Programme – Media Lab Spring Demo Day on 20.5.2009

Two times a year, we bring out our people from the offices, studios and classrooms to show what they’ve been busy with. This Spring Demo Day took place in the Lume TV-studio, with some 200 people dropping in to see the presentations and demo stands. Here’s the program of the day, with some linkage.

Media Lab Demo Day 20.5.2009


Teemu Leinonen

13.04 Design Museum: Heads First Project: Pääasia

CONTEXT 3D animation group in conjunction with the Design Museum DESCRIPTION 4 TAIK animation students created animations for the design museum’s Pääasia (Head’s First) exhibtion.…&kpl=68&show=1 PROJECT GROUP Animation by: Jonathan Cremieux, Tara Pattenden, Daniel Suominen, Jaana Björklund, Sound by: Juhanna Virkkunen, Samy Kramer, Dimitri Paile, Svetlana Maras, Matti Luhtala (animation and production assistance from Kai Lappalainen) ON THE STAGE Jonathan Cremieux, Tara Pattenden, Daniel Suominen, Jaana Björklund

13.09 IXI Mini LP-player

CONTEXT IXI Workshop DESCRIPTION Color tracking/generative music modified mini LP player made w/ computer mouse, Quartz Composer, Processing/Arduino, and SuperCollider PROJECT GROUP Niko Knappe Alexandra Jones ON THE STAGE (Niko Knappe), Alexandra Jones MORE INFO:

13.13 Projector “KUNG-FOO” Experience

CONTEXT Mobile Gaming/Interaction Concept (developped in Mobile Media Experience Course) DESCRIPTION An idea to use mobile projectors efficiently in order to create new ways for social interaction and multi-player gaming. PROJECT GROUP Ramyah Gowrishankar Juha Salonen Gokce Taskan ON THE STAGE Ramyah Gowrishankar, Juha Salonen, Gokce Taskan MORE INFO:

13.17 Update on Systems of Representation research group

CONTEXT The context of our presentation is to show the work that we have been doing in the group. DESCRIPTION Sysrep will present our results in the HandsOn project as well as the ongoing work in the eMari project. HandsOn was a project that focused on investigating application of virtual reality technology and three dimensional user interfaces in tasks related with industrial design, animation and machinery design. eMari is a project that aims to develop and demonstrate methods that utilize mobile technology, for supporting (field) service activities during the product lifecycle. PROJECT GROUP Lily Díaz Markku Reunanen Anna Salmi Juhani Tenhunen ON THE STAGE Lily Díaz, Juhani Tenhunen MORE INFO:

13.21 Hidden Treasure Trove – Adventures in Real and Virtual Networks

CONTEXT A new project DESCRIPTION Hidden Treasure Trove aim to co-design media tools and broadcast TV series at open air cultural heritage sites. The project enhances the visitors’ experience both online and in the museum site by motivating people to participate in TV series and use digital (social) media tools. It is targeted to different groups like families, friends, tourists, and colleagues. PROJECT GROUP Juhani Tenhunen, Mariana Salgado, Lily Diaz ON THE STAGE Juhani Tenhunen MORE INFO:

13.25 News Stumbler

CONTEXT Dynamic Visualization Design 2 course DESCRIPTION News Stumbler is an experimental visualization and an exploration of Google News topics and articles. It uses the metaphora of an ant colony where the ants are us the media hungry people, ants’ food is the news we consume and the ant trails are the connections between news topics we stumble upon. PROJECT GROUP Jonathan Cremieux and Juha Salonen ON THE STAGE Jonathan Cremieux and Juha Salonen MORE INFO:

13.29 FutureSelf: Reflections on a Personal Future Simulation System

CONTEXT I will present the concept part of the MA Thesis work. DESCRIPTION An unprecedented amount of personal information is stored in the networked virtual environments. These digitized life patterns, consisting of the records of past and present, could be utilized by an intelligent future simulation system to produce unique personal future forecasts. Through such a system the images of future would become more concrete, more accessible, more informative and even entertaining. Consequently, such a system would potentially change the whole conception of the future and its dimensions. I will thus present the concept of FutureSelf, a personal future simulation service, that generates valid, informative and accessible personal future forecasts in the form of entertaining digital simulations. PROJECT GROUP Jarno M. Koponen ON THE STAGE Jarno M. Koponen MORE INFO: Jarno M. Koponen +358 40 579 7010

