Media Lab Christmas Demo Day 18.12.2008

Programme 13.00 -13.05 Welcome – vice dean Antti Ikonen dean Teemu Leinonen via video conference 13.05 – 13.15 Clip Kino CONTEXT Independent project DESCRIPTION ‘Clip Kino’ has been developed, since November 2007, as an open model for self-organised screening events. One or more guest-host(s) are responsible on each occasion for arranging the video content, like a curated screening. However, unlike other social cinematic events, the content is solely consisted from what can be freely downloaded from P2P file-sharing online networks, and popular media sharing platforms. Since its debut at Valon Voimat Festival in November 2007, there have been 10 events in 2008 at Helsinki City Media Library Kirjasto10, organised by volunteers on an almost zero-budget, with no viewing charge, to an audience of 1-3 up to 22+ people. So far these have been small-scale intimate events. This presentation describes the organisational process so far, potential future developments and challenges. PROJECT TEAM Andrew Paterson (initiator, producer) Clip Kino guest-hosts in 2008: Projekti Sosiaalikeskus (FI), Joanne Richardson (RO), Wojtek Mejor (PL/FI), ‘Orgcult’ Students at Stadia Polytechnic (FI), Eyebeam Students-in-Residence (US), Guild of Bonsai Hackers (UN/FI), Kari Yli-Annala (FI), Ann Morrison (NZ/FI), Sonja Baumer (US) PRESENTING Andrew Paterson MORE INFO 13.17 – 13.27 Crucible Studio Turing Machine CONTEXT Crucible Studio – for the Art of Storytelling in New Media, EU IST FP 6 project SALERO (Semantic AudiovisuaL Entertainment Reusable Objects) DESCRIPTION The new media storytelling research group Crucible Studio updates some of the latest research actions and outcomes. The completed nm2 (new millennium, new media) project still produces publications and software, like the latest ACM Transactions Special Issue on Human-Centered Television and the ‘ShapeShifting’ media software at The ongoing EU IST FP 6 project SALERO (Semantic AudiovisuaL Entertainment Reusable Objects) continues with the Turing Machine theme of the multimedia opera production of April 2008 at Korjaamo , realising a contemporary art installation, HD movies and on-line service in Spring 2009. Also new initiatives under development – for example, on drama-based digital design for artificial intelligence – will be briefly introduced. PROJECT TEAM Tea Stolt, Mika Tuomola, Teemu Korpilahti, Jaakko Pesonen, Merja Nieminen, Markus Norrena, Leena Saarinen, Minna Nurminen PRESENTING Tea Stolt & Mika ‘Lumi’ Tuomola MORE INFO email., 13.29 – 13.39 Krutdurken : the game & the music CONTEXT Educational games DESCRIPTION ‘Krutdurken’ is a story about the war in Finland 1808-1809. It was designed for the Swedish Literature Society in order to illustrate the historical events and political backgrounds of the war. The target audience is Swedish-speaking children between ages 12-15, and the teachers who tell them about the war. The game celebrates 200 years of Finnish history. The presentation deals with the entire production cycle of this ambitious miniatyre epic. PROJECT TEAM From the Media Lab: Mikko Mutanen, game design and visuals Ilkka Olander, composer PRESENTING the same. MORE INFO (design & production) (music) 13.41 – 13.46 Best Wishes A, Openings, Vinonaamakasio CONTEXT Naive electronics, physical computing. DESCRIPTION Presenting three simple electronics projects: Best Wishes A is a sample player for live performances that consists of FMod Music & Sound Effects System powered software and an Arduino powered USB controller. Openings is an Arduino powered book reflecting reader’s intimate relationship with his books. It is made for/with Axel Straschnoy. Vinonaamakasio LP is a 12″ picture vinyl containing an animation that can be viewed with a special kind of flash light. PROJECT TEAM Jari Suominen PRESENTING Jari Suominen MORE INFO 13.48 – 13.58 Zipiko – broadcast your intentions CONTEXT Zipiko is a service developed by Zipipop Oy — a company with close ties to Media Lab. DESCRIPTION Zipiko is a free internet service that let’s you see what your