Media Lab Demo Day 16.12.2010

Media Lab Demo Day 16.12.2010 13.00 Welcome – Philip Dean 13.06 Media Lab Research News – Lily Díaz =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 13.12 Media Lab goes to Switzerland CONTEXT International Media Art Festival/ Shift Festival in Basel where Media Lab got an invitation to participate. The Shift Festival is a New Media Art and Electronic Music Festival which consinsts of six different sections. The sections are the main exhibition, the Shift in Progress exhibition, the concerts, the video-screenings, workshops and the conference. All events take place during four days in the end of October in different buildings on the same industrial area in Basel. Shift Festival 2010 will take place from from October 28 to 31. Shift Festival is the most important Media Art Festival in Switzerland and is sponsored among others by the government. DESCRIPTION An audiovisual IPad presentation of media lab past MA study projects and studies PROJECT GROUP Pipsa Asiala and Martti Koskela (tech advisor) PRESENTING TODAY Pipsa A MORE INFO Pipsa A =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 13.18 Naming game CONTEXT Research work related to dyslexia and especially rapid serial naming which is one of the main problems on dyslexic people. DESCRIPTION Most of the recent research on dyslexia agrees on that the speed of rapid serial naming (RSN) is an important correlate of reading acquisition. The reason for its importance lies in the fact that serial naming and reading depend partly on the same processes. Traditionally, rapid automatized naming (RAN) tests have been conducted manually without the help of computer programs. Because of the many limitations related to such method, we have developed a tool to automatize measurement of naming speed and some simple games to practice the rapid serial naming. PROJECT GROUP Jyrki Messo, Suvi Kitunen (TaiK & KyAMK), Heikki Lyytinen (Univ. of Jyväskylä), Kenneth Eklund (Univ. of Jyväskylä) PRESENTING TODAY Jyrki Messo MORE INFO =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 13.24 Auditory Augmentation – the weather at your fingertips CONTEXT Research in Tangible Auditory Interfaces done at Ambient Intelligence Group, CITEC, Bielefeld University DESCRIPTION Auditory Augmentations are building blocks supporting the design of data representation tools, which unobtrusively alter the auditory characteristics of structure-borne sounds. The system enriches the structure-borne sound of objects with a sonification of (near) real time data streams. The object’s auditory gestalt is shaped by data-driven parameters, creating a subtle display for ambient data streams. Auditory augmentation can be easily overlaid to existing sounds, and does not change prominent auditory features of the augmented objects like the its timing or volume. In a peripheral monitoring situation, the data stays out of the users’ attention if they want to concentrate on other items. However, a characteristic change will catch the users’ attention. PROJECT GROUP Till Bovermann, René Tünnermann, and Thomas Hermann. PRESENTING TODAY Till Bovermann MORE INFO =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 13.30 4D Feed CONTEXT Free experimentation, Arki Research Group, OtaSizzle Project DESCRIPTION 4D Feed is a set of independent applications, designed to help people in a small group to communicate with each other – without a need of 3rd-party service providers. Applications are created using common open source tools and software frameworks. 4D Feed is built on top of MestaDB (developed for OtaSizzle), which is a generic datastore for spatial data. PROJECT GROUP Aapo Rista PRESENTING TODAY Aapo Rista MORE INFO Aapo Rista / 044 546 2612 / aapo.rista(at) =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 13.36 License to Remix! – Workshop on Audiovisual Mashups and Creative Re-use CONTEXT Remix Helsinki initiative, EUscreen project, Arki Research Group DESCRIPTION The Remix Helsinki initiative, which supports legal creative re-use of audiovisual materials, was launched with the License to remix! workshop in November at the Harju Youth Centre. The workshop aimed to promote remixing of open audiovisual content, and begun with experts’ presentations related to mashup culture. Intellectual property issues and open licenses were also discussed. Finally, after