13.33 Openness

1. Aalto Openness Interest Group (Andrea Botero, Petri Kola) CONTEXT Many of the doctoral students in the Lab are active in organizational experiments based on openness/peer/p2p principless. Aalto Openness Interest Group participants want to understand and affect the transformation from an industrially organized era to an era of networks and social production. What does it mean for … … organizations? … consumers? … citizens? … research? … business? … design? … culture? … environment? … you/me/us/everone else? DESCRIPTION Background for starting the interest group. Some history and theory about how new media is changing organizational principless. Future plans and a call for ideas. PROJECT GROUP Andrea Botero, Juhana Kokkonen, Petri Kola, Juha Kronqvist, Sanna Marttila, Andrew Paterson et al ON THE STAGE Andrea Botero, Petri Kola (tech contact) MORE INFO Feel free to join our Facebook group 2. ‘Alternative Economy Cultures’ programme in Pixelache 2009 (Andrew Paterson) CONTEXT Independent research & cultural production, related to DA thesis DESCRIPTION The ‘Alternative Economy Cultures’ (alt.econ.cult) programme on April 3rd & 5th, brought together leading international and Finnish thinkers, cultural practitioners and activists, to present alternative economic visions, during Pixelache Helsinki Festival 2009. The seminar aimed to tackle not just the financial, but the social, cultural, institutional, human, material, emotional and intellectual forms of capital. Not just about individual gain, boosting, balancing or bail-outs, but common good, peer-to-peer, shared wealth and appropriate reward for effort involved. The discussion-based workshop about peer-fundraising brought together artists, researchers and business representatives interested in P2P funding models. Focusing upon emerging practices and related topics, it also raised the topic: Can the crowd-sourcing phenomena be applied to support alternative cultural events in Finland? The programme was initiated and organised by artist-researcher Andrew Gryf Paterson (independent / / Medialab TaiK), in cooperation with Marita Muukkonen & Ivor Stodolsky of Perpetuum Mobilε ( and Roope Mokka of Demos Helsinki ( We aimed to offer a new strand to the Pixelache Network discourse. PROJECT GROUP Andrew Gryf Paterson ON THE STAGE MORE INFO 3. Porkkanamafia (Carrot Mafia) (Juha Kronqvist) CONTEXT Porkanamafia is a Finnish consumer movement. It organizes events and developes ways of negotiation with companies and rewarding the ones which make the strongest commitment to improving their environmetal efficiency. Porkkanamafia is inspired by the Carrot Mob orginating in San Francisco. DESCRIPTION The short history of Porkkanamafia and why it is successful. Its use of new media in connecting large groups of people. Organizational principles. Upcoming events. PROJECT GROUP Many. It is a movement. Juha Kronqvist and Petri Kola are involved in the web team. ON THE STAGE Juha Kronqvist MORE INFO contact: more info: If you are interested in helping Porkkanamafia in web design or Python programming (pro bono), contact and 4. Somus – Social Media for Citizens and Public Sector Collaboration (Petri Kola) CONTEXT “Social media for citizens and public sector collaboration” (Somus) is a research project funded by the Academy of Finland during 1.1.2009-31.12.2010. The Somus project will create new understanding of citizenship, publicity and participation in decision-making in the era of social media. Open, citizen-driven media must support the different phases of participation: public definition of common problems, collection and accumulation of knowledge and other competencies, development of socially grounded innovations, and actual decision-making. The main objectives of the project are:
  • To produce basic knowledge about dynamics of information, knowledge and citizenship in the participative media environment
  • To develop new technical solutions for user-driven media service development
  • To demonstrate and evaluate new media concepts that are enabled through open interfaces between public sector, mass media and citizen groups
  • To create and validate a model for open Internet-based research in collaboration with The Open Research Swarm and collaboration network of different actors
The project will result in better understanding of the phenomenon of self-organizing ubiquitous media as well as theories, methods and demonstrations that will be evaluated in real life situations with users. DESCRIPTION A look at the goals and practicess of the project. The whole research process has been carried out openly in Tutkimusparvi’s public wiki from ideation. PROJECT GROUP Asta Bäck (VTT), Auli Harju (UTA), Kari A. Hintikka (JYU), Petri Kola (Media Lab), Esa Konttinen (JYU), Risto Kunelius (UTA), Pirjo Näkki (VTT), Antti Poikola (HUT), Teemu Ropponen (HUT), Caj Södergård (VTT), Petri Vuorimaa (HUT) ON THE STAGE Petri Kola MORE INFO blog: wiki: project plan: 5. Apps for Democracy Finland (Petri Kola) CONTEXT Apps for Democracy Finland is an idea and web application competition organized by the Somus-project, MindTrek festival, Tutkimusparvi and Forum Virium. Citizens, developers and designers will compete in creating ideas and functional web applications, widgets, mashups, iPhone apps, Facebook apps, and other digital utilities that, make use of some public data and facilitate the collaboration between citizend and public organizations. DESCRIPTION All Demoday visitors are invited to join the competition. The exact arrangements of the competition have not yet been published. Information regarding the schedule and a public data catalog will be presented. The presentation will also cover the background for the competition and how it is related to openness in society. PROJECT GROUP Main organizer: Antti Poikola (HUT) ON THE STAGE Petri Kola MORE INFO twitter: email: Antti Poikola and Petri Kola 6. Media Lab Symposium 2009 (Juha Kronqvist) CONTEXT Media Lab doctoral programme will organize a symposium in November around the theme openness. DESCRIPTION PhD students from the upcomming Aalto University and other universities are invited to participate. Information regarding the schedule and a call for papers will be published. The symposium is also meant to help in establishing the Aalto Openness Interest Group open for anyone interested to join in. PROJECT GROUP Petri Kola, Juha Kronqvist, Sanna Marttila et al. ON THE STAGE Juha Kronqvist MORE INFO All information related to participating in the symposium will be published in Aalto Openness Interest Group’s Facebook group. Feel free to join