friends are planning to do. It makes organizing spontaneous events really easy and you can send invitations to friends via text messages or emails. Friends can then respond by replying to the SMS or by following a link directly to the event in Zipiko. An hour before the event, all participants will receive a friendly reminder. PROJECT TEAM Helene Auramo, Richard von Kaufmann, Stefano Attardi, Tuomas Laitinen PRESENTING Helene Auramo MORE INFO 14.00 – 14.20 BREAK – REFRESHMENTS 14.20 – 14.30 1. Animation Christmas Calendar CONTEXT 1. Animation Christmas Calendar is a collaborative project between the City of Helsinki Cultural Office, Project 4V (Care, Influence, Enjoy, Feel Great) and TunnelVision. DESCRIPTION 1. Animation Christmas Calendar is a collaborative project between the City of Helsinki Cultural Office, Project 4V (Care, Influence, Enjoy, Feel Great) and TunnelVision. It consists of 24 approximately one minute long episodes of stop motion animation which were created in co-design workshops around Helsinki city. Children, from 3 to 11 years of age produced the animation clips and played the sounds with some existing instruments as well as some invented ones. The aim of the project was to give the children an understanding of the techniques of stop motion animation and sound design for film. Furthermore, the objective was to promote the ideas of sustainable development or to communicate that Christmas is, if anything, about non-material values. PROJECT TEAM 1. Minna Piirainen, Matti Luhtala, Anna Salmi and Paavo Kytölä PRESENTING 1. Minna Piirainen, Anna Salmi, Matti Luhtala MORE INFO 1. Minna Piirainen: and Matti Luhtala: and Anna Salmi 14.32 – 14.42 The Way to Urban Long Tail CONTEXT Diploma project in Industrial and Strategic Design Department DESCRIPTION Many people work and live in cities where they’re not originally from. More and more people would live in quite a few cities in their life and still think of moving on. Making decisions of where to move is crucial. Career/job opportunity is usually the first consideration, followed by lifestyle amenities, what kind of people live there and how one identifies him/herself with a city. Renaissance maestro flooded into Florence, modernist artists all went to Paris, Vienna once hosted many avant-garde minds, American-dream is still appealing, and Helsinki has welcomed university brains in the latest decade. The world is growing flat. But it’s also growing extremely spiky: Certain people cluster in a few cities. I think each city has its own charisma. Only the mass media made people believe so that only a few cities are exciting and inspiring. Cities need a healthy feedback system to reflect and develop. My design question is, how can we reveal the existence of “non-bestseller” cities and drive people’s choice to the very extend of the “Urban Long Tail”? PROJECT TEAM Shanfan Huang PRESENTING Shanfan Huang MORE INFO 14.44. – 14.49 Finnish Pavilion 1900 CONTEXT Systems of Representation research group project DESCRIPTION Virtual reconstruction of the Finnish Pavilion of the 1900 Paris World Fair: how and why it was built and what happens next? The presentation describes the creation of an interactive 3D installation that was exhibited at the Design Museum during the summer of 2008. PROJECT TEAM Lily Díaz, Markku Reunanen, Anna Salmi, Matti Luhtala, Jukka Alander (3DRender), Lauri Arvilommi (EVTEK) and Derek Fewster (Univ. Helsinki) PRESENTING Lily Díaz and Markku Reunanen MORE INFO, 14.51 – 14.56 Pienet Löytöretket CONTEXT Pienet Löytöretket is a development of The Secret Life of Objects, a project started last year in collaboration between MediaLab and Design Museum Helsinki. Pienet Löytöretket is an online platform that connects kindergartens and cultural institutions. It provides kindergarten teachers and educators with audiovisual educational contents produced by finnish cultural institutions, aimed at kindergarten children in the age group of 3 to 6 years old. The collaborating institutions ensure the pedagogical and cultural value of the educational contents. Pienet Löytöretket