplify sonar expression. PROJECT GROUP: Juan Duarte Valtteri Wikström PRESENTING TODAY: Juan Duarte Valtteri Wikström MORE INFO: ON DEMO FLOOR Wearable Electronics course demos CONTEXT: Wearable Electronics course DESCRIPTION: Electronics and sensors allow artists to create interactive smart garments that sense and communicate with the environment and the user and may react to them. The Wearable Electronics course which focused on this theme was organised in autumn 2011 in collaboration between Aalto University School of Art and Design, Aalto Media Factory, and Muu Artists’ Association. The participants who came from a variety of backgrounds such as new media, costume design, textile design, fine art and performing arts worked in teams to implement their visions of wearable technology. The demo event of the course took place in MUU Gallery on 5th December, 2011. PROJECT GROUP: Teachers: Tomi Dufva and Jukka Hautamäki Visiting teachers: Meg Grant, Marja Uusitalo, Raija Jokinen, Johanna Ilmarinen, Ali Neissi Shooshtari, Markku Nousiainen Producer: Markku Nousiainen PRESENTING TODAY: Markku Nousiainen MORE INFO: Finnish Pavilion at the 1900 World Fair in Paris CONTEXT: The project is part of the work done by Systems of Representation. Students working with 3D graphics, as well as digital design collaborate with us in the endeavor. DESCRIPTION: The Finnish pavilion at the Paris 1900 World Fair was an important national milestone, bringing together the contemporary top architects, artists and designers in an effort to portray Finland as a modern and distinctive nation to an international audience. This project, led by the Systems of Representation research group, is creating an interactive virtual reality installation of the Pavilion. The reconstruction is a three-dimensional, digital installation presented in virtual reality environment. Wearing circular polarization glasses and using a mouse the visitor is able to access a space created using stereoscopic display. The virtual model of the pavilion can be examined both inside and outside. Spatial sounds are used to make the experience feel real, as if one would be moving inside a historical building. PROJECT GROUP: Jukka Alander — software design, 3D modeling Lauri Arvilommi — 3D modeling Lily Díaz — project director, website Derek Fewster — historical research Tommi Horttana — software design Mikko Hovi — 3D modeling Mari Korsumäki– additional 3D modeling Matti Luhtala — sound design Tapio Matilainen — 3D modeling Leyla Nasibova — 3D modeling Ilkka Olander — sound design Agnieszka Paszkowska — visual design Markku Reunanen — coordination, 3D modeling Anna Salmi — visual design Ferhat Sen — User interface design PRESENTING TODAY: Lily Díaz, Markku Reunanen, Mikko Hovi, etc. MORE INFO: Jack in the Box Factory CONTEXT: Digital game DESCRIPTION: A digital adventure game with a magic-realism theme. Player’s character Jack is a standard assembly line worker in a box factory, who has repeated same unchallenging routine every day for 14 years. Then one day things break apart and the dull job environment starts to seem more sinister than he had ever expected. This few weeks project was an experiment to make a game with AGS engine without any earlier experience. PROJECT GROUP: Toni Enström & Jussi Pullinen. featuring Heikki Sillanpää PRESENTING TODAY: Toni Enström & Jussi Pullinen MORE INFO: Rivals of the Sea CONTEXT: Board game for Advanced topics in game design -course. DESCRIPTION: Rivals of the Sea is a 2-6 player board game where you are an heir of a mighty Pirate King. As your father feels his time as a king is soon to be over, he needs a successor. So he sends you and your siblings to a mission on waves. The first one to fulfill the King’s wish shall be crowned as a new Pirate King. The seas are dangerous. The rivalry is fierce. Now it is all about you against the rest of the world. PROJECT GROUP: Anne-Marie Grönroos, Jaakko Kemppainen, Björn Lindholm and Arash Sammander. PRESENTING TODAY: Jaakko Kemppainen, Anne-Marie Grönroos and Björn Lindholm. MORE INFO: or Senseg – Haptic interaction design CONTEXT: Design context DESCRIPTION: Haptic interaction design based on temporal and sonic interaction design principles for Senseg – internship. PROJECT GROUP: Me and Senseg R and D. PRESENTING TODAY: Ranjit Menon MORE INFO: Multitouch Art -project CONTEXT: Multitouch Interaction course project with Nuno Correia. DESCRIPTION: Visitors can experience the multitouch project on the stand. Experience Art in your touchscreen with Multitouch Art -application on your device. You will get high-resolution pictures with more information about the art pieces, artists and the exhibition. Multitouch Art will answers questions about the art, it creates emotions and inspires a response to the representatives. PROJECT GROUP: PRESENTING TODAY: Johanna Rotko MORE INFO: 040 7606745 Project blog and information: AHNE – HEI Project CONTEXT: SOPI Research Group. HEI Project. DESCRIPTION: AHNE (Audio-Haptic Navigation Environment) is a non-visual 3D user interface for manipulating virtual sound objects. In the Demo Day showcase, a possible use for the system as a musical controller is presented. AHNE was developed in the SOPI Research Group as a part of the HEI Project, which is a joint research project in collaboration with Nokia Research Center. PROJECT GROUP: Matti Niinimäki Koray Tahiroğlu SOPI Research Group PRESENTING TODAY: Matti Niinimäki MORE INFO: Brainwise CONTEXT: Wearable Electronics course. DESCRIPTION: The Brainwise hat reads the users brainwaves and projects the activity on top of the hat. A project built using custom capacitive EEG sensors, RGB-LEDs, light fibre, Arduino Lilypad. PROJECT GROUP: Valtteri Wikström, Metti Nordin PRESENTING TODAY: Valtteri Wikström MORE INFO: discrete sound experiment CONTEXT: free experimentation DESCRIPTION: Free experimentation with discrete electronic soundsignals in space. PROJECT GROUP: Samy Kramer and Jari Suominen MORE INFO: Happy birthday hairy J CONTEXT: Just some free experimentation with my hair DESCRIPTION: This is a project about birthdays and babies and stuff PROJECT GROUP: Ben Dromey PRESENTING TODAY: Ben Dromey MORE INFO: 0466288011 soundsCollective – ipod instrument design demonstration CONTEXT: SOPI Research Group DESCRIPTION: soundsCollective is cross-disciplinary project among music performance practices, sonic interaction design and computational model of social interaction. The project is a joint effort by Sound and Physical Interaction (SOPI) research group in the Department of Media and the Department of Media Technology to tackle the notion of participation, embodiment and human-human interaction in sound related activities through the framework of enaction. In its present state of the project, we will demonstrate the instruments we designed for Ipod devices. PROJECT GROUP: Koray Tahiroglu Roberto Pugliese James Nesfield Callum Goddard PRESENTING TODAY: Koray Tahiroglu Roberto Pugliese Callum Goddard MORE INFO: Koray Tahiroglu Roberto Pugliese James Nesfield Callum Goddard ‘EQuilibrium’ CONTEXT: SOPI Research Group DESCRIPTION: A ludic instrument designed as an antidote to computer-mediated performances in which the performer is able to check emails while performing, EQuilibrium demands attentiveness and user input in order to be successfully played. An unstable, top-heavy construction ensures that performers must actively work to balance the instrument, while the sounding behaviour is designed such that sound is only created when the unit is taken ‘off-balance’. The constant negotiation between these competing priorities enhances the engagement of the activity, and contributes to its difficulty. As a light-hearted study, the instrument provides ample encouragement and challenge to beginners without limiting the scope for ‘virtuosic’ performances in the right pair of hands. PROJECT GROUP: James Nesfield PRESENTING TODAY: Callum Goddard MORE INFO: James Nesfield 17.00 Demo space closes Thanks for all the presenters and the crew: JUUSO JANHUNEN, da capitano ILPO KARI HEIKKI TUONONEN MARKUS ERÄPOHJA ANNA ARSNIVA Merry Christmas for you all!