two days of intensive remixing with VJ and video editing software, the videos created in the workshop were presented in a public event. The workshop was organized by Sanna Marttila, Andrew Gryf Paterson, Kati Hyyppä ja Anne Luotonen from Aalto University School of Art and Design, Department of Media. VJ PHOQ (XPLOITEC) also provided his creative support for the workshop, while Ilpo Kari and Martti Koskela helped with the video editing and event documentation. The workshop is part of the EUscreen project (, which promotes online access and usage of European television content. The workshop was also done in collaboration with the City of Helsinki Youth Department and Pixelversity (Pixelache). PROJECT GROUP Sanna Marttila, Kati Hyyppä, Andrew Gryf Paterson & Anne Luotonen PRESENTING TODAY Sanna Marttila & Kati Hyyppä MORE INFO Sanna Marttila / +358 40 577 0909 / Remix Helsinki website (mostly in Finnish): =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 13.47 AV Clash CONTEXT Web app for sound mixing and visualization ( DESCRIPTION AV Clash ( is a Web-based project by Video Jack (André Carrilho and Nuno Correia, with Gokce Taskan), which allows the creation of audiovisual compositions, consisting of combinations of sound and audio-reactive animation loops. AV (AudioVisual) Clash is composed of 4 audiovisual “objects”, which enable playback and manipulation of four different loops of sound and audio-reactive visuals. Objects can be dragged and thrown, creating interactions (clashes) between them. The sounds in AV Clash are retrieved from, an online sound database. PROJECT GROUP Nuno Correia, André Carrilho, Gokce Taskan PRESENTING TODAY Nuno Correia MORE INFO =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 13.57 – 14.30 BREAK =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 14.30 HEI Project CONTEXT Research in Sonic Interaction DESCRIPTION We are actively investigating emotional aspects in communication and seeking ways to exploit novel emotional sensing models that can result in improving interactions. In this context, we are focusing on human touch as a sensory input/output model in designing new ways of interaction. The availability of both physical computing and sensor technology toolkit resources makes it possible for us to develop various forms of multimodal interaction that sound may bring forth in multi-user participatory environments. Mobile interfaces challenge these new interaction possibilities and aid the participatory augmentation in New Media practices. PROJECT GROUP Koray Tahiroğlu and Teemu Ahmaniemi PRESENTING TODAY Koray Tahiroğlu and Teemu Ahmaniemi MORE INFO =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 14.36 Historical Orchestra CONTEXT Experimentation related to Ferhat’s doctoral research developed in Designing Interactions with Electronics WS, PureData WS and Physical Interaction Design courses. DESCRIPTION Historical Orchestra, a digital cultural heritage experience, is an interactive installation that utilizes three tangible musical interfaces and gives real-time visual narrative feedback. The musical instruments and the interactive animation are based on a cultural heritage artifact, a 16th century Turkish illustrated manuscript. PROJECT GROUP Ferhat Sen, Reha Discioglu, Piibe Piirma PRESENTING TODAY Ferhat Sen MORE INFO =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 14.42 Computational Photography course (EPCP) and Pixelache 2011 student exhibition CONTEXT Multidisciplinary course in Aalto University, organised by Media Factory and Media Lab DESCRIPTION The ‘Experimental Project in Computational Photography’ course started in November in Media Lab and runs until early March, 2011 with a resulting student exhibition as part of the Computational Photography theme in Pixelache Helsinki 2011 Festival. The course is organised by Aalto Media Factory and Media Lab in collaboration with the Pixelache festival. Computational photography is a new field that brings engineers, media artists and photographers together. The EPCP course, with an emphasis on the exploration of artistic expression in this area is the first of its kind in Finland. PROJECT GROUP Markku Nousiainen, Miska Knapek, Markku Reunanen and visiting teachers PRESENTING TODAY Markku Nousiainen, Miska Knapek MORE INFO Markku Nousiainen,, =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 