encourages kindergartens to use computers, digital communication tools and mobile phones in their educational activities, in a web safe environment. It allows experience sharing and discussion between participating kindergartens, children, parents and the collaborating institutions. DESCRIPTION A walkthrough the main aims supporting the idea, basic features of the service, how it works, people involved. We are presenting a specific case, with educational resources produced by Design Museum. These will enable kindergarten teachers to discuss design objects at kindergartens. PROJECT TEAM Diana de Sousa, Tuomas Laitinen (MediaLab + Zipipop), Taro Morimoto (Zipipop) Hanna Kapanen, Leena Svinhufvud (Design Museum) Peter Vesterbacka, Meri Anna Hulkkonen (ConnectedDay) PRESENTING Hanna Kapanen, Diana de Sousa, Tuomas Laitinen MORE INFO 14.58 – 15.03 The Rites of Passage (in progress) CONTEXT Production Clinic: Co-production between TaiK deps’ DESCRIPTION PROJECT TEAM Tara Pattenden, Liisa Tervinen, Ramyah Gowrishankar, Jari Suominen, Anna Kotila-Row, Oona Colliander, Mercedes Pino Lopez PRESENTING Someone from the group ( – ; MORE INFO Pipsa Asiala 15.05 – 15.15 Weather tracings CONTEXT Personal passion, experimentation, aimed at final work. DESCRIPTION The project aims at using sensory data, weather data in this case, to produce information visualisations positioned somewhere between strict dry scientific presentation of data and patternmaking. PROJECT TEAM Miska Knapek PRESENTING Miska Knapek MORE INFO Miska Knapek +358-44-935-3132 15.15 – 15.35 BREAK – REFRESHMENTS 15.35 – 15.40 Using Urban Mediator: the case of Malminkartano’s traffic safety planning CONTEXT ICING project / Arki research group DESCRIPTION A 5 minutes video that documents the designers’ collaboration with the City of Helsinki planning department in using Urban Mediator for a public participation project in Malminkartano PROJECT TEAM Joanna Saad-Sulonen, Roman Suzi, Andrea Botero, Carlos Marroquin PRESENTING Joanna Saad-Sulonen MORE INFO 15.42 – 15.47 Digitytöt CONTEXT Some free experimentation inspired in Diggnation. Digitytöt is a webTV show based in real-life stories. There are 2 main characters – Hele and Sanna. They are real-life friends, even though they are the total opposite of each other. One is a stylish beautiful blonde Paris-Hilton-alike. The other one is a tech nerd and couldn’t care less about material stuff except her techie gadgets. Digitytöt has been developed by MediaLab students but it’s a side-project, so far it’s not attached to any course. DESCRIPTION We will present the concept for the show and a short reel of some of the scenes and episodes filmed so far. PROJECT TEAM Helene Auramo, Sanna Aronniemi, Diana de Sousa, Matti Luhtala, Margaret Plaisted. PRESENTING Helene Auramo, Diana de Sousa, Matti Luhtala, Margaret Plaisted. MORE INFO 15.49 – 15.59 ‘Mlabbers made of Mlabbers’ CONTEXT Free experimentation after Electronics WS DESCRIPTION Some strange experiments with photo compositions and electronics PROJECT TEAM Lauri Kainulainen (original electronics WS crew also included Michail Kouratoras and Reetta Nykänen) PRESENTING Lauri Kainulainen MORE INFO 16.01 – 16.06 Rope as Mind Mapping CONTEXT Gesture based mind mapping idea developed in Design Research Seminar DESCRIPTION Rope is a prototype of a gesture based mind mapping tool. It tries to improve the convenience of other tools which exist today. It could also be used for bookmarking, video/photo collections, script writing. PROJECT TEAM Gokce Taskan, Niko Knappe, Jonathan Cremieux PRESENTING Gokce Taskan, Niko Knappe, Jonathan Cremieux MORE INFO 16.08 – 16.13 Nokia . Expand – a mobile school communication device for children in developing regions of the world CONTEXT Product Developing Project, TKK at Design Factory DESCRIPTION A short overview of who we are, what the project is about, what we did so far and what is going to happen next. PROJECT TEAM Sponsored by Nokia and D-Switch Participating Universities: TaiK, TKK, IITK, MIT, RISD Media Lab persons: Anna Keune, Jari Suominen PRESENTING