Upcoming public events: public lecture, dissertation, feeling blue symposium, demo day

December is a busy month in the Media Lab Helsinki. It is also the month when we do not only keep our doors open for friendly visitors – like always – but also invite them to come over. Here are some highlights from our event calendar in December. 09.12. at 9-10. Public lecture. Paul Kahn: Managing Everything: a new vision of the Digital Library. Place: Media Lab 3rd floor lecture room. 10.12. at 9-12. Feeling Blue symposium: Visual Innovations for Inclusive Projects with Diverse Participants. Place: LUME Sampo Hall. 12.12. at 12. Dissertation Defense. Koray Tahiroglu: Interactive Performance Systems: Experimenting with Human Musical Interaction. Opponent: Prof. Rob Rowe, New York University. Place: LUME Sampo Hall. 18.12. 13.-17. xMas Demo Day – projects, in all forms, small and big, finished, unpolished and conceptual. Place: Media Lab 4th floor premises. Please save the dates and keep eye on the news and your email (if you are in our mailing list) for more announcements and invitations related to these events. For the demo day we also ask people to register to the event.