14.48 Poetic Interactions: A theme in Designing Interactions course CONTEXT Designing Interactions DESCRIPTION Theme presentation about Designing Interactions course PROJECT GROUP Reha Discioglu, Ben Dromey, Emmanuel Durand, Ranjit Menon, Palash Mukhopadhyay, David Munoz, Matti Niinimäki, Forrest Oliphant, Piibe Piirma, Irene Poutanen, Daniel Praesius, Ferhat Sen, Dipti Sonawane, Michihito Mizutani PRESENTING TODAY Michihito Mizutani MORE INFO =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 14.54 Mapping Modernism Mapping Modernism is an interactive installation that uses techniques of Physical Tangible Interface in order to provide museum visitors with an interesting way to explore the background information about the items in a museum collection. In this case, the sample used is from artifacts related to the Bauhaus section of the Modernism exhibition that was held at the Design Museum of Helsinki February 11 – May 3, 2010. The installation allows guests to examine how these Bauhaus objects were connected to the life of the designers who created them. Museum visitors interact with the installation through a physical interface that uses fiducial markers on a Reactivision table that tracks their movements. Together with a dual projection system displays interconnectedness between the material culture, the history and the life lived by these remarkable individuals from the Bauhaus, who designed much of the world we currently live in. In this manner the installation entices the guests to experience and learn by putting the pieces together. Visitors gain an impression of the larger picture of this art movement and its worldwide impact. Following its debut at the Helsinki Design Museum, the exhibition was invited to the Archeovirtual 2010 exhibition held in Paestum, Italy, as part of the Mediterranean Expo of Archaeological Tourism (BMTA): The work was realized by Masters and Doctor of Arts students during the academic year of 2009-2010 as part of the Systems of Representation course PROJECT GROUP Reha Discioglu, Sampo Jalasto, Laura Sebastián Magaña, Agnieszka Paszkowska, Akira Sano, Matti Schneider-Ghibaudo PRESENTING TODAY Lily Díaz MORE INFO Lily Díaz =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 15.00 Pushing the MSX CONTEXT Just some free experimentation DESCRIPTION Retro computers of the eighties bring fond memories to many of those who spent their childhood with them, playing games and typing in small programs. As computers evolved towards powerful multimedia machines, the 8-bit generation was eventually forgotten – but not by everybody! There are still dedicated people producing new software to archaic machines such as the Commodore 64, and pushing them to lengths that would have seemed impossible in the eighties. This case study deals with the MSX computer, which was the first attempt to unify hardware and software between manufacturers. Featuring typical technical specs of the time, such as a maximum resolution of 256 by 192 pixels with 15 fixed colors and a CPU of 3.58 MHz, the MSX seems extremely modest by today’s standards. Our aim was to create the best possible image viewer for the 27 year old machine, using a selection of advanced techniques such as page flipping, interlacing, specialized dithering, color matching and direct low-level programming. PROJECT GROUP Markku Reunanen, Yrjö Fager PRESENTING TODAY Markku Reunanen MORE INFO =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 15.06 Ferrocity CONTEXT Michihitos Designing Interaction with Electronics course DESCRIPTION Some ceramic scultpures of landscapes with ferrofluid. People can move the ferrofluid around the landscape by hand movements or small body movements close to the sculpture. PROJECT GROUP Ben Dromey, David Muoz PRESENTING TODAY Ben Dromey, David Muoz MORE INFO Ben Dromey 046 6288011 David Muoz 044 3111200 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 15.12 – 15.40 BREAK =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 15.40 Alan01, At Hand, City Sets – and the Great Conspiracy Forthcoming CONTEXT A selection of Crucible Studio projects within the Aalto University Department of Media and Media Centre Lume in collaboration with the School of Science and Technology, Media Factory, Opera Skaala, m-cult / Media Facades 2010, MultiTouch Ltd and DIMEKE Content Development