13.58 Digitytöt

CONTEXT Some free experimentation inspired in Diggnation. Digitytöt is an online show about the digital world, based in real-life stories. It’s told from the perspective of two main characters – Helene and Sanna. They are real-life friends, even though they are the total opposite of each other. Helene has a passion for technology and couldn’t care less about material stuff (except her techie gadgets). Sanna is a stylish beautiful blonde Paris-Hilton-alike with other kind of passions. Digitytöt has been developed by MediaLab students but it’s a side-project, so far it’s not attached to any course. DESCRIPTION We will present the development of the show, concept and marketing and some short insights to the episodes so far. PROJECT GROUP Helene Auramo, Sanna Aronniemi, Diana de Sousa, Matti Luhtala, Margaret Plaisted, Teppo Hudson. ON THE STAGE Helene Auramo, Diana de Sousa MORE INFO:

* BREAK 15 MIN * 14.03 – 14.18

14.18 Longlapses summer demo day 09 edition

CONTEXT Some own experimentation DESCRIPTION The Longlapses projects involves seeing what happens when our regular senses are extended by way of photographic and imaging technologies. A journey into the continuums forgone by our fragmented memories; what what it looks like to see longer temporally and spatially. I do various experiments with photographic material recomposed along my own ideas and software. As a medium which capabilities and form is still being discovered, I’ll present what has been found by me until now. PROJECT GROUP Miska Knapek +358-44-9353132 ON THE STAGE Miska Knapek MORE INFO: Miska Knapek +358-44-9353132

14.23 Weather carving

CONTEXT My own experimentation. DESCRIPTION Windcarving is an attempt to bring out the character of the wind, which has a significant impact on us here in the North, but who’s own little life we know little of otherwise. This ‘revelation’ involves using wind sensor data from the Finnish Meteorological Institute and turning it into a shape that reveals and reflects the wind’s character. The actual process of realisation involves writing software to give the wind movements a three dimensional shape, and to translate this into a physical object by way of computer controlled machinery. PROJECT GROUP Miska Knapek ON THE STAGE Miska Knapek MORE INFO: Miska Knapek +358-44-935-3132

14.28 Intention Broadcasting – An introduction

CONTEXT MA Thesis DESCRIPTION Social media innovations, together with rapidly improving data sharing methodologies, are enabling individuals and groups to instantly disseminate, or ‘broadcast’, messages across many diverse networks. This phenomenon, combined with the growing use of social media services for sharing and coordinating intentions, led me to develop the concept of “intention broadcasting”. PROJECT GROUP Richard von Kaufmann ON THE STAGE Richard von Kaufmann MORE INFO:

14.32 Helping People Help Themselves ( service)

CONTEXT New Media Concepts for WHO course. In disaster situations it always takes some time before any authorities are able to react and send workers to the area. In the meantime, people affected can start to help themselves and people around them. The service will enable communication, co-ordination and distribution of the skills and knowledge of the local people willing and capable of helping to the place or assignment where it is most beneficial. The service consists of a toolkit of communication templates tailored for the needs of different catastrophes. These templates can be easily adapted and implemented to local situations and requirements. In a disaster situation this toolkit can be initiated for communication and information sharing by the authorities.The service is low tech and operates on any mobile device using text messages (SMS). When a disasters hits and is acknowledged by an authority the system is initiated by a SMS being pushed to all cellphones in the area. The toolkit then functions in a similar way to automated SMS based television quizzes – if you send a message / vote, you will get a message back. DESCRIPTION Description of the concept + practical demonstration PROJECT GROUP Mads Crone Köser, Philip Kongsgaard Døssing, Anne Naukkarinen, Mikko Mutanen ON THE STAGE Mads Crone Köser, Philip Kongsgaard Døssing, Anne Naukkarinen MORE INFO:

14.37 ToGo – Online Instructional Manuals Concept

CONTEXT New Media Concepts for World Health Organization (WHO) course DESCRIPTION ToGo Manuals is an online tool providing instructional manuals of field equipment, procedures and supplies for WHO/HAC staff involved in field work. PROJECT GROUP Virva Auvinen, Yen T. Choo, Kati Hyyppä, Juulia Juutilainen ON THE STAGE Yen T. Choo, Kati Hyyppä, Juulia Juutilainen

14.42 Spreading the word: Embedding as a means of advocacy – a soft approach to social media

CONTEXT New Media Concepts for WHO course. Our tool prototype is a small Flash application that individuals, organizations and governments can embed to their site. The tool can show either a selected piece of WHO information (the most typical pieces are graphs and maps) or it can update automatically to show the latest information from a selected WHO source, for example latest news from a certain health crisis. We see that WHO communications can maintain trust and transparency in modern media environment by breaking up reports and communication products into smaller particles and publishing them as quickly as possible in public streams of data. Instead of reviewing and accepting a report to be published, a validation should target images, sets of data, graphs and maps, and when these pieces are accepted for publication, they can be streamed, trusting that the other existing information will provide the necessary context. DESCRIPTION Video presentation and a few accompanying words PROJECT GROUP Sebastian Greger, Shanfan Huang, Jukka Purma ON THE STAGE Jukka Purma MORE INFO:

14.46 Mobile innovations – Outcomes of a Rapid Mobile Application Prototyping Workshop at Media Lab in spring 2009

CONTEXT Related to MLab teaching. DESCRIPTION This presentation gives a brief overview of a Rapid Mobile Application Prototyping Workshop that was given at Media Lab in spring 2009 by Jürgen Scheible, and highlights its innovative outcomes. The students went first through a 2 days hands-on coding (Python for S60) session where they learnt how to program a rich set of modern mobile phone features such as text to speech, sound, video, camera, GPS, motion sensor, graphics etc. This session was followed by 3 days of building fully working prototype applications based on students ideas. The outcomes of the workshop show the potential of future mobile services and applications. PROJECT GROUP Jürgen Scheible, Aapo Rista and 20 course participants ON THE STAGE Jürgen Scheible MORE INFO: Jürgen Scheible

14.51 Kindergarten Museum and Marttila Province Museum Project – Embedded Systems and Sound Design

CONTEXT Kindergarten Museum: Music of the Spheres – musical instrument for children (Thesis project) Marttila Province Museum: Historical map installation with led visualizations and sounds DESCRIPTION Project research out comes and prototypes will be presented PROJECT GROUP Kindergarten project: Matti Luhtala and Daniel Vester (Jari Suominen and Ilkka Olander as part of the design team) Marttila Province Museum: Matti Luhtala and Olli-Pekka Leskinen ON THE STAGE Matti Luhtala MORE INFO: Matti Luhtala E-Mail: Phone: +358 50 357 2265

14.55 LeMill and Wikiversity: open educational resources

CONTEXT AVO project DESCRIPTION The presentation will give an overview of open education projects in the learning environments research group. We have continued the development of LeMill software that enables teachers to create and share open educational resources. More than 5000 people from various countries have joined LeMill. We have also set up learning communities in Wikiversity to support teachers and educators who are interested in creating online learning resources. PROJECT GROUP Teemu Leinonen, Tarmo Toikkanen, Jukka Purma, Hans Põldoja ON THE STAGE Tarmo Toikkanen, Hans Põldoja MORE INFO:

14.59 Esa ja Esineet and Zipi the Builder

CONTEXT Esa ja Esineet (former Pienet Löytöretket) is a development of The Secret Life of Objects, a project started last year in collaboration between MediaLab and Design Museum Helsinki. Esa ja Esineet is an online service that connects kindergartens and the Design Museum of Helsinki. It provides kindergarten teachers and educators with audiovisual educational contents produced by the museum, aimed at kindergarten children in the age group of 3 to 6 years old. Esa ja Esineet encourages kindergartens to use computers, digital communication tools and mobile phones in their educational activities, in a web safe environment. It allows experience sharing and discussion between participating kindergartens, children, parents and the collaborating institutions. The project is built upon a new content management platform developed by Zipipop with AVEK funding. The platform is called Zipi the Builder and aims at building and managing website contents in an easy way even for basic web users. DESCRIPTION A walkthrough the main aims supporting the idea, basic features of the service, how it works, people involved. Insight of the Zipi the Builder platform. PROJECT GROUP Diana de Sousa, Tuomas Laitinen, Taro Morimoto (MediaLab + Zipipop) Hanna Kapanen, Leena Svinhufvud (Design Museum) Peter Vesterbacka, Meri Anna Hulkkonen (ConnectedDay) ON THE STAGE Diana de Sousa, Tuomas Laitinen, Taro Morimoto MORE INFO:

15.04 MobiSpray – The Mobile Phone as virtual spray can

CONTEXT MobiSpray is an outcome Jürgen Scheible’s doctoral research work that is funded by Tekes (UbiLife project). DESCRIPTION Ever want to repaint your neighbor’s house? MobiSpray turns a mobile phone into a virtual spray can for painting anytime anywhere on anything. With only a video projector, the phone and a surface, you can create ubiquitous ephemeral digital art wherever you go – whether it’s in the woods or the city. The spray-painting follows your hand gestures in real-time, while spraying intensity and color change via keypad. City administrations are paying millions of euros every year to remove graffiti. MobiSpray allows to produce 100% recyclable graffiti with no removal cost and without damaging any property or the environment while still having the fun of spraying in the physical space with a visual outcome on the designated object or building. MobiSpray is an innovation made by artist Jürgen Scheible a.k.a MobiLenin and has been reported by Reuters news, Skynews and SpiegelOnline. A research paper on MobiSpray has recently been accepted for publication at SIGGRAPH 2009, the International ACM conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques, as well as to Leonardo, the Journal of the International Society of the Arts, Sciences and Technology. PROJECT GROUP Jürgen Scheible ON THE STAGE Jürgen Scheible MORE INFO: Jürgen Scheible

15.09 War Inside

CONTEXT Visual Styles For Digital Video WS (25331) DESCRIPTION MTV + Title/Credit Sequence (Audio/Video Quicktime Format) PROJECT GROUP Yen T. Choo Jonathan Cremieux ON THE STAGE Yen T. Choo Jonathan Cremieux MORE INFO: Yen T. Choo Email: Phone: +358 449 610 394 Jonathan Cremieux Email: Phone: +358 443 881 202

15.13 SPROUTS – Young Designers 2009

CONTEXT Media art installation for Young Designers Sales Exhibition at Stockmann’s 5th floor space Argoshalli 28.5-6.6.2009 DESCRIPTION Snapshots and explanation of the interactive soundscape and visual installation PROJECT GROUP Martti Mela and Jaana Björklund did the installations. SPROUTS project team consists also of Anne Varsamäki, Stefania Passera, Lisa Martelin and Linda Förstner. ON THE STAGE Martti Mela and Jaana Björklund MORE INFO:

* BREAK 15 MIN * 15.16 – 15.31

15.31 Bolder Helsinki – Creative Agengy

CONTEXT Bolder Helsinki is a company with passion for visual design, marketing, and user experience. DESCRIPTION Bolder Helsinki is a creative agency founded in 2008 by six students from HSE and TaiK. The company delivers visual design, corporate identities, web design, marketing consulting and innovative business development. To support academic entrepreneuship, Bolder Helsinki, Aalto Entrepreneur Society and HSE Small Business Center arranged four discussion panels about startups and entrepreneurship during spring 2009. The events were targeted for all people interested in the subject, especially for Aalto University students.”> PROJECT GROUP Pekka Hartikainen ON THE STAGE Pekka Hartikainen MORE INFO: Pekka Hartikainen Creative, Digital Media and Marketing