Anna Keune, Jari Suominen MORE INFO, 16.15 – 16.20 MoCiP – Mobile Practices for Informal & Asynchronous channels of Citizen Participation in India CONTEXT Masters Thesis Work DESCRIPTION A short overview of ‘what the project is about’ followed by ‘what I have done’ & ending with ‘what I intend to do further’. PROJECT TEAM Abhigyan Singh PRESENTING Abhigyan Singh MORE INFO 16.22 – 16.27 Sound Sofa CONTEXT MA thesis work DESCRIPTION Sound Sofa is a hybrid furniture project that explores the use and benefits of audible elements in user experience focused design. I’m currently designing an interface(sofa) that can be considered as the media center of home or public space. It will use embedded audio electronics(e.g. Ipod dock, speakers) in order to introduce augmented media experiences(e.g. WWW,DVD,MP3) for its user(s). This presentation will sum up the current situation of the project and future plans for the coming year. PROJECT TEAM Taneli Bruun PRESENTING Taneli Bruun MORE INFO 16.29 – 16.34 Newschool vs. oldschool CONTEXT Just some free experimentation DESCRIPTION Two demos done during the summer to participate in Icons’08 and MSX Info Update’08 happenings. One of them newschool with 3D graphics and multiplatform support, and the other one rather oldschool for the 8-bit MSX computers from 1983. PROJECT TEAM Markku Reunanen, Jarkko Rotstén (TTVO), Yrjö Fager (Univ. Turku), Manu Pärssinen (Voionmaan opisto) PRESENTING Markku Reunanen MORE INFO 16.36 – 16.43 Cini’s adventures CONTEXT Giging in Siberia DESCRIPTION Homevideo PROJECT TEAM Ocelot (USA), Trollscientists (FIN), Psaiko Zaika (ISR), Tsabeat (ISR), Fragletrollet, (NOR), Zemi17 (USA), UONE (AUS)… PRESENTING Cini MORE INFO ON THE SPOT AREA ALSO Studies in generative music software design CONTEXT two software prototypes made in MediaLab by me as studies in software design. DESCRIPTION After some time of working as an artist and composer, creating mostly generative sound art pieces as well as sound installations and performances with dancers and video-artists i realized that most of the tools existing nova days still keeps their roots in a very traditional approach to process of art creation, even if some of them mostly used by experimental artists… Since that moment it is a big question in my life- what is it, ideal tool for performing computer musician, plastics theater choreographer, creator of interactive installations and network orchestra participants. This year i`ve entered MediaLab of University of Art and Design Helsinki as a Master of Arts student, studying mostly different programming languages and tools, electronics as well as media history and sound design. For the moment as a studies projects i realized two emulations of popular creative musical systems, in try of understand their inner logic and keeping in mind my experience of such a systems as an artist- “Tenori-on” by Yamaha and “Bloom” by Bryan Eno. PROJECT TEAM Timur Kuyanov PRESENTING Timur Kuyanov MORE INFO, a sonic mind walk – spatial music for headphones excursion CONTEXT free experimentations DESCRIPTION approaching sound or music in space, i programmed a squetch in puredata, getting an image of virtual ambisonic sound in headphones . experiments with voices and algorithmic sound PROJECT TEAM samy kramer PRESENTING samy kramer MORE INFO OSATA Game demo + OSATA document CONTEXT OSATA project for the Finnish Association of the Deaf DESCRIPTION A demo of a game, which is aiming to teach rhytm for the deaf kids and kids with hearing impairment Preview of a documentary about rhytm in the world of the deaf. (Syke) PROJECT TEAM From TaiK: Game: Margaret Plaisted, Suvi Kitunen, Sven Noben, Teemu Korpilahti, Juho Jouhtimäki, Riia Celen Documentary: Maria Palavamäki, Antti Mäki, Riia Celen, Suvi Kitunen PRESENTING Juho Jouhtimäki, Margaret Plaisted, (Teemu Korpilahti) MORE INFO Drip music No.2 CONTEXT The work was made during the course “Connecting sound and image” (Sibelius academy) DESCRIPTION Interactive music painting PROJECT TEAM Svetlana Maras (with the assistance of Merja Nieminen and Marko Timlin) PRESENTING