ICING successfully reviewed – EU-funded project draws to a close

The EU-funded ICING project (Innovative Cities for the Next Generation) has been successfully reviewed on the 25th of September 2008 in Barcelona. Media Lab was involved in this project, through the Arki research group, for the full two and a half years that the project lasted. Our main contribution was the production of the Urban Mediator software as well as the use and development of the co-design approach in an eGovernment project. Urban Mediator is a web-based open source software that provides a way for citizens and cities to mediate local, location-based discussions, activities, and information. Its iterative development has involved a variety of co-design activities with residents, schoolchildren, the local development company, and city planners, among others. Urban Mediator has also been used in public trials that included various participatory projects set up by the City of Helsinki in 2007 and 2008. The Urban Mediator tool is available as a platform for new R&D collaborations: http://um.uiah.fi. For more information, please contact Joanna Saad- Sulonen at joanna.saad-sulonentaik.fi.