for Digital Media. Funders: EU, AVEK The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture, Arts Council of Finland and Aalto University Media Factory. DESCRIPTION Crucible Studio, a research group within the Department of Media and Media Centre Lume of the Aalto University School of Art and Design, studies and develops the storytelling of digital, non-linear and interactive media. The opening of its fall term 2010 by Heidi Tikka’s “At Hand” research production for touch screens in public space laid out the theme for the rest of the year – and 2011. While the physical interaction installation “Alan01” about the life and death of Alan Turing was opened in the Florence ACM Multimedia 2010 Interactive Art Exhibit, we ran the hands-on City Sets workshop and more theoretically oriented seminar about the visual, multimodal and narrative investigation of the city and its urban planning. Also the next year will open up with the design of physical interfaces for storytelling, as we start the work on “The Great Conspiracy” multimedia opera and continue to develop the City Sets research into city location-based narrative art installations. Links:,,,,,, PROJECT GROUP Aalto staff/researchers: Riitta Alanko, Anna Arsniva, Lily Díaz, Tuula Isohanni, Johanna Leinonen, Marja Seliger, Mari Tammisaari, Heidi Tikka, Virpi Vihervuori, Andy Best, Philip Dean, Ilpo Kari, Ari Kivimäki, Teemu Korpilahti, Martti Koskela, Jaakko Pesonen, Roberto Pugliese, Pekka Salonen, Koray Tahiroğlu, Tapio Takala, Tuukka Takala, Mika Tuomola, Heikki Tuononen etc. Aalto students/participants: Mina Arko, Satoko Hinomizu, Suse Miessner, Anna Nyyssönen, Teresa Winter, Benjamin Dromey, Li Jian, Heikki Nuutinen etc. + Collaborators PRESENTING TODAY Mika Tuomola, Marja Seliger MORE INFO =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 15.51 Alan01 – ACM 2010 Colorito exhibit in Florence. CONTEXT Alan01 is an interactive art installation produced by Crucible Studio, which was exhibited in the Colorito art exhibit that was organized as a part of the ACM Multimedia conference in Florence. DESCRIPTION A brief introduction about the artwork and the exhibit, and a short documentary video about our trip. PROJECT GROUP Jaakko Pesonen, Teemu Korpilahti & Mika Tuomola PRESENTING TODAY Teemu Korpilahti MORE INFO =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 15.57 The Absent Peer – Non-users in Social Interaction Design CONTEXT MA Thesis DESCRIPTION This research aims to provide a framework for the consideration of non-users in the context of social interaction design (SxD), in particular for the design of social network sites (SNSs). The theory of “The Absent Peer” consists of two core concepts, presenting the network aspect and the sociality aspect how non-use influences SNS concepts. Herein, the focus of the work is on the discovery of the impact of non-use rather than on its reasons. PROJECT GROUP Sebastian Greger PRESENTING TODAY Sebastian Greger MORE INFO =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 16.03 Iris – a circular polyrhythmic music sequencer CONTEXT Master’s Thesis Project DESCRIPTION Showcasing a proof-of-concept touchscreen sequencer running on iPad and Ableton Live PROJECT GROUP Just me (Viljo Malmberg) PRESENTING TODAY Just me (Viljo Malmberg) MORE INFO, +358 440 653653 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 16.09 Visualizing biolinguistics, part 2/8 CONTEXT Software for my doctoral studies DESCRIPTION Demoing my progress with fluid interface for drawing and manipulating syntactic trees. PROJECT GROUP Jukka Purma PRESENTING TODAY Jukka Purma MORE INFO =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 16.15 Christmas Night Haste CONTEXT Animation studies. DESCRIPTION Christmas Night Haste is a 4 min 31 sec stop motion animation that was shot in digital SLR and consists of 3252 photographs. It tells a story of an elf who is in a hurry in Christmas time in a traditional Finnish scenery. PROJECT GROUP Liisa Tervinen, Libero Mureddu, Samy Kramer, Jasmin Haag, Outi Vuoriranta, Anders Pohjola PRESENTING TODAY Liisa Tervinen MORE INFO =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ON DEMO FLOOR =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Multitouch Table – aniMate CONTEXT Designing Interaction with Electronics – course work. No stage presentation btw. :) DESCRIPTION A