Svetlana Maras MORE INFO PianoSpectra – Wreckless notes CONTEXT Commercial work DESCRIPTION Pianospectra is a new piano teaching method developed in Finland. Kombo was commissioned to create a promotional video for the project. PROJECT TEAM Kombo – Ilmari Hakkola, Jussi Kemppainen, Lauri Konttori, Salla Hakkola PRESENTING Me MORE INFO Music performance tool CONTEXT Music instrument built in Connecting sound and image course given by Marko Timlin and Merja Nieminen, coordinated by Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski. DESCRIPTION TenhoCas Instrument was built during the Connecting sound and image course given at the Sibelius Academy. The device is played physically by rubbing metal objects by bow. The created sounds are fed into PureData program and into Processing that generates visuals based on the sound input. The goal is to study how new kinds of sounds could be created using innovative physical instruments combining traits of traditional acoustic instruments and digital ones. Also the relationship between audio and abstract visuals is under exploration. PROJECT TEAM Matti Luhtala (Tutoring: Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski, Marko Timlin, Merja Nieminen, Miska Knapek) PRESENTING Matti Luhtala (All are welcome to explore it) MORE INFO Matti Luhtala: James the Doorman CONTEXT Designing Interaction with Electronics WS DESCRIPTION The doorman is a funny little interactive character, who welcomes every visitor to his domain, in this case Medialab. It is based on ultrasonic distance sensor, which detects the distance of the visitor and triggers a speech sample. At this stage, the sensor differentiates five distances, which all have their unique speech response. The doorman is trying to get visitors attention and asks him/her to approach and figure out what message he has. The sensor is attached to a basic stamp, which sends midi note data through a modified midi cable to a midi interface. Each midi note triggers a different sample in the Kontakt sample player. PROJECT TEAM Ilkka Olander & Teemu Korpilahti PRESENTING Ilkka Olander & Teemu Korpilahti MORE INFO, Master of Arts – The Graduates for autumn 2008 CONTEXT Master Thesis DESCRIPTION A nice corner with huge leather chair plus a small table with snacks and good light (as before). The written works at the table. PROJECT TEAM New Masters: Tuomo Tarkiainen, Aura Neuvonen, Jenna Sutela, Janne Kaasalainen, Martin Gimpl, Jussi-Pekka Erkkola, Atle Larsen PRESENTING Pipsa Asiala MORE INFO Pipsa Asiala Co-designing Media Lab CONTEXT Arki project DESCRIPTION Our floorspot will present Fusion, a peer-to-peer software system developed in the Arki research group through design experimentation with people in the Media Lab. We will provide video cameras for students and teachers to record their own impressions and suggestions for the look and feel of Media Lab interiors. The video clips can be viewed and commented on the spot within the Fusion platform. For further information on Fusion, please visit PROJECT TEAM Arki research group PRESENTING Arto Kellokoski, Jenna Sutela, Kristine Visanen MORE INFO “submarine” DESCRIPTION Teos on tutkielma puredatan ja processingin liittämisestä toisiinsa OpenSoundControl-protokollan (OSC) avulla. Processing tuottaa perlin-noise nimisellä algoritmillä 30 kertaa sekunnissa kaksi sattumanvaraista desimaalilukua 0 ja 1 väliltä. Nämä luvut ohjaavat processingin videoikkunan taustaväriä. Molempien lukujen ollessa 1, tausta muuttuu täysin valkoiseksi. Luvut lähetetään OSC:n avulla puredataan, jossa ne ohjaavat bandpass-suotimen keskitaajuutta ja q- arvoa. Suotimella suodatetaan puredatan sisällä tuotettua ns “valkoista kohinaa”. Molempien lukujen ollessa 1 suodin ei leikkaa kohinaa lainkaan. Taustan ollessa valkoinen siis myös kohinan spektri on valkoinen. Klikkaamalla videoikkunaan syntyy ulvahtavia ääniä, jotka muistuttavat valaiden laulua tai sukellusveneen kaikuluotainta. Äänen taajuus riippuu kursorin asemasta ikkunassa. toteutettu puredata- & processing- ohjelmistoilla PROJECT TEAM Reetta Nykänen & Robert Vierling