15.35 Turing Machine: Turing Impact, Alan01 & Alan online

CONTEXT Crucible experimental production DESCRIPTION Alan Turing (1912-1954) was a wartime code-breaker and pioneer of computer science. He made a significant and provocative contribution to the debate regarding artificial intelligence: whether it will ever be possible to say that a machine is conscious and can think. As a person he was “an ordinary English homosexual atheist mathematician” [Hodges 1983], which led him to professional success but great trouble in his personal life. Turing Machine studies the impact of Turing, the digitalised modern life and how the impact can be expressed across media and their convergence. The production encompasses a number of cross-media productions that are created using integrated media tools by the Salero (Semantic AudiovisuaLEntertainment Reusable Objects) research project together with third party software. The individual productions – across which the Turing theme and media objects are repurposed – of the entire Turing Machine production can be separated into the following:
  • Alan01 installation at the University of Art Design Main Lobby, June 4-19 and Sept 2009
  • Turing Impact HD documentary film(s) for cinema theatre and IP broadcasting
  • Alan online internet version that compiles the previous two
  • Turing Machine multimedia opera premiered already April 2008 at Opera Skaala)
  • SALERO is co-funded by the European Union through the IST programme under FP6. PROJECT GROUP Jaakko Pesonen, Merja Nieminen, Teemu Korpilahti, Mika Lumi Tuomola, Severi Glanville, Tea Stolt, Markus Norrena, Anna-Kaisa Vihavainen ON THE STAGE Mika Lumi Tuomola, Teemu Korpilahti & Severi Glanville MORE INFO:

    15.40 The Bite

    CONTEXT The Turing Impact seminar – HD Production workshop DESCRIPTION 3 min associative documentary about Touring impact to our society PROJECT GROUP Virva E. Auvinen (Mlab) Katri Lassila (Elo) Heli Sorjonen (Elo) Maija Hirvonen (Elo) Samy Kramer (Mlab) ON THE STAGE Samy Kramer MORE INFO:,

    15.46 Nokia.Expand

    CONTEXT Learning device for underprivileged children. DESCRIPTION Nokia.Expand aimed to design a mobile learning tool for underprivileged children in developing countries. The project aspired to put learning into the hands of children on a community-based level. Results of the project are proof of concept software applications, industrial design prototypes, and recommendations for future research. Nokia.Expand was a TKK course held at Aalto Design Factory. It was sponsored by Nokia and D-Switch and realized in collaboration of students from TaiK, TKK, IITK, MIT, and RISD. PROJECT GROUP Anna Keune, Jari Suominen, Ilkka Olander ON THE STAGE Anna Keune, Jari Suominen MORE INFO: akeune(at)taik(dot)fi

    15.51 My Match

    CONTEXT IDBM – Industry project for Sanoma Digital DESCRIPTION My Match was our IDBM Industry project. We aimed to understand search and to generate a vision of where and how value can be created in the Oikotie experience. The results of the project are 3 concepts tailored to specific phases people are going through when looking for the house of their dreams. PROJECT GROUP Anna Keune (TaiK), Rodrigo Cervantes (HSE), Sanna Voipio (TKK), Yong Sun Bae (TaiK) ON THE STAGE Anna Keune, Rodrigo Cervantes MORE INFO: akeune(at)taik(dot)fi

    15.56 Latest Video Jack projects – “AVOL”, “Heat Seeker Online”, “Master and Margarita”

    CONTEXT Presentation of three interactive audio-visual projects that are part of Nuno Correia’s doctoral studies. DESCRIPTION Presentation of three interactive audio-visual projects, in different stages of production. PROJECT GROUP Nuno Correia, André Carrilho ON THE STAGE Nuno Correia MORE INFO:

    16.01 input devices for sound performance and experimentation

    CONTEXT results of my work with couple things like iphone and 3D Connection Space Navigator to turn them intro music controllers/instruments DESCRIPTION New generation of tools for controlling sound synthesis based on modern hardware interfaces like 3D mouse and multi-touch screen of mobile device PROJECT GROUP me ON THE STAGE me MORE INFO:

    16.06 Osata Game Project – The Brave Little Troll

    CONTEXT The Brave Little Troll computer game is a joint creation between Media Lab Helsinki and the Finnish Association of the Deaf DESCRIPTION The Brave Little Troll computer game is an educational tool designed for deaf and hearing-impaired (DHI) children aged 4 to 7. It aims to improve children’s abilities in identifying and producing rhythmic patterns. The project addresses how e-learning applications enable Deaf children to learn complex rhythm tasks through gaming and raises pedagogical issues surrounding the special needs of DHI children. A demo of the game will also be shown and available for playing. PROJECT GROUP Suvi Kitunen, Margaret Plaisted, Juho Jouhtimäki, Teemu Korpilahti, Sven Noben ON THE STAGE Suvi Kitunen, Margaret Plaisted, Juho Jouhtimäki, Teemu Korpilahti MORE INFO:

    16.10 Shake

    CONTEXT Mobile Game DESCRIPTION Shake is a simple but engaging mobile game derived from a children’s game called Hot Potato. It is developed for iPhone and will soon be available on App Store. PROJECT GROUP Samy Kramer Gokce Taskan ON THE STAGE Samy Kramer Gokce Taskan MORE INFO:

    16.14 Lies and Seductions

    CONTEXT Lies and Seductions game DESCRIPTION Are you able to guide Abby to seduce a rock star, Chris, who has promised to stay virgin until marriage? In order to success you need to gather dirty little secrets, use those secrets in your advantage, and make an impression on Chris. Features: * four seduceable characters * flirt, mislead, eavesdrop, and pump information * persuade characters to help you to reach the goal * play Texas hold’em poker * dance to impress * non-player characters forms opinions based on your choices they perceive * three different endings Lies and Seductions is a free single player game about seduction, lies, and betrayal for Mac and Windows. The game is available at PROJECT GROUP Petri Lankoski, Raisa Omaheimo, Tommi Horttana, Mike Pohjola,, Niklas Gustafsson, Kimmo Karvinen, Jari Suominen, Reettakaisa Neittaanmäki, Linda Kronman, Anne Parkkali, Josie vd Stel ON THE STAGE Petri Lankoski MORE INFO:

    16.18 SEISMI

    CONTEXT DVD 2 – Data Visualization DESCRIPTION Seismi is an earthquake data visualization project which is using publicly available data and transforming it to a more informative, human readable and visually interesting form. PROJECT GROUP Gokce Taskan Niko Knappe ON THE STAGE Gokce Taskan Niko Knappe MORE INFO:

    16.22 P2P-FUSION

    CONTEXT Research project coordinated by the University of Art and Design Helsinki / Media Lab / ARKI research group DESCRIPTION Overview of the P2P-FUSION project and the Fusion software developed in the project A working demonstration of the Fusion software (desktop and mobile version) PROJECT GROUP Sanna Marttila, Kari-Hans Kommonen, Lauri Kainulainen, Kati Hyyppä, Anne Naukkarinen, Kristine Visanen, Arto Kellokoski, Aapo Rista, Jenna Sutela and Sari Ahvenainen ON THE STAGE Kari-Hans Kommonen, Lauri Kainulainen MORE INFO: Sanna Marttila, Project Manager: Lauri Kainulainen, Technical Lead:

    16.26 Lume3D

    CONTEXT Dynamic Visual Design 2 -course DESCRIPTION A 3D visualisation of certain Lume facilities PROJECT GROUP Lauri Kainulainen, Juha Törönen, Juulia Juutilainen ON THE STAGE Lauri Kainulainen, Juha Törönen, Juulia Juutilainen

    16.30 Sound design and music the for the short film “Casino Revol” , a work in progress

    CONTEXT Advanced Audio Studies DESCRIPTION Current state of sound design and music for a short film. PROJECT GROUP Juhana Virkkunen – Sound Design, Ilkka Olander – Music ON THE STAGE Juhana Virkkunen, Ilkka Olander MORE INFO:

    Plus on the Demo Floor:


    CONTEXT Some experimentation. DESCRIPTION Mapplers will be an atlas of hand drawn maps with all the imperfections and distortions of our perceptions of space. It is currently in an early development phase using the google maps api. The current map focuses on Brisbane, Australia. PROJECT GROUP Tara Pattenden and many map contributers. ON THE STAGE Tara Pattenden MORE INFO:

    “We Use GNU-Linux”: children from Sudarshan Layout, a slum in Bangalore, India.

