Philip Dean’s exhibition of photography, starting on 12.1.

Philip Dean’s exhibition of photography, Long White Cloud 12-22.1.2010 Media Centre LUME gallery Long White Cloud is a new exhibition of photographs by photographer Philip Dean. Dean spent 5 months in New Zealand during early 2009 as part of a sabbatical leave from his position as Professor and Director of the Media Lab TaiK. During January-May Dean travelled widely in the distant country which is known especially, these days, as a land of film locations for fantasy movies. In reality the modern landscape of New Zealand is the result of millions of years of isolated evolution, extreme geological and climatic conditions, as well as the destruction and exploitation of its virgin environment by European settlers during the last 200 years. The modern New Zealand ‘natural landscape’ is the source of fascination for the exhibition’s main series of large format color prints. The images depict both the famous grand vistas of South Island as well as places of strange beauty, created through the concerted efforts of the pioneers in taming the land. Other series are presented as on-screen images accessed through a gesture-based interface. These HDTV images attempt to reveal some of the essentials of the New Zealand character, the love of sports and outdoor life, the willingness to be involved in extreme activities as well as the independent, self-sufficient and individualistic nature of the people as witnessed in events and the constructed landscape and architecture of the Wellington region in particular. The exhibition’s name, Long White Cloud, is derived from the indigenous Māori language name for New Zealand, Aotearoa, commonly translated as The Land of the Long White Cloud. The exhibition will be the first held at Taideteollinen Korkeakoulu as the new School of Art and Design of the Aalto University. The exhibition is open from Tuesday 12th till Friday 22nd January 2010 Mon-Thu 8-19, Fri 8-18 (closed weekends) The exhibition has been made possible with the support of the Finnish Arts Council. See also HS 12.1.2010 (in Finnish)