multitouch table that can be utilised for various purposes. Current implementations include collaborational drawings which come to life. The table also doubles up as a musical instrument. The table was built and developed to its current state over the Designing Interaction with Electronics, Composing with Pure Data and the Physical Interaction Design courses. PROJECT GROUP Dipti Sonawane, Palash Mukhopadhyay, Iréne Poutanen (with some help from Matti, Mitchi, Martin) PRESENTING THE WORK Dipti Sonawane, Palash Mukhopadhyay, Iréne Poutanen (only floor presentation, not on stage) MORE INFO Dipti Sonawane – Palash Mukhopadhyay – Iréne Poutanen – =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Interactive Fireworks CONTEXT Physical Interaction Design Course DESCRIPTION An interactive installation with Microsoft Kinect that allows people to paint fireworks on screen =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Red Danger CONTEXT Software Studies Course Assignment DESCRIPTION Little game done in weekend with Quartz Composer. PROJECT GROUP Tapio Haaja MORE INFO =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Blinky Hairy Scary CONTEXT Korays Physical Interaction Design course DESCRIPTION 1st prototype for an interactive installation. There is a projection on the wall of some blinking eyes and a hairy character on the ground in front of the projection that people can interact with. With sound. (Please note, in the 3rd floor Paja.) PROJECT GROUP Ben Dromey PRESENTING THE WORK Ben Dromey MORE INFO Ben Dromey 046 6288011 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The Umbrella Project – Listen to a soundscape in your memory CONTEXT Physical Interaction Design Workshop DESCRIPTION An umbrella which interacts with your motion and gives sound feedback. With some simple gestures the umbrella will bring you some soundscapes of a familiar moment. PROJECT GROUP Satoko Hinomizu PRESENTING THE WORK Satoko Hinomizu MORE INFO Satoko Hinomizu / =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Swing Thing CONTEXT Designing Interaction With Electronics Course DESCRIPTION An interactive installation with two swings. PROJECT GROUP Forrest Oliphant, Matti Niinimäki PRESENTING THE WORK Forrest Oliphant, Matti Niinimäki MORE INFO Forrest Oliphant,, Matti Niinimäki,, =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Made in Iron CONTEXT Physical Interaction Design course DESCRIPTION A musical instrument made out of an old electric iron. PROJECT GROUP Matti Niinimäki PRESENTING THE WORK Matti Niinimäki MORE INFO Matti Niinimäki,, =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I’m a Hero/Villain CONTEXT Physical Interaction Design workshop DESCRIPTION Stand in front of this “mirror” and feel what it’s like to wear the face of a controversial personality. Snap your fingers to try on a different face, explore the concept of (anti)heroism and try to answer the question: “Am I a hero or a villain?” PROJECT GROUP Vuokko Aro PRESENTING THE WORK Vuokko Aro MORE INFO =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Mantra – PD sequencer and Arduino synth CONTEXT Made in Composing With Pure Data workshop and Physical Interaction course DESCRIPTION Simple Pure Data sequencer and Arduino based synth for making repetitive music. PROJECT GROUP Heikki Sillanpää PRESENTING THE WORK Heikki Sillanpää MORE INFO mail: site: =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Sound of Glass CONTEXT 2010 Physical Interaction Design Workshop DESCRIPTION Sonic interactions with glasses PROJECT GROUP Chi-Hsia Lai (Lisa) PRESENTING THE WORK Chi-Hsia Lai (Lisa) MORE INFO Chi-Hsia Lai (Lisa) =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Gestural DJ Mixer CONTEXT Physical Interaction Design Workshop DESCRIPTION A prototype for manipulating and mixing music using an experimental gestural interface PROJECT GROUP Juho Santasalo PRESENTING THE WORK Juho Santasalo MORE INFO =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Footprint fellows CONTEXT Physical Interaction Design course DESCRIPTION Interacting by stepping on the footprints of different animals PROJECT GROUP Helena Jalanka PRESENTING THE WORK Helena Jalanka MORE INFO =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Thanks to the crew Ilpo Kari Heikki Tuononen Martti Koskela Pekka Salonen Jon Fabritius Anna Arsniva Merry Christmas!