    CONTEXT A documentary film, in making, as part of ethnographical study conducted on the community for my ongoing master’s thesis. DESCRIPTION The film in based on school going kids from Sudarshan Layout, a slum in Banagalore, India, who started AC3 (Ambedkar Community Computing Center) a place where they learn GNU-Linux from volunteers and teach the same to others in the community. The documentary explores the world through the eyes of Mani, a disabled kid, who is one of the founders of AC3. The film reflects upon: his practice & views on free-software movement; struggles he and his friends go through in their daily life to learn & teach; thoughts on technology, empowerment and community-participation; ideas on values and morality which are universal. PROJECT GROUP Abhigyan Singh ON THE STAGE Abhigyan Singh MORE INFO:

    3D animation group in conjunction with the Design Museum

    DESCRIPTION 4 TAIK animation students created animations for the design museum’s Pääasia (Head’s First) exhibtion.…&kpl=68&show=1 PROJECT GROUP Animation by: Jonathan Cremieux, Tara Pattenden, Daniel Suominen, Jaana Björklund, Sound by: Juhana Virkkunen, Samy Kramer, Dimitri Paile, Svetlana Maras, Matti Luhtala (animation and production assistance from Kai Lappalainen) ON THE STAGE Jonathan Cremieux Tara Pattenden Daniel Suominen Jaana Björklund


    CONTEXT After product of the Rapid Mobile Prototyping Workshop DESCRIPTION Penalti is an exciting racing game built in the old school arcade style. In addition to an addictive single player mode, it supports a revolutionary collaborative mode over wifi networks! PROJECT GROUP Jari Suominen, Lauri Kainulainen ON THE STAGE Jari Suominen, Lauri Kainulainen MORE INFO:

    Texture sound

    CONTEXT Idea developed during the Introduction to Sound Design and Music course by Antti Ikonen. DESCRIPTION Processing images from the web cam to produce image-specific sound clips. work in progress – making it a mobile phone application. PROJECT GROUP Ramyah Gowrishankar ON THE STAGE Ramyah Gowrishankar MORE INFO:

    Rites of Passage – Fashion stop motion

    CONTEXT To present the outcome of Rites of Passage project. This project was a collaboration between Media Lab Helsinki and Textile Art, Fashion and Clothing Design department at the University of Art & Design Helsinki. DESCRIPTION The idea is to create audiovisual story out of the material from the NEiD 2008 (fashion, jewelry and textile design). The theme is rites of passage: birth, wedding and death and the basic idea is to visualize a fashion show with a new and a unique way. PROJECT GROUP Alexandra Jones,Niko Knappe, Dimitri Paile, Daniel Suominen, Liisa Tervinen, Anna Salmi, Ramyah Gowrishankar, Oona Colliander, Mercedes Pino Lopez, Heidi Uutela, Asta Krook, Pipsa Asiala and Oskari Pastila. ON THE STAGE Liisa Tervinen, Ramyah Gowrishankar MORE INFO:

    Shadow Theater

    CONTEXT Dynamic Visualization Design 2 course DESCRIPTION A Flash-based animation tool for creating shadow theater in real time inspired by the Southeast Asian shadow puppetry tradition known as Wayang Kulit. PROJECT GROUP Linda Söderholm Joonas Väänänen ON THE STAGE Linda Söderholm Joonas Väänänen

    Tactile Virtual Instrument

    CONTEXT Gesture based virtual instrument that provides tactile feedback during playing DESCRIPTION Gesture based instruments often suffer from poor playability due to lack of tactile feedback. The demonstrated instrument synthesizes not only sound itself but also the feeling of the sound being produced. The method creates an illusion of a control surface, such as drum membrane, that can be felt in the open air. PROJECT GROUP Me ON THE STAGE Me MORE INFO:

    Word of mouth

    CONTEXT My own, free experimentation DESCRIPTION Interactive (performative) sound installation PROJECT GROUP Me ON THE STAGE Me and everybody else who comes MORE INFO:

    17.00 the Demo Space closes

    Thanks to the crew Jon Fabritius, Pekka Salonen, Ilpo Kari, Heikki Tuononen, Juho Vilkko, Anna Arsniva; Konsta Leinonen (vier) plus always helpful Lume staff and receptionists. Please note also the great MoA exhibition here in TaiK! MoA09 exhibition presents over 80 diploma works – ours among others. Exhibition is open during weekdays 12-20 and weekends 12-18. Free entrance. Have a very good summer!